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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. U are gone, but u have multiple accounts so u are not truly gone. And we all know ur formatting so see u soon. Im waiting for ur next post...

  2. (bismillah) (salam) Me too, I want to delete my account.
  3. Come on guys! I thought the usoolis would provide some good reasons, but so far I have not got a single response. What's going on?
  4. (bismillah) (salam) To read about true shia'ism: http://realtashayyu.blogspot.com/ (wasalam)
  5. i have not approved one of your comments as yet (i may some day) but i will respond to it. as to "work", then i am using quotation marks for a purpose. it is not a "job" or what have you. i am HONOURED to be doing that work and it is Allah's blessing, so no, thank you, for your suggestion.

    and why do you keep talking about a husband and a marriage to me? have i EVER spoken about this?

  6. Salam aunty!

    Plz take a look at this thread:

  7. Well thnx for explaining the issue abt the status. But seriously aunty, PLEASE fear Allah (swt) and STOP working! Astaghfarullah!! I cudnt even imagine tht someone like u is working! I thought u were a pious women (which r EXTREMELY rare on SC). Plz stop working aunty, u shud stay in ur house and let ur husband work! Inshallah Allah (swt) will reward u for ur obedience! plz don't take offence!

  8. lol! I wanted to "call" (can't think of the right word) u, found it disrespectful to call u by ur name/nick. i find it even more disrespectful to call a muslima "sister" like a catholic nun. thts y i only call women like zareen "sister" :) I just created a poem for u, lol :)

    Aunty aunty phoenix aunty!

    Hum sub ki aunty phoenix aunty


  9. and well i was talking about my "work" position that i have been trying to quit for quite some time now but it just doesn't seem to be happening due to one reason or the other :-(

  10. what's up with making a whole comment with just 'aunty' in it huh? >:-(

    and well status updates are indicative of an individuals' own self, by and large, though of course, it has come to be used as a field to prattle about anything and everything.

  11. I forgot to mention one important point among the conditions for acceptance of hadith, if you present a relevant hadith from our authentic classical primary sources, but it's a shadh hadith and there are contradictory ahadith with stronger shawahid, then I will do tawaqquf (not outright reject) on the shadh report and prefer the ones with stronger shawahid.
  12. (bismillah) (salam) Question is as title says. We've all heard the various ahadith about the virtues and merits of scholars. Many of them are found in our most authentic and authoritative classical primary texts and no one (not me at least) denies them. However, what is the proof in taking the big leap in faith and trying to somehow fit those ahadith onto the professional clergymen (I am referring to all members of the professional clergy class, from the maraji' to the mid-lower ranking clerics)? There are many ahadith which define who a scholar is but none of them mention a professional clergy class! So please post ahadith to support this notion. Those who know me, know what my conditions are for accepting ahadith as proof. To reiterate, the hadith does NOT have to be necessarily mutawatir or sahih, I will accept it as long as it is from one of our authentic classical primary sources. Secondly, and this the most important factor, the hadith should be explicit enough and should actually support what you are trying to prove. Since MANY on SC are completely unable to understand this extremely simple point, let me give an example for explanation. Earlier on, some brothers were upset with me for posting ahadith which say that women should be confined to their homes and should not be taught how to write; so to "refute" me (or perhaps to refute the ahadith that they did not like) they proceeded to post ahadith which stress on seeking knowledge as well as love and regards for women :wacko: In case someone is still unable to understand this simple point then please refrain from posting in this thread because it will only cause the thread to be derailed. And needless to say, I want proper ahadith, not the usual "I heard this in multiple lectures from my shaikh at the weekend class and this is universal knowledge". So those who believe Bibi Fatima (as) was a lecturer and used to give lectures (because the "shaikh" said so and it is "universal knowledge"), please refrain from posting in this thread. And a quick reminder, hawzas don't just teach Qur'an and ahadith, their syllabus also, in fact mostly includes stuff not directly from ahlulbayt (as)'s teachings but extremely similar (if not a complete rip off ) of the aamis (sunnis/wahabis etc) such as fiqh, usool al fiqh etc as well as stuff condemned in ahadith such as irfan (even inclining towards sufis is not allowed in ahadith), falsafa etc. Also bear in mind the plethora of ahadith we have which encourage earning a living and condemn being dependent on others, which does not really go in favor of the professional clergy class (yes, there are some who do not live off khums and I DO respect them, the discussion is about the majority who do). Whether the maraji' are entitled to receive and distribute khums is another matter altogether, so let us keep that off. Obviously, I will not be participating in the discussion because I am on permanent mod preview (I am assuming this thread will get approved in the first place) but I will definitely be reading the ACADEMIC responses. To be honest, currently I consider the whole professional clergy class (from the top maraji' to the mid-lower ranking clerics) the most useless people on the planet (and believe me, I am being EXTREMELY polite here). So if someone does provide RELEVANT ahadith then I will definitely change my opinion and repent. :) Hungry Wolf signing off............. (wasalam)
  13. thats it get stuffed you ape =D

  14. Salam aunty!

    Who the heck do you keep speaking to? As in the gibberish you keep writing "who knew that trying to throw in the towel would prove to be such a chore?!" etc

    What does it mean?!....

  15. lol nah i dont want to kill her lol shes the one who put you on mod preview hahahahahaah LOL and nah im not abusive im a nice girl =)

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