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  1. ^^ are you really gonna sit on me??
  2. i cant upload the profile picture as well, i get the same message as sat mentioned. moreover, SC doesnt let me upload any files, even in the forums. can it be fixed?
  3. Salam Psycho!

    just dropping in to say salam.

  4. who does everyone talk about food here?????
  5. where is everyone on sc a stalker???:Hijabi: :shifty:
  6. wondering why some people are so judgmental here......:unsure:
  7. are you honesting saying that asking about who can swim is an interesting question?? :dry:
  8. can someone ask an interesting question?
  9. LOL!! :o omg put that 10 molar HCL down!!!!!!!!!!!! *backs away* :unsure: i think you should be more worried about the chemicals he is walking around with!!! especially the HCL!!! :unsure: aww sat, thats the best part of SC!!! :D
  10. saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!!!!! give me back my money!!!!!!!! *limps after fleeing sat* *faints*
  11. you know u are from shiachat when everyone is interested in only philosophy, history, finance or business........eeeek!!! there are no science freaks around.....*sniff* :cry:
  12. timeless

    Favorite Movie

    A moment while i stab edward and puke on his corpse!! Then shave Bella's hair off and throw her in a fish tank filled with piranhas. :sick: good movies :) Killers Knight and Day The Ugly Truth Bounty Hunter The Other Guys so funny... Favorite movie - Fanaa (Bollywood)
  14. ^ why would you ask the question if u knew the answer?
  15. especially when he's hiding under your bed! :Hijabi: eww lizard lice!!!! :wacko:
  16. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIMA!! inshallah you will have a great day!!!!

  17. The other guys the ugly truth killers date night those are funny for an entertaining movie! :D
  18. salam

    i havent seen you in a while! dont tell me you really unregistered!! *shock*

  19. salam fatoom!

    dont tell me, you were a walking corpse today? lol.

  20. *sniff* so tired and sick................ *faint*
  21. does the unsure expression on your face say otherwise?
  22. salam thanks for the clarification, i thought it was not believing in god OR ascribing partners to god. thanks, i understand now! :) salam
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