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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. as a kurd, my ancestors had never been yazidis, rather kurds chose Islam very early... Instead, my fahter told me that we were previously "zerdousht" that is to say in zoroastrism or mazdeism (synonimus) ... the real yazidis never left their belief and had been greatly persecuted even if it is true that they had been deceived...
  2. indeed lies are everywere..... but in this case it was in shia hadith ! it is not simple allegation... that's why i was scared... but in my heart it was in clear opposition with Abu Abdullah (as) sayings... please don't believe lies on kurds... Ali Ibn Al-Masudi, an Arab Abbasid historian (c. 896-956), recorded asserting that the Kurds are “Sons of Jinns—Genies” (1989: V.2, 123), Rasheed Yasami, a Persian historian, claims that “Kurds are not a separate nation, rather, they are of Persian origin”
  3. And to clarify, the only legend that kurds recognize is in direct connexion with the persian legend of azi dahaka. Actually, according to kurds, there were many children who had been saved from azi dahaka, and they left to hide in the mountains, so the survivors formed the kurdish people... There is no such thing about kurds and jinns, it's just false allegation which started with al masudi..... actually, there is a small sect called "yezidis", but they just speak kurdish but they are not kurd.... and even this people is just deceived with false belief...
  4. thank for your answer.... actually, i'm only aware that i'm human being, and not half human ^^..... there are lots of bull[Edited Out] in legends, in every culture... it could be a misinterpretation although, because the word "jin" in kurdish means "woman"......
  5. Is the hadith saying that we, the kurds, are part of jinn, so that nobody should marry us, a sahih one ? If so, i have no other option than leaving this faith... it is really childish and racist... salam
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