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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. well...do u know what Ahlus Sunnah wal jama3ah teaches us regarding u shias? see what scholars of Ahlus Sunnah say about shias: anyway not my personal opinion but the opinion of our Muftis, they have ruled out that all shias (except zaidis) are to be burnt alive to death. yeah u guys also believe that we "nasibis" should be killed...and are doing it in Iraq , iran, pak etc...remember...what goes around Comes Around.. Shaykh Abu Musab al Zarqawi gave u clear warnings but you people thought that you were too strong. ok..we will see what happens to shias in Iraq...im just a spectator...we will see what happens. btw there is a video if Islamic state of Iraq burning Shias alive to death because they burnt a women of ahlus sunnah to death...you guys heard of Abu Sulayman al Otaybi? remember dont get too angry at what i said :D (if u are not cowards)
  2. subhanallah! the guy before who was shia qoutes Sahih Bukhari and now u say u dont believe in sahih bukhari...lol...u shias are in total confusion...imam Husayn clearly stated to his womenfolk in his household not to wail and hit themselves after he becomes shaheed...so now u shias are doing the exact opposite...i see u guys always using Al Kafi now u suddenly say it is 60% [Edited Out]. but still no answer to my question...How can Shias call on Imam Ali (ra) for help...help comes ONLY from Allah and not from humans. well what do u guys say about this: so popular to see vids like these from shias and even worse: subhanallah! there are many more if u want. ok ok ok...say what u want but u just insult without giving any answer to my Q's what do Shias say about Al Anwar An-Nu'-maaniyya?? What do shias say about Nuri At-tabrassi?? what do shias say about Abil Hasan Ali ibn Ebraaheem, Al Qummi and his Tafsir al qummi??
  3. the Extremely jaahil wants to ask a question to all shias. How can u say that Abu Bakr is Kafir? Quran calls him "Sahib" Comapion-of rasulullah (sallallahu alayhu wasallam)...astaghfirullah! plz dont ignore my question because this has become common amongst shias when i ask them
  4. i know u shias all practice Taqiyyah...so dont try to fool me whatsoever...make ur beliefs clear and Allah is all knowing
  5. also shias call on Ali (ra) for help...why? arent we supposed to call on Allah ALONE?
  6. So this book (AL Kafi) isnt it a famous and great Shia Book? and also why do shias call upon the dead for help and why do they prostrate to the dead? Is it not shirk???
  7. Why shias say that Ali (ra) was divine and had control of who enters Hell and paradise????
  8. Who are u to speak like that about Sunnis??? I am sunni and i know my deed better the u do...so dont lie about us anymore!
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