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  1. Wasalam 3alaikoum, Hmm not sure,last time I checked I think I was Muslim, sector is the one that utilises logic and science in deductions,first one that comes to your mind thus the one I follow. According to the definition of "cheating" in all religions and languages,its usually when one partner is unfaithful to the other. Likewise, you said previously according to that statement,it is true if the wife knows about it,definately "cheating" if you practice without wife's consent! Otherwise if someone wants to practice temporary marriage and his wife is absolutely fine with it,then according to Islam thus absolutely fine!Otherwise if you practice it behind your wife, no matter what religion or faith one believes in, thus just plain "cheating" and the main cause of marriage break up etc.. I'm pretty sure Islam doesn't advocate marriage breakups and unfaithfullness yeah? :)
  2. (salam) Man, i dont really understand what the role of the mods are in these forum! Really to allow people like you in that call themselves the "true face of Tashayyu" is disgusting, i dont know but whales in the ocean filter planktons and miraculously keep the ocean beds clean, likewise in this forum, we have people that have nothing to do with islam spreading viral propoganda against Shia and mods think its funny to allow this type of behavior, tell me how are you not banned is beyond me? all your ahadeeth are taken out of place, you havnt got a single thing about science of narrators, and dont have a single clue of whats metaphorical from literal meanings, and you cant even tell whether the chain of narrators is correct or not! and you are also insulting the Shia scholars? What kind of Ugly face is that! If i was to judge i would say its a Zionist trying to spread hate and misguide the Shiat's. I also cant believe in your lack of logical understanding, you cant answer the existence of God using Logic, you dont know about any science in existence nor creation. If i had to tell which kind of a virus you are, i think il put you in the red alert zone, infecting files and folders until the disease cant be cured. I think its time mods had an interview and chat about people on these forums, you know the zionists are the the smartest people on the face of Earth and thus a fact, they can do anything to rulke the world, including sending in viral infections to take people on. I for one if followed Bhookas ahadeeth, id rather thing of becoming a Jew or wont believe in religion if all the ahadeeth are to be taken literal and static in time, if he cant exlpain what they mean then it should be deleted. Anyway im not going to stay ranting any longer here, but mods really need to step up their game and start doing their duties!!! Im off from here, i hope you have a good life Bhooka, it seems like you managed to bribe or infect some mods on your side as well, as they LOVE the "fake face of tashayyu", if i was a mod, il block your IP address from signing into this forum from day one, but your lucky im not :) (waslam)
  3. (salam) 3afwan, what Yabaqiatullah aj replied with the ahadeeth where all logical reasoning and ahadeeth regarding the use of intellect (brain), so what are you talking about exactly? Define: intellect? it means mind or brain, if some one is intellectual he is using his brain to utilise knowledge and provide logical reasoning! When you didnt understand the meaning of intellect i then went to explain further on, bringing logic a little closer to you. ;) This is what you typed previously: and he replied just like that, religion is built on logic > which is the foundations of the brain! and every religious law utilises logic? Il prove it! Bring me ONE religious law that goes against simple human logic in Shia Islam? (besides the things we cannot understand i.e Supernatural or spiritual reasonings). (wasalam)
