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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Israel progressively steals more and more Palestinian land every yea, despite them already having the overwhelming amount of land. This despite the whole world, including the UN and even there greatest allies have told them to stop (at least publicly) but they refuse to. Everyone with even half a brain and is not bias knows Israel does not want peace.
  2. Iran continues to do well for itself and advance despite all these pressures. MashAllah
  3. (I am just generally speaking here, not trying to address anything specific here) Well, Scientifically the world was once flat! Science is and has never a standard, scientific 'facts' change from one generation to the next. You are talking as if even the most fundamental principals once held as the most paradigm (accepted view) of science have not changed throughout history, and even modern history at that. Furthermore, to compound this you are assuming God has to work within the bounds of this constantly 'changing' (as we know it) subject, therefor putting God on the same level as the creat
  4. Sorry, My bad. I should have made it more clear. They considered you the worst Mubtadi's/Munafiqs. Just on the verge of being non Muslim.. This is pretty much unanimous from all the major scholars and rulers. I am not saying the rulers were the epitome of righteousness I am just stating the facts. Anyways, you will have a great difficulty of finding a major Scholar who did not heavily rebuke or out right call them Kaffirs. You will find alll the major scholars from past to present characterize them as one of 3 parties. Either Ignorant Muslims, Wicked Muslims or Non Muslims. As for them acce
  5. And, what makes you think they considered you Muslims in the first place.... I mean, all evidences from the majority of people/scholars/rulers of the time say otherwise... To them, saying that is equivalent to saying "And the Romans tasted the poison of Khalid ibn Waleed in the battle of Yarmock" It's a fallcy On a side note: Most of them commented by saying the end result of these people is: Treachery against the Ummah, dislike of the transmitters of knowledge, fabrications, innovations and concealing what they believe until they have authority over you, only then will they reveal their tr
  6. You need to stop saying what you think the Ayah means and who you think it refers to and go and read an authentic tafseer. Thats all I am going to say on that issue. It's a plague on these forums. Furthermore, it shows you know very little to nothing about authentic Islam due to the fact you bring up this silly point of the companions running away. Allah FORGAVE the Sahabah for running away. If Allah forgave them, aren't you ready to forgive them? As for the errors, well, I have made corrections to your mistakes so you can see the discrepancy between my quote and your original post.
  7. ^ I just corrected your post with some Minor Corrections Furthermore, you did not respond to my post, you did not give me Qur'an or Sunnah all you did was give me rhetoric and the rhetoric which you gave me was also plagued with error. May Allah Rectify your condition. InshAllah.
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FqHZTrTyf44&feature=related Very Wise words. May Allah rectify there condition.
  9. You'd be surprised how prevelent this is espcially from unexpected sources like some people who weep in your face for justice in specific countries and how the actions that are happening there are unjust, but secerly this is what they conceal. They will reveal it only when they have authority over others and not while others have authority over them. The cake may look good from the outside, but in many cases it's made out of poison.
  10. Hey Mr. Nasib of Ahlulbayt, heard u got banned from chat. I wonder how that happened???

  11. Hey Mr. Nasib of Ahlulbayt, heard u got banned from chat. I wonder how that happened???

  12. Before we can proceed, we need to know exactly what this Arabization is and entails, and so then it will become clear to the people weather some individuals here are using the spread of "Arabziation' as a cover against the spread of Sunni Islam or Islam in general. As for what we are supposed to call God- there are many terms used in the Qur'an, Allah, Ar-Rhman, Ar-Raheem etc etc etc. It is acceptable to use the common language if people are not familiar with the term Allah or if there is extreme pressure against Muslims to use the local language for God. However for some important words, it
  13. You still are not getting the point. And before I spoon feed the concept to you....again, read the post before making any satirical attacks on me. You are either clearly not reading the posts or are clearly not able to understand the concept. If you love God, you obey what he has sent forth and you worship him according to how he has told you to worship him. Not according to how you FEEL god should be worshiped. This act of worship was INNOVATED within the Christian religion. This is not how they were instructed to show gratitude to God even within there own holy texts. Their highly regarde
  14. Who mentioned anything about laughing? I never said I make fun of them nor do I make fun of them nor did i allude to making fun of them. I did not even address the details of what goes on in the video nor did I watch it because I am well aware of what happens. My whole post was about leaving innovated forms of worship. Whatever form them may take. Furthermore, as a side note: This form of worship is innovated even within there own theology. Next time, before taking satirical shots at me or anyone else, make sure you have read there post carefully.
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