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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Ah the insecure, highly protective and secretive administration of SC is at it again banned a brother on his birthday for NO REASON this is a wake up call to the oppressed masses of sc, brothers and sisters rise up against this abusing administration. Anyhow I had a blast today, thanks for the gift sc peace out, signing out for good!
  2. The doctor analogy is flawed, its always used by people who support taqleed for some reason. Doctors specialize, no doctor will tell you that you must accept ALL my rulings in matters of medicine, even if you consider Fiqh solely, its a very broad and extensive subject area. I don't care if you spend 200 years trying to figure out all of fiqh, you cannot master all the specific bits and pieces to the same extent as different individuals more specifically assigned to narrower questions. No one ever asserted that an average person can sit around on his computer and derive every single ruling there is on all matters fiqh, but with enough effort, he can pick a couple very relevant to him, work tirelessly for a few weeks instead of years, but reach a more informed conclusion on the matter than a mujhtahid who spent years studying fiqh but had to cover all areas of fiqh and thus could not allocate 2 weeks to a specific narrow issue. So the issue here is simple, it is wrong to tell people that they HAVE to follow, even if it means only in the issues of fiqh (very broad subject). If you are a capable and sincere scholar, thats the last thing you would tell people you want influence in the right direction. Fiqh is an important area, and of tremendous relevance to our everyday lives. Ordinary people are not stupid, most of them would naturally seek guidance from people more knowledgeable than them, perhaps even forgo their own research with respects to certain questions, but that choice is theirs, you cannot forcefully make it for them and enforce it on people. The fact that you need to be considered a mujhtahid, have x number of years of training under your belt and be praised by other scholars who have gone through the same training to be allowed to make your own mind up about an islamic ruling is nothing but a protectionist mechanism for insecure scholarship. Theres no need to make such things wajib on people, if you are learned in a matter, have no fear, do not be insecure, people will come to you naturally of their own will, but do not tell them that they have to follow you or someone like you on a broad subject matter and all subsequent rulings within that area.
  3. ur nickname is the my role in my family lol

  4. That is utter BS, so if I research a certain topic, and that topic alone, according to your logic, since I am not a CERTIFIED mujhtahid, I cannot determine what the best course of action or conclusion is. This does nothing but endow the so called mujhtahids and scholars with power and autonomy they do not deserve. They are all there as guides for us, not commanders. Common sense tells us to follow others in matters we do not have the immediate knowledge of but an average laymen is perfectly capable of taking a specific islamic issue, researching for himself and deriving the appropriate conclusion. It is stupid to hold as a requirement that he had attended an islamic seminary for so and so years and have been credited with the title of a mujhtahid. This notion that an average person is not capable of reaching conclusions with respects to specific islamic matters by exercising their intellect and researching is extremely offensive and a gross underestimation of the intellectual capabilities of everyday people. This mentality is the primary reason why muslims have not progressed as an intellectual community, we are your ulema, you guys are too dumb and busy with other useless activities to figure things out for yourselfs, let us make the decisions for you, unless of course you attend hawza for so and so years. Do not doubt, do not question, and if by some chance you are persistent on questioning, well we can tolerate that, but we sure as hell wont give a damn until you have that turban on your head from one of our seminaries.
  5. I LOVE NORMAN, hes so amazing, such a humble dude, lost his job, a real professor and a scholar who deserves a full tenure at a top uni, but no they kept kicking him out wow.
  6. It supposedly has great arguments, its disputed though and considered not so authentic, well who cares so long as its arguments can stand for themselves.
  7. I am confused, so are there verses of the quran that have been lost? do shias really believe that? Someone please let me know, I thought the Quran was complete.
  8. Nothing worse than child abuse may, may Allah help you.
  9. The 2 pillars of a happy marraige are a stove and woman standing beside it with a spatula in her hand. DUDE STOP SPAMMING
  10. Doesnt matter, nothing but a nuclear weapon is a detterent today.
  11. Pak to win the world cup, I said it here, but who cares
  12. Wake up and smell the air, do you think Jewish people are inherently evil to the extent that they are all warmongering? They are no different from you or the Palestinians, almost all of them want peace, except the dominant elements in the Zionists movements. It does not take much propaganda these days to fool the public, to manipulate them into fear and helpless sense of paranoia and have them support stupid government stances. In any case, those polls you linked are hardly an indication, there have been enough polls suggesting otherwise, including a lot of them being against the current establishment. And you selectively quote specific statistics, right above it they asked whether Should Israel carry out a preemptive military attack against Iran? and only 30 odd percent approved of that. The public there is misinformed into believing Iran will actually bomb them if it obtained nuclear weapons, so the polls would reflect that. The public still wants peace.
  13. need some good books regarding islamic history anyone please link them to me, are the best ones in english or arabic and who are the best islamic historians
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