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  1. salam

    lool thank you!! yes its quite amusing and entertaining isnt it? i really like it also. thanks for the comment btw. wasalam

  2. salam!! yes miss you too!! yea uni is pretty busy, so much to do! oh you have exams? inshallah you do well in them!! how are things with you? inshallah well? wasalam

  3. yea i guess you are right, but it also depends on the situation. there is no such thing as complete happiness, there has to be a problem somewhere and no one lives a perfect life. but if you are content then you are happy. i think only having love for Allah and ahlul bayt brings true happiness.
  4. zanooobiii!! shloonich!!!??? where have you been my twin?? havent seen u in ages!!! mishtaqeen!!!

  5. salam sistah!!! how are you??? i havent seen u in ages!!! shinee shako mako???

  6. (salam) mashallah bliss!! awesome work once again!! soo powerful and so much deep meaning!!! keep up the good work!!! :) :) (wasalam)
  7. (salam) sis i have tried this dua and it is very very effective for everything! mashallah it is a beautiful dua and has been used for everything. it is however a bit rare, and not found in the typical dua books, but here is the link to the audio for it. http://www.ismbh.org/videos/monajat/25.mp3 inshallah khair and inshallah your prayers are accepted and Allah helps you out of your troubles. wa ni3ma billah (wasalam)
  8. (salam) there is a book actually about exactly what you are talking about, its called 'Tibb al Aema' (The Imams' Medicine) and it mentions all the islamic and natural remedies for ailments and illnesses. very good book, but i have only seen it in arabic, i dont know if there is any english translation. i hope there is and if you maybe able to find it could you please notify me as well? thanks!! duas.org have part of the book up in english, here is the link http://www.duas.org/tibb.htm i hope there is a full printed version of the book in english hope that helps!!! (wasalam)
  9. (salam) love is sacrificeselflessnesscareaffectionunderstandinghonestytrustloyaltyhappinesswarmthsecuritysafetypatiencewether its love of another person as a partner (husband or wife), your parents, friends, ahlul bayt (as) or Allah (SWT) these emotions would be present if its true love, otherwise if there are doubts, then you may have a flaw in ur love to whoever you are directing it towards. hope that was able to shed some light, although its a very simple approach of what love is. inshallah khair. (wasalam)
  10. salam brother

    how are you? i havent seen you in a while, inshallah you are well. happy birthday by the way, inshallah you're day is filled with happiness and blessings. wish you all the best inshallah!


  11. hey hadawi, inshallah you do well in your school work!! dont let anything distract you and study hard. ma ifeedich ay shee ila dirastich! well, sc gets too much sometimes, so tis better to come on less for a while

  12. fatoomi you are amazing, end of story. :wub: i loved it!!! :D
  13. you know you are from sc when you cant handle the sc melodrama...............:dry:
  14. hey hadawi i havent seen you for a while!! to change your name jusr ask one of the admins to do it for you. i had ruqayah do it for me, takes one second.

  15. salam i dont know what it actually means, it could be just imaginings of the mind. but dont interpret it or let someone interpret it badly otherwise it will come true. i had a similar dream, really freaky, but really just shaytan playing his tricks again. just read before you sleep and you will be fine inshallah. inshallah Allah always protects you!! wasalam
  16. noooooooo winter is too cold!!! spring and autumn are the best!! nooooooo!! i dont want winter or summer!! i want spring and autumn!!! :D thoughts - too much on my mind....:dry: i need an outlet..... want to throw something? it will make u feel better............ temping isnt it?? ;) inshallah you get better!! :)
  17. ^^ loooooooooool!!! you know are from sc when u suffer from lack of sleep...........*yawn*
  18. bored, annoyed and ticked off............. i want to throw something........ *throws bed* i feel better now......^_^
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