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  1. Hahahahaha.....nice blog. I love the photos and captions....beautiful!

  2. bismillah. salam, Shervin! Happy Birthday from ShiaChat. Best wishes to you and your family. Please remember us in your du'aas. take care

    1. Shervin


      thanks a world! i wish the same for you and your family!

  3. lol IRGC vs PJAK? that's not even a challenge for IRGC. Most people don't understand the real capabilities of IRGC, if IRGC wanted, it could easily wipe off all of PJAK bases and villages, despite the fact there might be civilians in those areas too. But just so you people know, it was IRGC who indirectly knocked out IDF in 2006, forced the US to suffer defeat in Iraq and Afghanistan after helping the US to take out Taliban and it was even IRGC that almost knocked out the racism south african government. IRGC is equipped with the most advanced equipment and technology that is so far offered to mankind in the battlefield and enjoys satellite support. IRGC also enjoys its own designed strategies of the battlefield and that's why it's unique. Back then when IRGC made PJAK suffer heavy casualties and pushed PJAK terrorists back to Iraq, IRGC ground forces want to operate deep inside Iraq to kill PJAK and PKK members to the very last of them, but since that'd be followed with political consequences for Iran, the commander of joint staff didn't allow IRGC to conduct such operations. PJAK is nothing without Mossad arming it and giving orders to it. challenging IRGC? lol don't even think about it. IRGC in fact lowered itself with even confronting PJAK back then, it should of just handed the case to Iran Army as Iran Army wanted to take over the operations against PJAK.
  4. Well what exactly do you wanna know? Btw if you wanna see more of Iran, I recommend watching PressTV's docs about Iran.
  5. wow wow, since when they started mixing religion with politics in the US?
  6. 1 week if we're underestimating Israel, but yes it all could end in a shorter time... and about the Israeli Sampson option, we won't allow Israel to use its nukes, well at least its ground to ground nukes. But those Dolphin submarines made in Germany capable of launching nuclear strikes... I say Germany is again betraying the humanity with giving Israel an alternative to respond with nukes. They all should be ashamed of themselves. But I'm sure Iran Army and IRGC have figured a way to confront those submarines too. As they have already figured a way to confront the US's submarines with the technology to launch superfast anti-submarine rockets which can travel at the speed of 100 meters per second under water and would take out any submarine.
  7. 1 week is all that Iran's armed forces need to wipe out Israel from the face of the earth.
  8. Well the answer to your question is very short and simple. Iran is not America. Iran is a 10,000 years old civilization and barely attacked any other country and if it did, never killed civilians, but the US is only 400 years old and already has a great history in invading and attacking countries around and leaving the attacked countries suffering heavy civilian casualties. Iran's supreme leader has issued a fatwa in which he has banned the use of WMDs for it harms the humanity. If Iran really wanted to acquire a nuclear bomb, Iran's supreme leader wouldn't issue such fatwa, because now if Iran actually makes a bomb, Iran and its leaders would totally lose their credibility. I wish you spent some time to worry about Israel which has recently successfully tested an ICBM capable of carrying nuclear warheads which allows the country to even deliver a nuke to the US. Now why would Israel make an ICBM when Iran and Russia were already in range of its missiles? You don't think that's a threat, but Iran, a country which demands nuclear energy for producing eletrecity and cancer treatment is a threat because it might change its intentions later? are you listening to yourself? You and your country are worst of all, the world would be a better place without you, your country for it has killed millions and doesn't stop doing it, and you for you have a little of understanding and that's just... disappointing. 300 Israeli nukes, and Iran is a problem? huh lol. All Americans are responsible for what their government and Israel are up to. The taxes they pay goes straightly for the US-Israeli efforts to spread terrorism in order to achieve world's resources. And then these Americans, feeling miserable who have been unable to make any sense out of their bible, using their bible to tell us why we shouldn't have nuclear energy? I can't stand such ignorant Americans who have watched nothing but CNN, Fox, CBS and bunch of other Jewish-owned news media and hollywood movies (Jewish movies not American movies)all their lives and now think they're experts in politics now and feel free to comment on anything they want and after proven wrong, they seem to lack the required wisdom to accept that, so they start hating on us. I can't stand Americans and their ignorance. Enough is enough!
