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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Qur'an Surah 2 verse 256, "There is no compulsion in religion." contradiction?
  2. yeah its in this book دارالسلام ج2 ص179 Darul Salaam vol.2 page.179 go read it, if you can read ... and look at how shameful and foolish you will look then does it hurt that your research means nothing when even one of the Imams a.s performd Azadari..? Ouch! READ AND EDUCATE YOURSELF!
  3. the best of the opressors are those who opress people without them even realising it ive been, ive seen the country and ive seen the citizens living there, spoken to them enough for me to see and know
  4. is that that country were they keep hanging the women? is that were they lock up the youth that speak out about the opression the face everyday? is he the leader of that country?
  5. yeah his stance as the same as the so called leader that hides the truth haha [EDITED - Member Warned] # 4: No swear words, unmannered replies or racist comments, especially when directed at other members. A warning followed by a temporary ban shall be met. If a member repeats their offensive or racist language, a permanent ban will take place. No excuses. # 5: We encourage members to be courteous to others, and treat fellow members the way they wish to be treated. Intelligent discourse and freedom of expression is encouraged, as long as it is exercised with responsibility. Insults made agains
  6. your the same guy that refers to 'a true sunni' as a brother? despite him calling himself a follower of the filthy abu bak? :squeez: thats right sunni, we keep the thread going and going to prove you and the others wrong time and time again and you said you can not hide the truth forever, let me know when you realise the error of the path your on :shaytan: www.abubakr.org was quite handy fpr that btw, to educate you properly hahahahahahhaahahhahahahahahahahahaha
  7. READ AND EDUCATE YOURSELF “Regarding Imam Zainul Abideen it has been narrated: In his time, years after Karbala, a discussion had come up which led onto talking about the blood-filled tragedy and his great father, and his father’s respected head, and when he (4th Imam) heard these memories: ÞÇã Úáì Øæáå æ äØÍ ÌÏÇÑ ÇáÈíÊ ÈæÌåå¡ ÝßÓÑ ÇäÝå¡ æ ÔÌ ÑÃÓå¡ æ ÓÇá Ïãå Úáì ÕÏÑå¡ æ ÎÑ ãÛÔíÇð Úáíå ãä ÔÏÉ ÇáÍÒä æÇáÈßÇÁ. That means, he stood erect (like a soldier) and he smashed his head to the wall of the house, and the effect of such a hit caused his nose and head to break and blood gushed down his head
  8. no we should expect an apology from that dirty writer of the article from islamic centre of england which tries to claim that this act of azadari comes from christianity! filth, absolute filth and insulting, insulting to the maraja who are far more learned then this poor poor excuse of a writer!
  9. oh so your one of those who are busy licking the walls of the maida vale centre!? and then in your spare time post on here :lol:
  10. shut up. no one cares for your 'research', like you know more than a scholar. hahahahaha :lol: go and do some more 'research' on how to grow a pair. you are an embarassment to even imply that. fool.
  11. lol :!!!: good luck waiting for that to happen! but you know what maybe he will comply with what your saying and see the light ... ;) you see the nature of people like that can be compared to the nature of a fart.... you cant see 'em sneaking up on you, but we can sure as hell smell 'em lingering around and polluting our air!!! yeeeesh!
  12. exactly!!!!! you just hide out in the back there!! dont insult the intelligence of the maraja. lets do a little experiment, you stand with your back bare, and repeatedly strike your back with some chains. and i mean properly, not no mamby pamby girly strike either. keep doing it for about half an hour or so. lets see after this time if the skin breaks and bleeds :wacko: shucks man, this is what we have come to, when someone who has no idea about tatbir comes and tries to define how to do it properly ahahahahahaahaha its like me, a dude, lecturing a woman on what its like to go through chil
  13. you know which bit i really like from the azadari4imam.org website???? its on the fatwas of the maraja page... under the fatwa of Ayatollah Khorasani, (it's the the newest fatwa btw dated 14 dhu-ul hijja 1431 which makes it pretty recent in case you were confused... ! ), this part... Ayatollah Khorasani thanks the compiler of the book and the webmaster too :blush: also there is another from Ayatollah Golpayagni too.. He too also expresses his gratitude to the compiler of the book, Seyed Mostafa Fasihi may Allah reward these promoters of truth
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