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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. 2nd and 3rd points are unfit for anyone
  2. Now i believe that there is such a thing as a dumb question. This post should be closed.
  3. it is highly reccomended to say sura Ikhlas at least once during a namaz. you will find most people if they dont say it in the first they will say it in the second rakat
  4. subscribe to TeamMahdiGlobalMedia on youtube
  5. just give them the fake shake and do the side hair slick back, great ice breaker!
  6. obviously go clean yourself man! its not haraam to do ghusl, you should be doing this right away
  7. <p>by reading the hadith you posted you should have answered your own question as the hadith refers to 2 or MORE people. If there is a big nation then there should be a leader of that nation. Not sure what other answer you are looking for?</p>
  8. dude on the left seems like he has only 1 leg as well. maybe both of them have 2 legs and they are hidden by their stride?
  9. if all your gonna think about is food while praying then why not break it at maghrib time and then pray, then eat proper
  10. <p>Salaam brother, you can think of the desire to masturbate as actually evidence that you are actually on the right path.... of course when one sets out on the right path there will be numerous obstacles and forces that present itself just to take you off the path. Remember also that desires like to build up on top of eachother, of course when you have a mountain load of them the impulse is harder to avoid so try and not think about those thoughts during the day or else they will pile up.....remember that the YOU that truly exists is the ONE that does not need any satisfaction of desire
  11. you guys are seriously so critical on the very same people who you extract knowledge from. What we are forgetting is that these people are making a living just like everyone else, they have families and themselves to feed as well as their education costs 1000 is dirt cheap for a speaker to come speak anywhere. transportation costs/residence/food?. If you make a judgment on them then you may as well go ask your boss for a decrease in your own salary as you are making wayy too much. to the originator of the post, your Jamaat executive committee would be better suited to connect with the spea
  12. apart from living on a deserted island and catching fish for iftar, would it honestly kill a person not to scuba dive during the month of ramadhan? like really, there may be other things in life worth pondering more over instead of finding loopholes in the system. I dont know about you but id rather not life my life on the edge of fatwas.
  13. Salaam Alaykum brother, allow me to give some input to your situation, in my experience, what we put out in this world is what we get back, God may be showing us a mirror image of what we have put out in terms of what we see happening to us at any given moment, For example, say from the time before you experienced your misfortunes/speeding ticket etc, how were your thoughts/actions before then? somehow something is linked to what our state of mind is at the moment and we can certainly almost forsee our future outcomes which are directly linked to our actions/thoughts. Water a plant and provide
  14. since language is a barrier to achieving divine knowledge and is very relative, something more absolute will be the medium of explaining universal understanding
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