  9. Tactical aspects of an Iranian response to an Israeli attack Iran ground forces Literally, there wouldn’t be a war between Israel and Iran for many reasons such as the fact the US keeps telling Israel to not to. Israel is feeling suffocated and feels the need to expand with waging wars. Victory of Islamists in Tunisian and Egyptian elections and polls which all suggest a big majority of Middle eastern people favor Islamic view of government AND that Israel’s friends in middle east or dictators fall one by one, are all the reasons why Israel is going to be surrounded by hostile governments-Islamic or secular-hostile towards Israel and friends of Iran. Israel’s loss to Hezbollah in 2006 which for itself was a surprise to whole world about Iran ally’s capabilities on the ground and aerospace was another heavy blow to Israel. As you know, the first casualty of every war would be the truth. One of the reasons why Israel and the US cannot wage war on Iran is fear of isolation by the international community. The starter of a war would be naturally expecting the world’s condemnation. However that’s not all of the reasons why Israel would never attack Iran either with the US’s support or without it. Israeli warplanes destroyed nuclear sites in Syria and Iraq before, but attacking Iran would be a much more difficult task. It is a more distant target, and Israeli warplanes would probably have to go over hostile airspace in Syria, Iraq or Turkey to reach it. Saudi Arabia could be an alternative as its relations with Israel have been overwhelmingly increasing. Iran’s nuclear facilities also are believed to be spread out across many sites, buried deep underground in which case Israel would have to use the Bunker buster bombs it has received from the states. Only one problem with that, Iranian military is far more powerful than those of Syria or Iraq, equipped with sophisticated anti-aircraft defense systems, advanced E-warfare systems, jamming devices as well as powerful medium-range missiles capable of striking anywhere in Israel allowing Iran to respond with a full-scare war. Even if the Israeli strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities were unsuccessful and all of the Israeli planes were shot down before they reached Iranian airspace which is the most likely case, Iran would still take the liberty to respond with ballistic missiles and paralyze life in Israel with hitting strategic locations and Israeli nuclear facilities. An Israeli attack would also likely spark retaliation from Iran’s allies in the region such as Syria, Hezbollah and Hamas. Frankly I don’t think the tiny so-called Jewish state would have enough space for all of those rockets coming from everywhere, considering the fact Iran Navy would launch EMP assault on Israel which would make it so difficult for Israel to do anything anymore and that even Hamas’ little rockets can reach Israeli cities and make Israel’s latest missile shields look like sitting ducks. The US would have to interfere to save Israel which I would not really want to discuss as it’d be the most horrible thing that could ever happen. But what would be the tactical aspects of an Iranian respond to Israeli attack? I personally think Israel needs permission and support from West in order to attack Iran. Now that the US and West are weaker than ever in terms of economy and military and are also facing protests all over their countries, Iran has a great chance of destroying Israel. Due to the Ahmadinejad’s special government and the Islamic awakening in the region affected by the policies of Iran, an Iranian attack on Israel could be carried out before 2014. In fact I’d prefer Israel attacks Iran tonight. In case Israel decides to act against Iran’s nuclear program, it would be attacked and given a heavy blow to suffer total destruction. In the first step of an Iranian attack on Israel, total destruction would be brought to Israel’s ground zero. Iran could use its medium-range ballistic missiles to accomplish this task. From the easternmost to westernmost of Iran, Israel would be about 2600 kilometers away. Strategic targets deep in the Israeli soil can be hit by conventional missiles from Iran. Some important locations that must be hit in Israel: Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa can be targeted with Shahab-3 missiles. These three points with the lowest population density and distance make 60 percent of Israelis. Sejil missiles could be also used to hit infrastructure, including power utilities, fuel, water and sanitation, transport and communications. On the next stage of attack, different types of missiles such as Ashura, Qadr and Shahab 3 could be used against residential space in the city until the final destruction. Destruction of Israeli infrastructure Israeli infrastructure such as railway stations, airports and , power plants, nuclear facilities and arsenals can be hit with Sejil-2 missiles. Iran could of carried out this mission 10 years ago. Destruction of Israel’s nuclear sites Nuclear power plant, “Raphael” is the oldest power plant in Israel. This plant is considered as Israel’s main nuclear engineering site. Nuclear power plant “Ylbvn” is another Israeli nuclear site that is located under the village “Nbryn”. Residents of this Village were forced to emigrate in 1948. This nuclear power plant is in fact where Israel keeps its tactical nuclear weapons such as medium and long range surface-to-surface missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads. Missiles like Jericho with a range between 500 to 1480 km. And so many other uranium enrichment sites, nuclear arsenals, nuclear plants, power plants and even oilfields which all are marked targets thanks to satellite images and Iran’s operatives inside Israel. Yedioth Harvnvt, Zionist military analyst Ron Ben Yshal said: “There is no place in Israel that is not in range of Iranian missiles. He added even tho Israel’s missile stocks are advanced in terms of quality and quantity but the number of Israeli missiles