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  1. doesnt it seem that everyone is out to kill each other on sc??
  2. i know you are just saying that....:shifty:

  3. yep, 100 years old just a few days ago!!! where is my walking stick??? *holds back and looks around*

  4. well, i dont know the teachers yet, inshallah they are good though. well i spent a week sorting my timetable, and i was waiting for registration to open, and when it did, i missed out on the times that fit my timetable, so instead i got classes all over the place instead of the organised way i had planned. yallah, wa7ad ma yi3rif el sale7 ib shini sar!
  5. salam msm, hope all is well for you inshallah!!! good luck with your studies/work!!

  6. :o i was late by 3 hours when registration opened today and i missed out on alll the good classes............*facedesk* :cry:
  7. O.M.G. fatoom, that was.........that was..........AMAZING!!!! :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: mahsallah, you are really really good at this, dont stop!!!!!!!!!! keep writing!! inshallah i wish you all the best!!! :cry: it nearly made me cry, seriously, its fantastic!!! :wub:
  8. ^ thank you for sharing!! hmm......seems the sc had maintance issues to deal with, i hope they fixed the uploading problem :Hijabi: ruined my uni timetable...................*facedesk* :cry:
  9. one year old?? wow, thats old!!! lool, i've only been here a month!! but welcome back to sc, hope you enjoy ur time here inshallah.

  10. salam msm, where have u been girl?? miss u!!!

  11. um........sorry to burst ur bubble but my role models are ahul bayt (as), you cant make fun of them anyways!!! hey pal, we are just trying to help you see reason, its your personal choice, so ma 3la al rasool ila al balagh!! (nothing more is asked of the messenger except delivering their message) have a good life!!!! inshallah Allah guides you!!! :) thoughts - sc made me burn the food..... :dry:
  12. um........hope you are pointing any fingers!!! :D oh and fatouma thanks for sharing sister, i just wish people would see that and stop fighting amongst each other here!!! inshallah we will all be guided towards the right path!!!! inshallah we shall all meet when imam mahdi (as) appears, so we should all arm ourselves with akhlaq first , then weapons!!!!!! salam!
  13. lool dw about it! joking, your new here i presume? dw, people are really nice, just a few that could be weird.

  14. you are wasting your time, his obsession is bordering on insanity!! we tried everything!!! la hawla walla quata ila billa!! :unsure: thoughts - wanna go driving again!!!
  15. finally!!!!!! i need entertainment!!

  16. pffft!!!! dont flatter urself, u r overestimating your strength pal!!! my bricks are destructive in nature!!!

    hehehhehe, i hope you get a big shock when you arrive *breaks last vase*

  17. *facedesk* someone please have mercy on us and kill snooki!!!!!!!! ya Allah!!! help us!!!! :squeez:
  18. omg i thought u were actually complimenting me!!!! and then i was like, 'why that little.............i'll show him'. good thing ur here though, so i can throw this brick at ur head!!!! *throws brick* pfft, ur too scrawny to stand a chance!!!

  19. lool!!!! well, i usually pray about this time of the night, and read a bit! but sc keeps me hooked until fajir!! and since im on holidays, might as well enjoy the freedom!!!

    *hears a bump downstairs* um.....i think theres someone downstairs! *gulp*

  20. lol yes, sc gets interesting, especially when there is chaos in the chatroom, lool.

  21. loool you cant see your comment because only i can see it! hehehehe, i put my defenses up just in-case there are any stalkers about *looks around*

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