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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. lol whoah...yeah this post found me in the best of health wealth cuz they got dealt with a nine milly these shiaz lookin silly smokin a philly an talkin religious but vocab is limited like a hill billy!!!! sorry maleria attack. dude wats goin on?? do friendship brotha sista rules apply diff on msn an shiachat ? Cuz on msn you an fatima chat dont u? so wats with the hostility.......too much shiachat can turn a brother fundamentalistical.. lean back......lean back.......lean back......lean back
  2. Yo its me again..banned *Sigh* but yes SOAS is okay i spose accademically, I really can't stand the atmosphere though. All hippys (its the only uni that allows you to smoke weed in the bar :D ..so good tip for all the hijjabis out there) They have a strong sunni society mashallah, a lot of lazy shias aswell who spend most of their time in "jahanum" which is the nickname for the student union as it is reached by going down some stairs. The library is okay, but LSE'S library is farrrrr better!!!!!!!!! you should compare them. They have spiral stairs and it looks like a theme park. Whereas the SOAS one is quite dull, and it smells of wet leaves.... anyways brejrins back to causing fitnah insha Allah... ma3asalama gulech shlonech wilech shababech kebab teez
  3. Hey thats so cool man!!!...................are you single?
  4. baheth can you please give us a link to one of your many lectures please... thank you
  5. "awwwwww dont leave bro...im gonna miss you, cyber lifes not gnna be the same without you.....and i really missed all your complaints...please stay and complain some more about loads of little minor things...oh please do!!! :( please dont go.........please dont go........baby i love you sooo--ooohhh please dont go...please dont go...."
  6. LOL sorry i just read the title....... Ammar modelling in FHM ? yeah i can really see that!! LOOOOOL U LOT ARE PROPER MUPPETS......WHOEVER believed this thread, slap yourself now..... LOL FHM!!
  7. Personally to be honest with you im pretty sure....I mean I think I am quite sure....no I mean...... YOU LOT JUST ALL GOT PLAYED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHHAHA AN I HAD NUTTIN TO DO WITH IT!!!!!!
  8. Yo yo yo On my mums side Imam Jafar al sadiq (as) an my dad GHENGIZ KHAN!!!!!!!! mongol warrior baby.
  9. You took the words right out my mouth! Now when answering the question, and coming across a marriage applicant who falls under all those categories you have to analyse yourself and say.....Am I a true follower of Ahlul bayt? Do i really worship Allah (swt)? ANd putting myself in the shoes of a desperate person who really wants to get married.....at the moment I could honestly see myself marrying a leprechaun with an eating disorder. You have to pass these tests when they come to u...the trick is.....to always know when you are being hooked up with a really nasty girl, you should always say yes because on the wedding night she will take the mask off and she will look like...... some fit super model. Well thats what ppl make it sound like if you marry some hoof hoof lookin thing!!
  10. LOL ! exactly what I was talking about. ASHANTI ASHANTI (have you heard her new track??) Well wisher : Hey I heard that Lee harvey oswald didn't kill JFK Hafiz : Imam Ali (as) said there is a four finger difference between truth and falsehood. Before you make such statements be sure that you know what you are speaking about. Once again i will make a complaint to the admin of this site, there is far too much fitnah going on... OooO ALIII OO ALLIII can i SUCK UP TO YOU ????? YOU-HOoOoo!!!
  11. Salam this is just to show how ppl get carried away in an attempt to sound all intellectual and elaborative. lets just use a little references to peshawar nights in here...so the Geek can be called the Hafiz....and the well wisher is just the nice person who throws accusations, questions to the hafiz Scenario 1 Well wisher : But brother it seems that you are being sexist. Im not taking a liking to you. You appear to be a callous human being and your references are poor and seem to be fabricated. Hafiz : Salam alaikum In the hope of not sounding arrogant. I would like you to back up your statements with a corresponding ayat from the Quran. If you feel that I should furthermore be subjegated to such false statements please private message me and I will therefore be able to provide you with a fully detailed transcript of myself and the client involved in that argument. I will now relinquish the keyboard. WHAT HE COULD HAVE SAID WAS: "Im sorry wont happen again" Scenario 2 someone writes a joke "why did the chicken cross the road...because it wanted to get to the other side" Hafiz replies : Salam alaikum, Im afraid there hasn't yet been a study carried out yet on the brain signals that chickens send to their ligaments. Comprehensively how can one put themselves in the position, surely this would be against all Islamic teachings of not only the Prophet but also the Imams of the ahlul bayt too. No such human should lower themselves into such a state by attempting to immitate a chicken. Im afraid this site has reached the epiphamy of the lentil and im now going to write my leaving letter in the off announcement forum. u get the idea? anyone else feel free to put more in....an yeah send it to the trash pit if you like...go on lets see you show your authoritative skills hunks!!!