  4. (salam) How did this thread transform from Facebook to Ahadeeth and logic i dont know? lol Anyway, your running on stones again Bhooka ;) All religious laws are derived from logic! if there are things we cannot understand its because of our limited understanding and lack of Islamic knowledge!! Do you know anything about the brain and its creation? What you used above to make up your comment is logic, you utilised the nerve cells in your brain to come up with an answer to make the other party understand! That according to your hadeeth understanding is prohibited as you are utilising logic! We worship Allah (swt) by the brain, we tell the right from wrong by the brain, we study by the brain, we move by the brain, we see by the brain, our heart is controlled by the brain, our lungs are controlled by the brain, all nerve cells in out body are connected to the brain!...To the extent our actions are judged by the brain! Here are just one questions from an infinite amount of questions to think about and try to answer: 1) When we recite Surah Alfalaq, i.e "Qul hoa Allahu Ahad, Allahu Alsamad" How do we prove that Allah (swt) is one! the Quran states that Allah (swt) is One, prove it? Why cant there be two? How did Muslims come to a conclusion that Allah (swt) is One, utilising what subject? In the book of Al-3ilal, the prophet of Islam Mohammad (saw) states regarding the brain that Allah (swt) made knowledge its soul!, Science is its spirit!, Asceticism is its head, Modesty is its eyes!, Wisdom is its tongue!, Pity is its concern!, and mercy is its Heart! Then Allah (swt) filled and powered the brain with 10 things! Certainty and faith, truth and calmness, sincerity and forbearance, tender and Sober, submission and thankfulness!... and so forth. Traditions also state that the Aql stayed kneeling to Allah (swt) for 1000 years! It was the first thing that Allah (swt) created way before prophet Adam (a.s). This narration is studied in Hawza (Advanced Islamic Studies), the first lecture taught in the subject of Tawheed (Oneness of God) under the subject of Mantiq (logic). Therefore we see the importance of Aql! Everything run on logic, Islam without logic is no different then Hindu? when you think! You are using logic, likewise when you reply with a comment you are subconsciously utilising logic! If you need any help with understanding or require references and want to learn more about logic or the brain, id be happy to show you the path of reason. By the way reason is derived from logic as well. (i think il stop here) (wasalam)
  5. (salam) I just wanted to say that encase you have not noticed yet, that paying Khums is part of "Furoo3 Aldeen", which in English translates to " roots of religion" i.e foundations! So if your trying to say that Paying Khums is not obligatory, then you have deleted one of the foundations of religion, maybe you dont have to pay when you join the Akhbari sector i.e save money, but Khums goes to needy and poor people, practiced even by Ahlul bayt? Let me remind you of Furoo3 aldeen that exist in the Shia School of thought! They are 1) Alsallah 2) Alsawm 3) Alzakah 4) Alhajj 5) **Al-khums** 6) Aljihad fe Sabeel Allah 7) Alamir bil ma'roof 8) Alnahee 'an almunkar 9) Albughith li a3daa Allah 10) Almahabba li awliya Allah As for the hadeeth you pasted regarding *khums" let me remind you that you have taken it out of context to suit the "Akhbari" ideologies, you tried mixing oil and water together without any emulsion!! As for the brother calling people who dont believe in how a hadeeth can be said like that and calling them "Kafar" i suggest you get your acts right and learn the meaning of the word before you use it!, also the ahadeeth you right, do provide evidence to where they are from. As for the hadeeth of women not learning, , if it is to be taken literally and has constant not dynamic timing, then it destroys Islam completely, equality in religion is a MUST!, Hence also if this is to be taken literally without having a specific time and place, then it would directly contradict what the prophet of Islam Mohammad (pbuh) said: "To acquire knowledge is binding upon all Muslims, whether male or female." ( A Brief History of the Fourteen Infallibles, Ansariyan Publications: Iran.) Also, Imam Ali (a.s) said: "Knowledge and wisdom are really the privilege of a faithful Muslim. If you have lost them, get them back even though you may have to get them from the apostates." (Nahjul Balagha) etc. etc. etc. So for the people who copy and paste ahadeeth with their intention of causing confusion among the readers, how about you interpret the scope of the hadeeth! (wasalam)
  6. Work, and the internet is so slow it really tests your patience, I also vote for you to use my name as yours, its fine no obligations.

  7. Yeah alhamdillah I'm well thanks for asking, you still call me snoopy? Lol you must really like that name then :), I'm typing this while I'm on the train..

  8. Wasalam sister, alhamdillah I'm fine and you? Hows things going with you, inshalla all well.

  9. (salam) Here is another colourful animal, its scientific name is Chromodoris magnifica, its last name comes from the animals looks. The ocean is yours to discover!
