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  1. oo i have read this, its soo cool!!!! but thanks for sharing fatoomi!!
  2. enlight where have you been girl!??? *hugs*

  3. lol yes, congrats on the name change. i am well alhumdulliah and urself?

  4. lool, algerianshia is my inferior, he knows what happens when he disobeys my orders....muahahhahaa

  5. salam Ali, were you previously somewhere110?

  6. ^^^ sat you are guilty as charged!! you know you are from shiachat when you HATE Alisaleh's obsession with this snooki character! :dry: you become sooo hateful that you start getting violent.... and start throwing bricks... and couches... and tables... and chairs.... and beds......... etc..... at Alisaleh and snooki's heads..... :D too bad they still live.. :dry:
  7. Australia wins everything!!! :D we are awesome like that!! ^_^
  8. alallahuma salli 3ala muhamed wa 2al muhamed!! :yaali: hi 5 back DD # 1 :D
  9. recruited?? me?? a spy??? i think you have your soldiers mixed up algerian!!

  10. nooooooooooooooo!!!! mine!!!! *clutches textbook closer* you shall never have my precious!!!! :Hijabi: :!!!: still alive??? damn!!! *throws bed* this *throws couch* is *throws toaster* so *throws tv* you *throws toshiba laptop* never *throws microwave* get *throws oven* up *throws car* again *throws brick* that was just in case.... :D hmm.........i feel much better now *hugs textbook* excellent work DD 1, i salute you!!! :yaali:
  11. this is getting ridiculous!! i want to be able to upload!! i cant upload pics on profile or any file on the forum, why???
  12. YOU!!!

    why are you recruiting young girls in your woman-hating regime?? 3eeb alaik!!! *shock*

  13. hadawi you are working for algerianshia? *shock* hes a women hater get away from him!!!!

  14. hmm...........i need something that will cause more damage. i need my biology textbook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but its worth more than ur precious snooki so i will continue to throw bricks!! *hugs textbook* :D
  15. of course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *gives Hamzi some bricks* let him have it!! :yaali: yes please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *gives fatooma some chairs* attack!!!!! :yaali: your obsession has made me hate her!!!!!!! *throws brick* wherever i want to post, your stupid snooki is mentioned *throws another brick* it ticks me off!!! *throws another brick* get over it!!!!! *throws another brick* hmm............i feel better now!!! :D hey AliSaleh, are you and snookie dead yet???? :huh: *throws another brick* thats just in case you're not dead yet. :D
  16. you know you are from sc when you cannot type as quick as SAT in the chatroom........and end up losing track of the conversation.. :wacko:
  17. very well said, brother, that you are right, it doesnt matter what he looks like, his manners and triumphs draw the image of a fierce warrior and protector of islam. it is the pureness of his heart and akhlaq that reflect onto his face, creating a heavenly beauty that no model can even wish to look like. its not what the face looks like, its what the heart contains that matters. :) its actually haram to draw him, and if drawn noor should be placed instead of his facial characteristics.
  18. aww thanks haider!!! ^^ brown
  19. why is it soooo hot?????????????????????????????????????
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