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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. so if she converts him its ok? but this wasn't the original intention behind the marrage, they are close family freinds and this is the reaons for the marrage, alot of my relatives have been sunni. This is stressing me out becuase i feel i have a responsibility to make everyone aware of this being wrong, i dont know why they dont care. Does anyone here know any marajay that have a fatwa showing it is permissible for a sunni man to marry a shia lady?
  2. can a shia girl marry a sunni male? my cousin is shia she is marrying a guy who is sunni is this ok? are there any problems? thank you
  3. hi im looking for some help, i was in the city centre and i came across a group of muslims preaching and one of them was an old freind of mines, i met him and told him im shia, so this isn't really somthing i want to join, he then started telling me we can only give bayat to 2 either the prophet (Saw) but we cant because he (Saw) is dead and it is shirk and then he said we give bayah to the leader of today only, he also went into other things and explained why they are bidah and shirk including the matham and having alams and zuljinah? he said ts ike hindus pray towards idols. he said shias do
  4. if this as true then, just like we know we are human wouldnt they know they are jins walking this earth amongst us? has anyone claimed to be a jin? ive heard stories of people claiming to be possessed by one, bt neer that they are born as jins?
  5. it would e good if anyone could provide names of any famous hindu personalities who do the poetry or even azadari? i told a hndu mate about ths and he asked me for evidences, specialy poets and speakers, anyone?
  6. can you offer the kadha prayers together ? like zuhar, asar,magrib,isha that had been missed all read 1 after the other as kadha? or is that not possible? thanks
  7. i believed the video for abit but it cant be shias if it really happened, i dont think anywhere in history shias have ever done such things.
  8. thats soo upsetting, they caanot be shias who hurt others like that, thats just awful the pains some evil people cause, if a shia has done all that to them im sorry but he is not a shia, as shias or any good person does not go around raping omen and killing people lik that. soo upsetting that is.
  9. wow, mashallah thats amazing, coincidence or not it is still amazing, thank you for sharing that :)
  10. dont know, doesn't the earth as in the soils which also is made up as particles which actaully play the role in punishing of the grave, is the earth as in soils not waiting for you? surely this means it does have a mind? earth isn't just stones but the soils.
  11. from my understanding, which isnt much lol, no one can interpret the quran but the ahlubeit (saw), so what the hadiths tell you, wouldnt that be the true meaning trather then what people feel what it means?
  12. ive never seen a hanak before, i know what a turban is but not a hanak, from what it seems its only a little small thing ? anyone got any say pics or a link of what it looks like? thanks
  13. what if its placed in a paper shredder machine ans made into thousands of small pieces and then thrown in the bin?
  14. i find it hard to read books, i find it easier to read off websites and off my computer then on a book, i dont think i ever did get into reading books, but i feel because i use the computer alot, this is why i've found it easier. The internet is also a world library and even if you force yourself do it, but try reading somthing even if it is boring, it can take such a long time somtimes but you will get there in the end inshallah. hope you get there soon
  15. i havent seen it, but is it not incorrect to make fun of other religions like this?
  16. there is this site i came across once, it has some advises from our imams (as) not sure if it is a sunni or a shia site, but i believe its shia http://www.squidoo.com/IslamicMedicine i'd like to get more info on this too, if anyone has any
  17. so according to this, if you are poor, gareeb, you will never be burried there? thats not fair at all? so only the richer people have the option. :(
  18. the azaab of the grave, does that not prove that earth has a mind?
  19. sorry im not very knowledgable, but isn't quyamat going to be everywhere?
  20. thats interesting, why dont they translate the books, but in that case im sure theres plenty of arabic speaking, reading people so in what your saying they dont really need to follow a scholar/ maraja?
  21. i think your wanting evidences on temp and permanent marrages through hadiths, i dont have any but im sure somone will provide it here if it were permanent and no way out then we wouldnt have divorce as an option? so it seems its permanent and can also be cancelled too.
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