  10. (salam) Subhan Allah 50 billion planets just in the milky way? That is an unfathomable amount!! There are over 100 billion galaxies in the universe, inside each galaxy there are over 100 billion stars, and the milky way alone over 50 billion planets?! Glory be to Allah (swt) for the complexity and beauty of creation, thanks for sharing brother. (wasalam)
  11. (salam) Bro what is the point of all that pun regarding the Almighty God we call Allah (swt)? How do you know that any of this is Islamic accepted? It seems you are trying to demystify the unknown, i dont want to go picky snapping what doesn't make sense, the truth is for any person to start believing in a Creator known as Allah (swt), Elloh in the Bible etc. Is to open his/her eyes!, thus all is needed, no need of Philosophy, no need of Thermophysics, no need of Mathematics, no need of metaphysics, no need of extensive use of brain neurons, all one needs is eyes, nerve cells to carry signals from eyes to the spine, the spine to send signal to the brain and little processing power in the brain to decrypt signals, Viola, i can prove that without the needs of any play on words, for example observe this creation: This animal is called the Wood duck or scientifically classified as (Aix sponsa) Now look how precise the colours are! Is this not enough for any person with eyes to believe in a creator? They say a picture is worth a thousand words, likewise look at this creature: My question is: Who painted it like this?, A bird to have these type of colours must have been painted for display purposes with an intent for design. Do you not think it has these natural colours for a reason, to prove the existence of a conscious, Almighty being! One more animal (this post is dedicated to birds only ;)) Have you ever wondered how they made Airforce one and fighter jets with aerodynamic features! Well observe this: Look how sharp and distinct the birds wings are, and observe how his head is tilted so air can gush through, just like how sportsbike riders bend their backs to gain momentum, also look how perfectly aligned his beak is, you know that this bird is built for speed! You would be surprised how much information you can decrypt just by looking at the posture and characteristics of an animal. Therefore all these creatures are proof that an Almighty conscious God exists, we are not philosophers to play Pun with Allah (swt), Just by looking at these images, even the most arrogant atheist will start to think a bit about the intended design of creation and question his own intelligence. (wasalam)
  12. (salam) It is not permissible for a Muslim to be in places where Alcohol is present, i mean why would any Shia go to Satans party? If anyone has special electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength shorter than that of visible light galsses, you would be able to see Satan holding chains and chucking them at people for him to follow (Not totally true with visibally seeing Satan but you get the idea) What you need to do is to check with your scholar on what is the ruling of such parties where alcohol is the drink, and what happens if you accidentally drink it. (wasalam)
  13. (salam) You cant call something nonsense if you dont know a thing about it, it like me calling university professors nonsense while we have so many books available that we can educate ourselves, i mean why is there a need for professors if we have Einsteins law of relativity, we have Newtons laws of motions, we have books on astrophysics, we have an encyclopedia of everything we have learned so far, so why professors? Its because we cant understand on our own, we need people of thorough knowledge to explain to us how things are understood, thus why you see that teachers cant teach student at uni UNTIL they acquire a PHD, because they have the required understanding to teach, they spent years researching to come to conclusions. Here scholars (maraji3) share the same analogy! We cant just study the books that need night and days by people of knowledge to come up with conclusions, there are four main books studied by Hawza these include: 1. Al-Kafi of Shaykh al-Kulayni (d. 328/9 AH) 2. Man La Yahdhuruh al-Faqih of Shaykh al-Saduq Ibn Babwayh (d. 381 AH) 3. Tahdhib al-Ahkam of Shaykh al-Tusi (d. 460 AH) 4. Al-Istibsar of Shaykh al-Tusi (d. 460 AH) Now we cant just out of the blue think we are Islamicly knowledge enough to interpret the scope of whats written inside, each hadeeth has its own time/place/scope/meaning/understanding/analysis etc Hence what the maraji3 do is use these books above and "decrypt" the meaning through their extensive Islamic research. Therefore scholars can differ in meaning, some say through my research i have come to this conclusion, some others says i have reached this conclusion, Somethings are static and cannot be changed such as usool and furoo3 aldeen, the thing you have to keep in mind is that no single human thinks the exact same as the other, we dont have this parallel level of synchronization techniques, Allah (swt) created each human with his/her own unique brain and thinking strategy. Now, if you extract the role of scholars as a whole, Islam would have over 2 billions different views, since everyone will interpret the way they think is correct, Islam gets corrupted from the roots! If you say why dont we follow our scholars from before hence like our sunni brothers do. We would not be updated with the latest halal/haram issues i.e Gelatin (plant/animal extracts), which is permissible which is not, rennet in foods etc, also new problems emerge every now and then and laws have to be studies to give an answer to a specific problem a Muslim is going through. Likewise there are specific set conditions for Ulama to decide which is the top marji3 to be followed, today Sayyed Sistani is the prominent scholar to be followed, How a top scholar is selected is from the other top 3 scholars to decide on the extensive knowledge of that scholar and decide based on His knowledge and understanding of Ahkam. Religion is no monopoly my dear brother. (wasalam)
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