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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Very good. So there must be a condition: the context. But Kamal Haydari only criticize Aisha*, he does not give his opinion clearly : Aisha, nacibya (kafira, zindiqa, etc), na'am or no. He beat around the bush . *I can criticize someone but i love him and i respect him.
  2. Asalamou 'aleykoum, If the brother doesn't deny Al-barra`, he will always be my beloved.
  3. So a shi'i ('alim) who says "Aseyyed Yazid Ibn Mou'awya" there is no problem here?
  4. But do what you want. You can even kaffar me. But, here, you do not transgress the rules of shiachat? Allahy-ghafir-lik wa lia, inchallah.
  5. It is your inability to understand the subtleties. I can not do anything for you. You and your friends, you have only insults ("moron", etc). I tell you here. "Sayyida" it is a form of respect. I'm sure if we say : "aSeyyed Yazid Ibn Mou'awya"....a lot of people condemn it. Why?
  6. Allah swt cursed in the Qur'an....and he described some as pigs and monkeys...He described some as perverse... You see the injustice when there is no injustice
  7. Where is the problem? Al-khawarij are muslims?
  8. Before answering, "different beliefs" this expression contains : sunni, wahhabi, khawarij, al-moujasimin (tajsim, etc), etc ? wa salam.
  9. Wow ! So for exemple Ayatoallah Sadiq Shirazi (ha) ignores these hadiths? ^^ In addition, you are off-topic as a rule. You are obsessed with certain...
  10. Allow me to be the devils advocate. Tell me, why am i being cursed by your Imams for being a salafi (wahhabi) "muslim" who loves them as well as those personalities (Yazid Ibn Mou'awya, Mou'awya, Abou Soufyane, etc) known to be oppressors by your sect, even though I do not intend to appreciate/support the oppressors? What is my fault if I disagree with your side of the story? What if I find the salafi version to be accurate? Otherwise, Where is the problem, me "Wahhabi", I believe that Allah swt has a body... Wa salam.
  11. Be a man and say clearly that the Ayatollah Sadiq Shirazi (ha), or Ayatollah Muhamad Shirazi, or Ayatollah Mohammad Mehdi Shirazi or Ayatollah Rouhani, etc, are ignorant...
  12. Because the research of knowledge is obligatory (fard). With your reasoning, I will not learn the fiqh...and I will drink wine (al-khimr)...oups I was ignorant ^^ Also, why you don't apply your logic to al-wahhabine. Al-wahhabi is ignorant as "sunni"? wa salam.
  13. You don't know the context of this sentence (Try to study a little more)...Question: Yazid ibn Mou'awya, is your EQUAL in humanity?
  14. Asalamou 'aleykoum wa rahmatouallah wa barakatouh, ÞÇá ÑÓæá Çááøå (Õ): ãä ÊÇËã Ãä íáÚä ãä íáÚäå Çááå ÝÚáíå áÚäÉ Çááå The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said:” He who prevents himself from damning who is damned by Allah, considering it a sin shall have the damnation of Allah upon him.” I do not know if you read the life of Cheikh Al-koulyani (ridouanouAllah ta'ala 'aleyhi), you'll be amazed to know....how he evokes al-moukhalifeen wa ma achbah.
  15. Lool the argument Seriously LOL the fact that shia exist in Saudi Arabia is proof they have the freedom to express themselves.....^^
  16. loool the pack again with his insults. Who said we were against al'irfan lato sensu? ^^ Concerning al-'omaryine, I advise you to study the context. A question, if "sunnis" are ourselves, ask Seyyed Sistani if they can become imam of Prayer.... you mix anything and everything ; din, politics (siasa), etc. You do not know the different types of 'irfan. L'Imam as-sadeq (as) speaks of 'irfan... I will not continue with bad-mannered. It's a shame that English is not my language (arabic, french, maroccan arabic). Wa salam ...by abandoning our practices (al-barra`, etc). There are a consequence behind this reconciliation. wa salam.
  17. "editing" or no (But the audio is clear: "they are not mujtahidin" , "they cant write a book by 20 pages about al-tawhid" (wow!) there is always this question: what is the opinion of Kamal Haydari on Ibn Arabi? wa salam.
  18. Asalamou 'aleykoum, 1) Youtube : http://www.youtube.com/user/ddrricky http://www.youtube.com/user/thenahum921126 http://www.youtube.com/user/AbuBakrZIndiq http://www.youtube.com/user/SayedMujtabalectures http://www.youtube.com/user/alqatrah etc 2)Facebook (Islam +++) 3)http://rouah12.unblog.fr/ http://www.sistani.org/ http://alqatrah.org/ http://al-hadeeth.net/ etc
  19. Why scholars are imprisoned (fi Iran)? Can you explain the law on the third child? Law anti-Islamic. We listen to you.
  20. Asalamou 'aleykoum akhi al-karim. No. Batri: the person who mixed between diyanat al-omarya ("sunnisme") and at-tashayou3 (shiiisme). For exemple, shia-sufism.
  21. loool batri? Shi'i al-hmdouliallah. Two misunderstanding: 1)I advise you to study the context; 2)There is no problem in Aqeedah. May Allah swt bless Asyyed Sistani (hafidaouAllah). I personally know a brother who knows personally the son of Asyyed Sistani (ha). Come in Iraq...and you discuss with the office...you'll be surprised at their views on Fadlallah (for exemple). Seyyed Sistani is very influential, he is therefore prudent (you will notice that there are not many videos on him).
  22. asalamou 'aleykoum, Barakallhoufik. Seyyed Ali Sistani's birthday today. A gift barakallhoufikoum : salawat or dou'a, etc. Allahouma sali 'ala Muhamadin wa ali Muhammad.
  23. Question for All; why you say nothing about Seyyed Al-Marhoum Muhammad Redha Shirazi ÑÖí Çááøå ÚÜäÜå? He praised his uncle (Seyyed Mujtaba Shirazi) several times.
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