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  1. its alright. just trying to keep up with my summer plan. working hard inshallah.

  2. May Allah accept our A'mal for the month of Rajab al Murajjab

    1. habib e najjaar

      habib e najjaar

      Ilahi ameen. TaqabbalAllah minna wa minkum insha'Allah.

    2. JawzofDETH
    3. Senora
  3. I'm reading this post while drinking some nice hot tea with some chocolate cookies... mmmm
  4. "The right of your brother is that you know that he is your hand, your might, and your strength. Take him not as a weapon with which to disobey Allah, nor as equipment with which to wrong Allah's creatures. Do not neglect to help him against his enemy or to give him good counsel. If he obeys Allah, well and good, but if not, you should honor Allah more than him." As for the brother, he is his brother's hand, his might, and his strength. He is his support during afflictions and hardships. The Ima`m, peace be on him, has mentioned the rights of the brother as follows: A. You should not take you brother as a weapon with which you disobey Allah. B. You should not ask him for help to wrong the people and to aggress against them without any right. C. You should not neglect to help him against himself; you should guide him to the way of good and show him the path to guidance. D. You should help him against his enemy, Satan; you should warn your brother against him, frighten your brother with Allah's punishment, lest Satan should delude him and turn him away from the straight path. E. You should not neglect to give him good counsel concerning the affairs of this world and the next. If he obeys Allah, well and good, but if not, you should honor Allah more than him. source: http://www.imamreza.net/eng/imamreza.php?id=842
  5. Yes, that is Taqiyya Taqiyya means to conceal your belief to others.
  6. wow, the english translation is horrible. it seems like it was translated from a translating software
  7. what's your religion?

  8. I think you need a hug. Calm down buddy
  9. Salam. Can you explain what the avatar means?

  10. As one of the brothers said, as long as it is big enough for you to submerge your entire body then bismillah... go for it :)
  11. I think shichat is an epitome of "Shia Facebook" even though its not considered a social networking site... Lets stick with this one :)
  12. Say astaghfar ever time you look at something you aren't suppose to look at and turn your face away from it immediately. if you can, get married or do muta. don't masturbate. its a sign of weakness. As shias of ahl-bait, we should be strong and fight against our desires. Also, if you start getting into a sexual mood and no one is around, get up, say YA HOSSEIN and jog a mile like a hezbollahi. Don't sit around and think about girls and sex because only weak men do that. Remember death! I hope this advice/motivation helped you
  13. keep the beard! Its manly to have a beard. shaving beard is an a sign of a woman. As men, we should be as many as possible. Besides wajib or not, we should keep it and enjoy being men. Plus, girls love manly men, so if your looking into marrying, be as manly as possible also, try to imitate our Imamas as much as you can. tell yourself, "would imams ever shave their beards"? if we have this mentality, then inshallah we are in the right track.
  14. First of all, the leaders who attend his speech all understand what he is saying. Now, if the westerners (civilians) in United Sates or Britain (for example) don't understand what he is saying, and the people in the east understand what he is saying then who's fault is it? Its not Ahmadinejad's fault that the Americans don't understand him since they are online on facebook or twitter 24/7 chatting about the most stupidest things and when they hear the truth or reality they simply laugh and think its just a joke. They get bits of information from news channels here and there and accept it without investigating whether it was true or false. Tell me, how many Americans know that we have troops stationed in Libya? How many of them actually say "What the hell are we doing in Libya?!"? NONE of my American friends knew that, and NONE cared when I told them. How many Americans care that the gas price went up 4 dollars!!? Did they care where the money is going to? Nope! They were frustrated that the gas price went up, but they didn't care... because the media is feeding them with garbage constantly so that they can keep themselves busy and not look at reality while the government screws up the country and does whatever it wants. The government feeds food to the desires of the Americans so that we can be satisfied and close our eyes and walk away when we hear about kids being killed as we speak in Africa and other countries. You can't blame the president who speaks truth and creates confusion amongst the ignorant folks who spend their lives gossiping about celebrities they never met or trying to impress their friends who don't give a darn about them. When he (Ahmadinejad) says things like "Holocaust needs to be investigated" or "it is possible that the US government was behind the 9/11 attack" they (western people) laugh at him as if he is stupid without knowing that he actually makes sense! This is because they are too busy to actually think about what he is saying... by the way, they are not busy with school, work, or any other important issues... they are busy with internet and useless friends who will end up killing them. +1
  15. When I said "parents" I meant good Muslim parents :)
  16. HAHAHAHA this thread just made my day! I know a bunch of akhbaris in our mosque and they are funny. They tell me that their maraje' is Imam Mahdi where I then say to them "good luck emailing him your questions!"
  17. By "love marriage" i suppose you mean when you marry someone based on love rather than a traditional arranged marriage where the parents (typically) choose a spouse for their children if they are happy with it. I personally believe that love marriages only work if there is Allah and Islam in front of you. Without Allah or following Islam they will break very easily. Also, statistically, love marriages don't last as long as traditional marriages. Keep in mind that your parents need to be satisfied with your spouse selection (generally speaking) if you want your marriage to last forever. So love marriages work if you truly love her for the sake of Allah (and not love her for the sake of beauty or sexuality) and you both put Islam before everything, and your parents are happy with your choice. If any of these three are not carefully considered then don't expect love marriage to lost very long
  18. Salam. Ap kya bolna chahrahei ho? Mei nahi samja. Kya ap bolna jahte ho ke ham sub ek hei aur sare ambiya our aimmah tathir ek hei? Kya ap tora expand karsak te ho jo bhi ap ka question ya comment hei? sorry, I am not good in Urdu... I am still learning :)
  19. I am not 100% sure.. maybe we did, maybe we didn't. but here is an interesting article you might all enjoy regardless of your opinion on landing in the moon http://www.uwgb.edu/dutchs/pseudosc/conspiracytheorydidwegotothemoon.htm
  20. All I can say to the question is.... ÇÓÊÛÝÑ ááå
  21. I don't know the Arabic part but here is the English part: “They were on the tops of mountains, guarded by strong, brave men, but those tops sufficed them not. After glory, they were taken down from their positions, and put into holes. How bad abode they dwelt in! A crier called them after been buried: Where are the thrones, crowns, and treasures? Where are the faces that were at ease and luxury, that curtains and screens were put before them? The grave showed those faces where worms were fighting on them. How long they ate and drank! But after that long eating, they were eaten!”
  22. It is purely traditional/cultural and has no significance in Islam. Kissing something (like zarih, or even your own child) is a sign of love and attachment. So when you kiss the turbah/sajdagah, it is a sign of love towards prayer and thus love towards god. It is mostly an Indo-paki culture and hence you do not see it as often in Arab countries or Iran.
  23. سلام. کیا آپ پاکستان سی هو؟

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