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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. she brings me closer to Allah ... In a more colourful way....
  2. :) .... Where are you from brother .. Are you French? Because I have NO clue what you're talking about lol please , fix your english ... I don't understand your question :) w salam
  3. No offence Bookha, But i find you to be very "extreme" and i find your views to be rather... well... quite "Taliban-ish" ..... i say this because i've read your posts in other topics and your views on women are outrageous and taliban theology "Type A"... i dont mean to offend you, you're intelligent .... but dont let these very vague hadiths turn you in a "misogynist" .... Women CAN go to Hawza and lodge their place on top of the ecclesiastic pyramid inshallah .... And yes they can Also read and write , bookha lol ... Respect Women, behind every successful man, is a Woman!
  4. Mind you, she sings in Arabic .... so i feel that its fine, because the Quran is also "sung" in Arabic ... you can call it tilawah all you want, but i call its still singing in some form. Rasulullah said "He is not from us who does to sing the Quran" The word He (saw) used in the above tradition was "tganna" which means "to sing". Anyway, i hope you all support my relationship.
  5. Thank you for your great insight , sister .... i understand, now .. x
  6. Well, i have relatives who practice zanjeer matam .... i don't see anything wrong in it , its just another way to show love, i guess but you don't have to do it if you don't want to .... there's nothing forbidden in shiaism for showing emotion, you know .... Its understandable if leaders like khameinei banned this type of matam .... some people just can't digest it and see it as "barabaric" ... i dont think i'll be doing zanjeer any time soon , though lol ,. but if people wanna do it , its ok w salam
  7. From my experience..... The most effective way of memorizing is by : 1. Finding a certain tune that you like and recite in that tune and you'll remember easy , the same way you remember lyrics because of the vocal tune. 2. Learning Arabic is VERY effective , obviously , so I reccomend this because it improves the flow and rhythm of your recitation and makes it easier to memorize. Also you'll be able to recite "according" to the meaning, which makes your recitation very effective. 3. When you come across a verse talking about death or hell or qiyamah , attach yourself emotionally to these verses, recite them beautifully and you'll remember them. That's all I got :) w Salam
  8. Well .... Let's look at it in 2 ways ... Does it make you look moral and pious, as a "Shia" ? ...Not really... Did Imams (as) or Prophets (as) wear earings on both of their ears ? ... No so just do what your conscience tells you...
  9. Brother, please don't use this piece of "evidence" quote on quote , as your scapegoat .... You can't say someone isn't a Shia just because she sings for ahlul bay (as) and for good causes. She's beautiful and pious inside and out. But anyway ... Can someone give the number of Shia's in this world roughly in numbers without the percentage ? One thing we do know, guys... roughly 14 million Shias went to Kerbala to commemorate Ashura ... So we know for a fact that we're more than 14/15 million .... That's a good number in itself..
  10. You're right in one sense , but this is a so called "malang" Practise and to show how sorrowful they are for the tragedy of kerbala and out of genuine love of Ahlul Bayt (as) they beat their backs and heads with blades. It's violent, no doubt but there's a reason behind doing this but most people will not understand. Whatever you do, this type of matam will never cease and stop. I agree it's violent but because it's for a true purpose it's fine and the blood shed and scars are rewarded, believe it or belie it. Don't worry, it's definitely messy but they make themselves and their surroundings pure again. After all this isn't just any blood they are shedding... It's blood of love for Imam Hussein (as) ! Ya Hussain! W Salam
  11. brother, she is totally genuine and she has a pious heart and true love for ahlul bayt (as)... I totally understand your concern, but i've never understood how singing is "forbidden" when there's a good message behind it . Even singing songs in love of ahlul bayt is said to be "bad" which I also don't understand. Songs like these only creates peace and love in the world and helps in spiritual growth. perhaps the Imams (as) , when they said music/singing is bad, they meant a certain type of it which doesn't benefit you . What do you think?
  12. well, she's ahlul bayt lover and good person and that's enough for me , so your #15 post doesn't Include her :) but thx anyway! x
  13. salam Is it lawful to marry an Arabic singer? like, she'll only be singing songs with a good message and that doesn't mean shes a bad person ... shes amazing person and a good cook. She also sings and does poetry for ahlul bayt ((as) i dont see anything wrong , it should be ok, no?
  14. is that the main reason? corrupted governments? why is it that people in Uk or Usa feel more liberated than in a place like Iran? isn't islam meant to liberate people? People who are governed by non-islamic law co-exist peacefully .....
  15. Why is it that non-islamic countries are more forward in technology and better developed than some islamic countries? Why is that a non-islamic country like the USA has better law and order, better economic structure than an islamic country? why is this? is there an answer for this? w/s
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