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  1. Salaam, I'd like to go for Hajj this year (2022) if possible ... are there any Shi'a groups / organizations in the USA that are planning to go for Hajj this year? Please post their website. Thank you!
  2. China is first and foremost on China's side. And if one does not have an internationalist ideology (as China did at one time) then that is the more better policy. Why is Pakistan (that has no ideology whatsoever) for example, on "Saudi" Arabia's side? That's ridiculous! It would be of immense benefit for both Iran and Pakistan, for example, if Pakistan were to ignore what the US and "Saudi" Arabia thought - and built strong relations with Iran. China will do whatever might objectively benefit her own people and nation. That means that - at this time -it will walk a tight rope - because there are Chinese interests in "israel" and in Muslim countries such as Iran. Given that Chinese interests in "israel" is likely quite limited - I expect China to begin pressuring "israel" at some point - and lean more towards the Palestinians.
  3. If I'm not mistaken it was Michel Chodkiewicz who did a fair bit of work to prove that Ibn Arabia was an orthodox Sunni and didn't particularly care for Shia thought - although had respect for the ahlul-bayt as probably did most Sunnis of his time. However, Henry Corbin held a distinctly different opinion - and I've seen statements by Sunni western academics, who are generally dismissive of him as being "obsessed with Shi'a". I think it is worth the effort to explore Henry Corbin, who had extensive contacts with Allama Tabatabai - and so was connected with a very major Shi'a scholar. Also worthwhile to look into works by William Chittick and Sachiko Murata (both also having contacts with Allama Tabatabai)- not so much as to look for Shi'a influences in Ibn Arabi's writings/thought - but more so for what may be the most sincere and therefore clear efforts to elucidate what Ibn Arabi was saying in the English language. The other western scholars, if they are not Shi'a, I'm quite wary off - because of the kind of influence wahabbi funding has had on western academic study of Islam. I don't know much about Eric Winkel but he is translating al-Futuhat al-Makkiyah into English, and his work is being published by Pir Press -which is run by Nur Ashki Jerrahi sufi group - that to my limited knowledge about them, from many years back, leans more towards 12er Shi'a than Sunni. It may be worth looking at his translations as well for those interested.
  4. This site has a lot of info on Sh. Ibn Arabi - also has courses for those interested. I'd suggest that, those interested in Ibn Arabi, to read or take courses about him to do so while also reading the hadiths of the Imams (عليه السلام) on whatever topic that Ibn Arabi is covering. I think reading him in this way can be much more illuminating - and you'll be able to appreciate how much of Ibn Arabi is already contained in the teachings of the Imams (عليه السلام)... https://ibnarabisociety.org See also this article by Rebecca Masterton https://www.academia.edu/10377192/Article_A_Comparative_Exploration_of_the_Authority_of_the_Awliya_in_the_Shii_and_Sufi_Traditions
  5. via SABA in San Francisco Bay Area - Ramadan Mubarak! Imām Ṣādiq (‘a) narrates from the Noble Prophet (ṣ) in a Ḥadīth al-Qudsī (narrated by Allah directly): Indeed Allah the All-Mighty, the Exalted, says that the the fast is for Me and I Myself am its reward.Dear Brothers and Sisters, Salāmun ʿalaykum!I would like to extend my tabrīkāt, taḥīyyāt, and best wishes for the month of Ramaḍān! Based on reliable moon sighting reports from San Diego, I have confirmed that Tuesday, April 13th, 2021 will be the first day of the Noble month of Ramaḍān,1442 AH. .... With Duʿās,Nabi R. Mir (Abidi)
  6. why is it so very important to know specifically why this fatwa was removed ?
  7. OK Thank you ! I'm gonna give this a try in a month or so ...
  8. Looks interesting ... the web site only shows 1 semester - are there more? Just wondering about the course of study? The first semester is quite a bit of learning Arabic which is good!
  9. Yes most likely - because remember that Trump stopped the funding / arming of ISIS ... so this is returning to the policy of creating/arming/supporting takfiris.
  10. So Venezuela (and now Bolivia again) a relatively small country, with barely an army, can establish relations with Iran and get delivery of oil / gasoline etc. all the way from the other side of the planet even though both Venezuela and Iran are under severe US sanctions... But Pakistan a massive country of 215-220 million people - nuclear armed - with a professionally trained army can't take delivery of oil from next door Iran? This has nothing to do with sanctions, it has everything to do with being weak and only reciting the kalma not really understanding or living up to what it means. Nothing "is what it is" - everything is a choice that people make. Pakistan is making a choice to be a slave and humiliated by the fake worldly powers.
  11. Pakistan needs to remove its forces protecting the Saudis princesses and re-dedicate towards the resistance. Thats what it needs to do - but the people of Pakistan are not yet ready to pay the price that comes with developing integrity and saying the beginning of the kalma La ... But one never knows the people may soon have had enough and they'll be ready soon inshallah!
  12. The people you identified who Trump killed were soldiers they were ready to die and become shaheed. If it had not been for covid19 Trump would have won in a massive landslide - because the economy b/4 covid19 was booming away. With respect to covid19 we know that countries with true socialized centralized medicine did and continue to do very well. Those that don't have that kind of medical system or have effectively dismantled their system are doing horribly. US has a rotten medical / health care system - and no matter who was POTUS the covid19 policies would have been terrible. Because in order to have an effective response you have to have a centralized medical system that would be available for every individual within the borders of the US - no matter their income or immigration status. HOWEVER I do not believe Trump lost - the election was stolen in multiple ways not only via ballot theft. It is really difficult to win when the entire establishment - including the CIA, FBI, and major generals are against you - and all you have are a majority of the people.
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