appears to be about 100 thousand which all would be within range of Iranian missiles.” This is while Iran’s capable of launching 13,000 different types of short range, medium range and long range missiles per minute and Israel as a small country would be way too easy for Iran to destroy that Iran should not even expect retaliation from Israel. The successful production of the short-, medium- and long-range and tactical battlefield missiles such as Shahab (Meteor) and Sejjil (Baked Clay), Saqeb (falling stone) and Sayyad (Hunter), Fateh (Conqueror) and Zelzal (Temblor), Misaq (Covenant) and Ra’ad (Thunder), Toufan (Storm) and Safar (Journey) bears testimony to the claim an Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear sites which would be most likely a failure would be followed with the end of Israel’s very existence. Iran has so far succeeded in producing more than 50 types of high-tech missiles as part of its deterrent strategy for enhancing military might as it has always been exposed to threats by the Zionist regime and Washington. But that’s just official. Iran’s project Koussar which includes designing and developing IRBMs and ICBMs which are independent from Shahab family with a range more than 3500 miles have been kept hidden due the fact Iran does not intend on starting a new cold war with the US or posing a security threat to the US by all means necessary. It’s also possible that Shahab-4, Shahab-5 and Shahab-6 in fact enjoy different structure than Shahab-3. Iran’s recently unveiled naval missiles tells more of the speed of Iranian efforts to keep the country safe. Iran possesses the technology to launch superfast anti-submarine rockets which can travel at the speed of 100 meters per second under water, making the country second only to Russia in possessing the technology. According to IRGC Navy commander, the US has not developed such subsonic underwater weapons despite spending more than USD 20 billion over 15 years to achieve the know-how. Iran’s supersonic anti-ship ballistic missile Persian Gulf also is designed and developed inside the country to deliver a heavy blow to the US Navy in Persian Gulf. The supersonic projectile, which carries a 650-kilogram warhead, is immune to interception and features high-precision systems. The US is believed to be totally incapable of shooting down such missiles. New Shahab-3 models also enjoy the next generation cluster warheads having each warhead target different destinations. These improvements would greatly increase the Shahab-3B’s survivability against ABM systems such as Israel’s Arrow 2 as well as being used for precision attacks against high value targets such as command, control and communications centers. Sejil-2 missile has a close structure to Shahab-3 enjoys deadlier warheads with a greater range of destruction. The missile leaves the atmosphere and returns with a speed of 10 to 12 mach (approximately 3400 to 4080 meters per second) which makes it impossible for any missile shield system to identify and destroy. The missile also enjoys anti jamming and interception systems and could use its blades in the exhaust emissions to reroute in case the rocket had lost its path. Sejil 2 Considering Iranian long range radars installed in Lebanon, Syria and Iran, it is most likely Iran would be alarmed of an event of war early enough. Ghadir is one of Iran’s radars systems which covers areas (maximum) 1,100km in distance and 300km in altitude has been designed and built to identify aerial targets, radar-evading aircrafts, cruise missiles and ballistic missiles as well as low-altitude satellites. Or Cosmos radar system with a range of 3,000 kilometers in radius. The advanced system can detect, intercept and destroy aircraft equipped with radar cross-section system (RCS), cruise missile and strategic long-range aircraft. Iran could also use its Air Force to hit certain targets in Israel if needed. According to Iran’s Air Force chief, Brigadier General Ahmad Miqani, the country has revamped its fighter jet fleet to fly distances of 3,000 kilometers which would allow the aircraft to fly to Israel, Britain or any US military base in the region — and back without refueling. Sayyad missile defense system is comprised of two-stage missiles that can target all kinds of aircraft, including bombers, at medium and high altitudes. It’s been recently upgraded with a higher precision, range and defensive power. A few weeks ago, the commander of Iran’s Air defense division announced that Iran had the ability to intercept enemy missiles and redirect them to desired locations. The Christian Science Monitor report cites an unnamed European intelligence source as claiming that Iran in an unreported incident managed to “blind” a CIA spy satellite by “aiming a laser burst quite accurately” at its optics. Iran has made breakthroughs in designing and developing its own advanced main battle tanks, UAVs, aircraft and helicopters, simulators, radar systems, missiles, rifles, air defense weapons, bombs, naval missiles, torpedoes, armored vehicles, mortars, artillery, rocket artillery, small arms, boats and destroyers and submarines. Iran’s domestically developed Zulfiqar-3 MBT The western experts have a great history in trying to underestimate and not taking Iran’s scientific and defense achievements seriously but after Iran hacked into RQ-170 and made the bird think it’s coming home while it was instead landing into the hands of IRGC considering the fact the plane is impossible to lose its way for it has been designed to find its way back home or self destruct, many in west have been starting to take Iran’s achievements seriously. Iran’s military might is one of the reasons why Israel and the US are incapable of launching an attack on Iran. The RQ-170 plane was developed years after F-35 was developed and more than 50 years of the Americans’ technology of manned and unmanned aircraft has been used in it. All the technologies that Americans have used in the F-35 aircraft, stealth bombers, the