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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I think a one liner would have been enough. So mushaf-e-fatima is a collection of Hadith e Qudsi? Where is it right now? Two other books ie Al Jamia and Al Jafr have also been mentioned in shia Hadiths.what are they?
  2. Would a shia explain verse 3:7 to me? Or summarize Tabatabai's explanation of this verse in Tafseer-e-Meezan åõæó ÇáøóÐöíó ÃóäÒóáó Úóáóíúßó ÇáúßöÊóÇÈó ãöäúåõ ÂíóÇÊñ ãøõÍúßóãóÇÊñ åõäøó Ãõãøõ ÇáúßöÊóÇÈö æóÃõÎóÑõ ãõÊóÔóÇÈöåóÇÊñ ÝóÃóãøóÇ ÇáøóÐöíäó Ýí ÞõáõæÈöåöãú ÒóíúÛñ ÝóíóÊøóÈöÚõæäó ãóÇ ÊóÔóÇÈóåó ãöäúåõ ÇÈúÊöÛóÇÁ ÇáúÝöÊúäóÉö æóÇÈúÊöÛóÇÁ ÊóÃúæöíáöåö æóãóÇ íóÚúáóãõ ÊóÃúæöíáóåõ ÅöáÇøó Çááøåõ æóÇáÑøóÇÓöÎõæäó Ýöí ÇáúÚöáúãö íóÞõæáõæäó ÂãóäøóÇ Èöåö ßõáøñ ãøöäú ÚöäÏö ÑóÈøöäóÇ æóãóÇ íóÐ
  3. Even after such a clear evidence from the Quran you deny the status of syedna Abu bakar Ra? Was not it the best time for Allah to reveal the "reality" of Abu Bakr Ra to Mohamad PBUH? I wonder how the Prophet PBUH took the risk of going into the cave with a "munafiq" (maazAllah) Try to understand that whats the root cause of all this trouble. The main issue is "Ghulu" exaggeration in the status of human beings which lead us to having extremly high expectations about them but when our rxpectations are countered by the historical record, we end up either rejecting it or doing taweel of that recor
  4. 1. thats why i said "like 20 %", i may be wrong but it cant be more than 40 % iam sure. 2. Would you name any 5 mainstream paki zakirs to whom an Imami shia would like to listen? 3.Any evidence of a direct fatwa against such people will be appreciated p.s, wish you good luck for your research on the scholarly work of the deputies of Mahdi.
  5. @bhooka_bhariya .A few years ago when i was in pakistan,on the demand of a friend,i visited Sehwan (sindh) and there i had the chance of a meeting with Imran liaqat Hussain. He claims to an "Ayathullah" and have settled besides the shrine of Lal shehbaz.I did not take him serious as his beliefs were nuseyri and he had a weird explanation of wahdat-ul-wajood ( of which even Muhy ud din Ibn Arabi himself might have never thought). I just cant get onething that if these so called shias dont belong to shiasm, why dont the shia scholars do an open takfeer of him? Why dont the shias remove such weak
  6. naah sorry i read your post late. I agree with you on the point that "ali rab" (maazAllah) is a paki phenomenon and this concept is prevalent among the nuseyri/ghulat/sufi type of people.They call themselves shias.A few people like Jan ali shah kazmi are vocal against them but they are too few and i have heard many shia guys calling Jan ali shah kazmi " A wahabi in disguise". Would you agree with me on two things? 1. Vast majority of the paki shia is nuseyri/ghulat? (except for like 20 %) 2.Majority of shia zakireen in this region have injected such beliefs in the minds of these "shias" which
  7. (salam) brother, i do know that its not a mainstream shia belief,rather its a ghulaat/nuseyri belief but my point was that such narrations do exist in the shia literature.
  8. Here is an "authorative proof" A scanned page from Jalaul 'ayun by Mullah Baqir majlisi word to word translation > "The Rab which is adressed in Quran is Saqi e kothar Ali as.The prophets have preached oneness of the creator and whenever there were ant catastrophes from their Allah,they (Prophets) have called their Rab (Ali as) for help".
  9. Whenever we are talking about a certain faith or religion,we will have to refer the issues of its discourse to the scripture of that specific religion and on this point almost every theist will agree with me with the sole exception of some sufis who think that they have some extra-scriptural ways to reach what they call "the absolute reality". With that exception, almost all the orthodox sunni/shia agree on the extraction of the guidance and religious doctrines from the basic scripture and ofcourse,the undisputed basic scripture is Quran Al Majeed. Allah subhano wa ta'la says in the holly Qura
  10. I think that a brief two liner explanation will be enough instead of some lengthy Taweelat
  11. nothing can describe you better than that of your own line. I really have hundred folds to answer you back but the rules of the forum will not allow me to do so and above all, such an answer will drag me in the same category with you ( which ofcourse I would not like much).My opinion in this thread has been extremely clear about the historical record/chain of events/personalities involved and thats where i stand.If you want to debate these issues including your symptomatic SOS ( Salafi obsession syndrome), be my guest at a neutral forum. Will you elaborate this line for me? Im in no love with
  12. P.S. tell me if u agree with the fatwa of Ayathullah wal Uzza Mohammad Sadiq Ruhani? Ayatullat wal-Uzza Mohammad Sadiq Ruhani said about people who believe in tahreef: من یقول بالتحریف بالزیادة و النقصان لا یجوز رمیه بالکفر. "It's not permitted to accuse in disbelief person who would say that there is addition and deficiency (in Quran)". CODEhttp://www.imamrohani.com/fatwa-ar/viewtopic.php?t=3546 Thanks for a clear answer. plz stick to this thread and i shall present the evidence of those books tomorrow along with the views of famous shia scholars on Tehreef fil Quran. (p.s , I was a great
  13. Qol =word , talk in arabic I would present the evidence of tehreef and a shia scholar claiming that the hadiths abt Tehreef in shia books are Muthawathir. I would also present the evidence of shia belief in some extra-Quranic revelations as the thread moves on and the OP responds to my answer about Abdullah Ibn masood Ra
  14. brother , these are the words of Tusi, it cant be taken as Ijmaa,for Ijmaa u have to present the Qol of a Mujthahid who says that the scholars have been unanimous on the issue of the authenticity of Quran. I think whoever goes against Ijmaa' is kafir let alone going against the Nas of Quran so would u answer these two question in ur own words or any fatwa? 1.) liars!!! 2.) it is common sense that while the Quran is the most authoritative text and the final revelation for us,we also believe in Qudsi hadith like sunnis also have them.sunnis also believe those are the words of Allah.therefore
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