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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam, I heard that Imam Sadiq wrote many books about chemistry and science. (Well it was either him or some of his students) Does anyone have any links to the books or the names of the books?
  2. Ok relax. That person was being careful. No need to blow your top. And I AM a sister LOL This doesn't help me in any way shape or form. Thanks. -.- Niiiice answer! Thanks =D You know it's strange kuz I just thought of this myself a few days ago and now your response tells me the exact same thing =) Thanks again!
  3. Salam, Is there a link where I may listen to this lecture online?
  4. hey salam, sorry i have been away for about 6 months thats why i didnt reply, thanks for your kind words :)

  5. OK someone tell the reference for this hadith PLEASE? "There are countless narrations that when Imam Hasan and Imam Husayn were born, the Holy Prophet , Imam Ali and Fatima Zahra were all overjoyed at the occasion. That in itself makes it a sunnah to commemorate their birth. "
  6. I would try not to mind... It would be a bit hard though because of our society teaching us that one man can only have one woman. The thought of multiple wives or marrying a man who's not a virgin is repulsive to me right now because of the media. Virginity, though it shouldn't be an issue, is.
  7. No it's not prohibited... You kinda have to go in-depth and research the chains of ahadith to figure out which ones are authentic and which are fabricated.
  8. Hawa didn't come from the rib of Adam. Allah created her separately and independently. It just kills me how people actually believe this Christian belief in Islam.
  9. Sayed Ammar is so cool! my favourite lecturer of all time! I love how his speeches are always so structured.
  10. Thanks Scary_Betty =)

  11. I beg to differ. It's not like the new generation of women sudden have this selfish gene or anything. I think selfishness was common among most men and women regardless of which time period they lived in. Maybe the women of older generations (1800's?) were more passive, in the sense that they couldn't do much, and today's woman is more powerful and independent do maybe it shows more... But I don't think there's proof that today's women are more selfish... =P I think I only have one or two women in my whole extended family who are selfish. And trust. There's many women in my extended family. =)
  12. Hi its because you havent passed the minimum 50 posts yet.

    Piece of advice : dont post your email address on your public wall .... read the SC warnings , there could be wrong ppl browsing this site and add you on your msn..... be a bit more cautious who you give your email add to.

    i would suggest you to delete it .... happy posting

  13. There is so much wrong with that statement. =P SO TRUE One of the best replies ^ Absolutely amazing!~ I like how you type, very eloquently, that is. Honestly Phoenix, you're advice is the best advice out of all. You have no idea how much of what you said applies to me.
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