Polecat, etc. have been used in this bloody plane. The plane is so important that Iran even denied requests from China and Russia experts to examine the plane. But after Iran said it has the drone, some US news media such as CNN said “it’s a bluff” When Iran showed the footage of the hacked drone, they said “it’s a mock” So did Iran send Obama a mock when he asked Iran to give back the drone. They forced Iran to prove the plane was reverse-engineered. The head of IRGC Aerospace division said “the reason why we cannot talk about the aircraft is that the plane is regarded as a national asset and… discussing (it) would be a disclosure of information, and we should not dispense it freely. However, I will reveal four codes so that the Americans will know how much information we have gleaned from the aircraft. “The drone was in California on October (17), 2010, which corresponds to Mehr 25, 1389, for some technical work and was taken to Kandahar on November (19), 2010, which corresponds to Aban 28, 1389. It conducted flights there, but, apparently, it experienced a number of problems, which they (the Americans) could not fix.” He added. After life is paralyzed in Israel and IDF is crushed into little pieces, it is most likely that Jews would be starting to leave Palestine in big groups as they have already started leaving Israel since a long time ago considering the fact they are afraid of Hezbollah’s growing power and Iran’s imaginary nukes. After having Israel standing on a pile of ashes, Iranian, Syrian and Hezbollah ground forces are expected to be deployed at the area as part of their military intervention to bring peace back to Palestine and having Palestinians returning to their homes.That is the liberation of Palestine. Iranian officials have promised a crushing response to any military strike against the country, warning that any such measure could result in a war that would spread beyond the Middle East. Iran airborne rangers Another step towards world war 3? Initial phase of US missile network in Europe complete. The US plans to announce the completion of the initial phase of the deployment of a US-backed missile network in Europe, says a US top official. Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall also noted that additional work is underway in the next phase of the US-backed global missile network. The deployment of the missile network has already enraged Russia. Moscow says the US-led system poses a significant threat to its national security. It’s true, the US’s missile networks around globe pose a threat to Russia. But they also do pose a threat to Iran. The US intends on having the upper hand in an event of world war against countries like Russia, Iran and China with installing missile shields worldwide. But such efforts to surround Iran which could be seen as the first steps towards an attack on Iran could be confronted. Iran could and has used its allies in Latin America in order to have the upper hand in an event of world war as Iran is reportedly planning to place medium-range missiles on Venezuelan soil, based on western information sources, according to an article in the German daily, Die Welt, of November 25, 2010. According to the article, an agreement between the two countries was signed during the last visit o Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez to Tehran on October19, 2010. The previously undisclosed contract provides for the establishment of a jointly operated military base in Venezuela, and the joint development of ground-to-ground missiles. According to Die Welt, Venezuela has agreed to allow Iran to establish a military base manned by the Aerospace division of the Iranian Army of the Guardians of Islamic Revolution and Venezuelan missile officers. In addition, Iran has given permission for the missiles to be used in case of an “emergency”. In return, the agreement states that Venezuela can use these facilities for “national needs” – increasing the threat to neighbors like Colombia. According to the agreement, Iranian missiles such as Shahab 3 will be deployed in the proposed base. It says that Iran also pledged to help Venezuela in rocket technology expertise, including intensive training of officers. Sounds like a never-ending game to me. http://www.youtube.c...bed/UHCG12xJXTc Original post: http://shervinandpol...israeli-attack/
  10. Brother, tell everyone you know to spam mac isaac's profile with pictures of Tim Tebow praying: https://www.google.com/search?hl=en&biw=1366&bih=664&q=tebowing&gs_sm=e&gs_upl=830l1932l0l2498l8l3l0l2l2l0l157l312l0.2l2l0&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.,cf.osb&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&ei=cn4LT-nEBOHXiAKClPDfAw

  11. hey shervin, i am muhammad from texas. I am really interested in Iran and its culture and mindset.

  12. Don't be stupid, read the article before posting a comment, Persian gulf is not only a name, it's a part of Persian culture, and I just like any other Iranian will not tolerate fake names for Persian gulf. Saudis and Americans are being putting fake names on Persian gulf, and they are forever enemies, who will be self destructed soon enough. People who name that gulf arabic gulf or islamic gulf are obvious enemies of Iran, and they insult Iranians, so if you're really a brother, do not insult your Iranian brothers, or you will be abandoned. Iran is not without identity like some of the freaks. To change Persian gulf's name, you have to confront the Iranian nation.
  13. Islamic Gulf? based on what? do you think Persian Gulf is being surrounded by Islamic countries? Saudi Arabia or UAE are not islamic countries, they're bunch of countries with dictatorship drowning in corruptions and making hidden alliance with Zionist regime. Persian Gulf always, and to whoever that has fake names for Persian gulf: talk to IRGC, they will show you where you need to go.
  14. http://www.facebook.com/v/199589406774885 http://www.facebook.com/v/199618886771937
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