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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. It's definitely interesting to read what you all have of expectations to your future partner, khair inshaAllah!
  2. MashaAllah, it's indeed qualities which all should struggle to achieve.
  3. Assalamu aleikum, I just wonder which kind of qualities you do expect your future partner to possess and why? And I want to know how the marriage is like from those who is married and I hope you can be honest. Is it difficult? Too strange considering to how it was before you did get in the marriage and so on. Wa salam
  4. Salam aleikum.. The bedst of minkind deid 11 Hijra 28 safar. I just wanted to mind you! Let us all share our salawat, duaa, recitet of Quran and so on in this topic and get hasanat. I start: Allhuma sali 3ala muhamad wa ahli muhammad Wa salam
  5. Yes sister :)

    I accepted you.

  6. Thank you sis <3 then if I send it to ur hotmail will you proofread? :D

  7. Thank you really much, may Allah bless you and if you som day need help in something just ask me and I will inshaAllah try my best:D
  8. By the way can you plz help me with france :(

  9. Je vais bien aussi :) Sister can I get ur e-mail?

  10. Je vais bien merci,

    et vous ?

  11. The translation in english is her: :D : I still can not understand their purpose of all these atrocities. Can't we just live liv with each other even though we are different?We can not all be the same or what? You always taught me that one should respect others and their differences, I wonder if these people or I mean these animals could learn something from you, mother? Mother .. you should know this! Who knows .. maybe I'm next on their list. I would like to to tell you that you have been a wonderful mother .You have always been my support and refuge. You are the world's best mom and I think you should know it. I hope this can encourage you to fight on. You are a strong mother. Love you. Love from your daughter
  12. Bonjour .. comment allez-vous? :D

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