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  1. timeless

    Iraqi Passion

    me me!! sign me up!!
  2. sign me up! not Lebanese but i support all Muslim countries!!! and most of my friends are Lebanese!! :D
  3. salam

    lol no need to apologise lol! its quite amusing isnt it? :D


  4. ^ thank you everyone for your comments!! ^_^ thoughts - plotting against the weather..... :shifty:
  5. yep its possible. i searched it up and found this for you http://au.answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20071025133129AAMlTjJ hope it helps!!
  6. thanks brother haider for the dua and the links!!!!!
  7. (salam) i have been looking for this dua but i cant find it, its not in muntakhab al hasani or in mafati7 al jinan. its called Dua Al Qadah and its a beautiful dua. has anyone heard of it? and if so, when is it read and what are its benefits? this is a beautiful recitation by Maytham Al Tamar of this dua http://www.ismbh.org/videos/monajat/25.mp3 duas.org dont seem to have it either, where can i find it? thanks (wasalam)
  8. thoughts - too hot, cant stand the heat anymore.............
  9. hey people when you comment only i can see them, so don't worry, if they are not there! they are visible to me!

  10. lol yes i agree with your choice!!
  11. ^^^ don't you know that Saudi Arabia takes in other countries' trash i.e. Mubarak and co.?
  12. lol lack of sleep and the boiling heat!!! (oo, that rhyms!! hahha!) well, temperatures have reached 41 C in the last 6 days here.............thats why no one can function!! then theres the cyclone and floods everywhere...........eeeh! its like its judgement day or something...:o thoughts - taking a break..........
  13. lol! if only the ninjas had chairs!! :D
  14. timeless

    Sc Smilies!

    which sc smiley best expresses you? :D
  15. ^ i dunno.......why are you asking me?
  16. dont worry, you will finish it inshallah!!! just think about what will happen if u DONT finish it!! lol. good luck!!! and u will graduate inshallah!! u should have had ur panic attack yesterday, at least u had a day to get it done, lol!! :D 1500 words is approx. 3 pages....jjust think its not alot, let ur thoughts flow and every time u want to stop and do something, stop urself and focus on that word document!!!!! ur life depends on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D salam
  17. what on earth is Zindabaad?? is it that the pakistani version of Sindbad? :huh: and sattty!! where are my chocolates woman!!! thoughts = blank :unsure:
  18. ^^ Do you notice that all the cool occupations are unethical??? :D
  19. ^^ why are u undermining by coolness???
  20. can i link my paranoia of being stalked with the fact that i am being stalked by 12 people?? :Hijabi:
  21. sooooooooooooooooooo hooooot!! i am dehydrated and i am melting!!! *sniff*
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