  12. OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "ARMANS WIFE" WHAT IS GOING ON???? WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN??????????/ ARMAN WHY DIDN'T U TELL ME!?!?!?!?!?!?! im....so furious right now...my mind is going crazy my eyes are just .....just.....WHAT?????????????? ARMAN WHEN DID U GET MARRIED?????????????????????????????????????? :mad: THIS ISN'T THE LAST U WILL HEAR FROM ME ARMAN HOW CAN U JUST UP AND LEAVE???????????????????????????????? AND GET MARRIED????????? WHAT is wrong with people??? don't stop me....i will jump...don't try to stop me.....like seriously.
  13. oh okay....and you would know that because........you're married?? No you're not are you!!! EDITED untill then keep SEARCHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These ruddy nerds who think they know it all *pah*
  14. salam alaikum Yo wass gwannin to all my sout london man dem an ting seeen bRRRRAP! Hold tight my north london massive Big Up yourselvez one time... (only willesden ppl the rest can mooove) Just would like to make a polite note to a few people up on here running your mouths. First of all, when you become a speaker you are subjected to praise and criticism, which is absolutely fine. I'm sure brother Ammar acknowledges this and welcomes all kinds of criticsm regarding his style of speaking, content, hand movements ...etc But when you cross that line and start making things personal like making comments such as "ex-rudeboy,gangsta " or watever or saying things like so and so was not a good moumin but did tawbah, you are in fact putting yourself in that position to be battered.Now think to yourself, as my brother earlier on said....How many lectures have you given? Whose even heard of your name? What is your name by the way if you're not scared to give it? Why cause fitnah dude? Why be jealous of your fellow brother, teaching and spreading the word to others about ahlul bayt (as)? Did you know he went live on radio station in south africa because people were shocked that such a young man held so much knowledge on the life of the Prophet (Saw) so he was asked to come and speak about Imam Ali (as) in a wahabi environment?>??? Have you ever done that baheth of Mohammad Ali ? I don't think so......Im assuming that as you have the nerve to say such things in a public forum, you won't hesitate to meet a few of us up and care to discuss this matter further? Or whatever you want to say you can let it all out and Insha Allah we can sort it....otherwise i suggest you SHUT THE ......... UP AN STOP RUNNIN YOUR MOUTH BEFORE YOU GET SLAPPED THE ...... UP!!!!!! AND also I would like to say....of course we love our Clergy men, of course we love ayatullah Behjad....we are not trying to put people such as ammar nakshawani or Hasanain rajabali above them. Tell me who and where someone has implied anything like this?? Does Ayatullah Behjad, or Ayatullah Sistani have time to come down to the islamic centre and give talks to the youth? Do they have regular madressa classes for 6 year olds? No, because they are our leaders and have much more important things to be doing at this moment regarding the world, this is why we also respect people such as Ammar. If you got anythin more to say.....remember that just because my Ammar is a speaker....it doesn't mean he doesn't have a MAFIA ROLLIN BEHINd him....so BROTHER JUST A SLIGHT WARNING....BE CAREFUL WHEN U TRY TO GET INTO PPLS PRIVATE LIVES IT AINT GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH SO CHIKEDYYYYY CHEK YOURSELF BEFORE YOU WRECK YOURSELFFF.... When you messin wit him....you messin wit mee.....an when u messin wit me....you messin wit a G !!!!! hehehehehehehehhe :D BRAAAAAPPPPPPP
  15. :rolleyes: You lot are going in circles. Ex - muslim: YOU ANSWER MY QUESTION Fyst:NO MAN U DIDNT ANSWER MINE ex-muslim : WELL I DONT SEE YOU ANSWERING MINE fyst: RIGHT BACK AT YA yeh this could go on :blink:
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