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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam aunty!

    Plz take a look at this thread:

  2. Well thnx for explaining the issue abt the status. But seriously aunty, PLEASE fear Allah (swt) and STOP working! Astaghfarullah!! I cudnt even imagine tht someone like u is working! I thought u were a pious women (which r EXTREMELY rare on SC). Plz stop working aunty, u shud stay in ur house and let ur husband work! Inshallah Allah (swt) will reward u for ur obedience! plz don't take offence!

  3. lol! I wanted to "call" (can't think of the right word) u, found it disrespectful to call u by ur name/nick. i find it even more disrespectful to call a muslima "sister" like a catholic nun. thts y i only call women like zareen "sister" :) I just created a poem for u, lol :)

    Aunty aunty phoenix aunty!

    Hum sub ki aunty phoenix aunty


  4. Salam aunty!

    Who the heck do you keep speaking to? As in the gibberish you keep writing "who knew that trying to throw in the towel would prove to be such a chore?!" etc

    What does it mean?!....

  5. OMG! u r REALLY alive! I can't believe it, lol!

  6. Salam Aunty!

    Don't laugh at me! I was so happy that finally I got a chance, but mods banned her :( So now I'm still left kunwara. :(

    Insha'Allah my time will also come. :)

  7. Although I'm not exactly an akhbari per se, but I'm definitely heavily inclined towards it due to their traditionalism. If you are traditional in the sense that you follow ahadith instead of your or someone else's (including scholars) opinions, then we'll agree on everything. :)

  8. Wasalam,

    This is definitely surprising. While my blog is a bit "unorthodox" as per current norms, but it did not have anything against Iran or its govt. Iran is then a strange place I guess...........

  9. Salam,

    I'm alhamdulillah a shia and hope to die on the true path of true shia Islam. But yes, I'm no longer an usooli.

    As for the title "Ayatullah Talibani", that's just a light hearted joke. Some members had called me a "salafi infiltrator" and a taliban for posting shia ahadith as it is and calling people to act on them. Due to my traditional ...

  10. Wasalam,

    Funny posts, lol!

  11. Yes! Go away and don't come back!

  12. So is ur avatar and ur admin postion approved by sistani then?

  13. I don't approve of you being an admin!

  14. Salam,

    Your new avatar of a scorpion is really good! I like it.

  15. Hehehehehehehe! I found out how to decrease user rating! I decreased urs to 1 star! hehehehe! It's now even lower than mine! muahahahahahahaa!

  16. Is there a way to decrease user rating? I tried to decrease urs so it wud be equal to mine but it didn't work?!

  17. OK I'll show respect! But you have to PROMISE me that than you'll increase my rating, not just MIGHT! OK?

  18. But at least increase my use rating you tubelight!

  19. NOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You broke my heart!!!!!!!


  20. Please increase my user rating! It's on 2 stars now, I want it to be 5! How come urs is 4??!!....

  21. "Running my mouth"? I thought you had a pHD in indo-pak affairs. Did I say something wrong? And I do practice what I preach and alhamdulillah I have a VERY strong and pure character and no one can take that away.

  22. Yeah, most probably he is (have asked him to confirm). Sorry for the trouble.

  23. Although much can be said about your own antics, but considering the utter incompetence (or deviance at worst) of the 'mumtaz al afzal' qualification holding clerics of your place, I guess it's unfair to blame laypeople like you. After all, you guys just follow the idiocy handed out to you by the indulgent nawabs (and their 'concubines') from farangi mahal.

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