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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. A very good criteria ... in fact some music conversely allow one to improve one's concentration (ie not only it does not distract, but improves focus)... Of-course this is also something individual - taste of music etc.
  2. Have you signed up to go to Area 56?
  3. Please note that there is no such country as "Israel" there is a Zionist entity that you might be referring to?
  4. If there is a literacy / education gap then that has nothing to do with bar / pub culture ... regardless of alcohol or not - educational opportunities are widely available... and often at low tuition costs in community colleges. Once you've got the ed you can start your own business etc. no need to depend on measely jobs.
  5. Very sad to hear this - Sheikh Shomali's in-depth hawza level lectures are outstanding - his courses are available on youtube that made it accessible for everyone, hope that the new leadership will continue with Sheikh Shomali's work especially for the English speaking Muslims for whom access to such teachers are extremely limited. And that they will make their lectures available online as well as Sheikh Shomali did ... via facebook: “The right of the one who trains you through knowledge is magnifying him, respecting his sessions, listening well to him, and attending to him with devotion. You should not raise your voice toward him...If anyone ever speaks ill of him in your presence, you should defend him. You should conceal his faults and make manifest his virtues. You should not sit with him in enmity or show hostility toward him in friendship. If you do all of this, God's angels will give witness for you that you went straight to him and learned his knowledge for God's sake, not for the sake of the people.” . Bittersweet moment for everyone at the Hawza Ilmiyya of England as we bid farewell to Hujjatul Islam Shaikh Mohammed Ali Shomali and welcome Hujjatul Islam Sayyid Hashem Moosavi as the new Head of the Hawza. There are no words that can do justice to describe Shaikh Shomali’s efforts and contributions over the last 5 years. He believed those living in Europe needed a full-time hawza programme & with God’s help, he made it happen in the shortest of timeframes. Who does that?! Over the past 5 years, he has dedicated his immensely valuable time to teaching Akhlaq, Islamic Theology, Quranic Sciences, Logic, Islamic Philosophy, Principles of Jurisprudence and Practical Wisdom to the students here. . So many things to appreciate - his pure & sincere intention. His dedication to the hawza, in the most difficult of times, he would prefer not to cancel his classes, even if that meant driving to the hawza straight from the airport after a long flight from Canada or a Skype session from Iran. Despite his vast knowledge & position within the community as the representative of Sayyid Ali Khamenei - he would crack jokes in class as a father does in the presence of his children. We’re not sure what made us more happy, the joke or the subsequent sound of his own laughter. It was an immense blessing to have him here for the last 5 years - perhaps we will only truly understand this when we will no longer have such easy access to him. But we pray he is encompassed by the Almighty’s Light & Mercy wherever he is & for his success in all future endeavours. Thank you for everything Shaikh Mohammed Ali Shomali
  6. I'd add that Shi'a scholarship is far far advanced than Sunnis - even as Shi'a scholars do not necessarily ignore Sunni scholarship - but expand and further deepen the knowledge. The reason for this in the contemporary period is quite simple: Wahabbism / Saudism - I hesitate to use the word "salaf" to identify these people given that they could not possibly be anywhere near to the true origin of Islam as they claim to be when they use the word. The other reason is the abandonment of hikmah - ie Islamic Philosophy by the Sunnis that has led to shallow scholarships that don't have a firm basis - hence the blowing in the wind kind of "scholarship" of Qadhi that a high school grad could take apart.
  7. This guy is one of the most corrupt individuals around - he used to make public anti-Shi'a statements in the US - all kinds of nonsense (his old talks are still around the web). Dude then got challenged by real academics and scholars when he wanted to play in the big leagues at Yale - so he changed some of his positions because any half way academic scholar could point out that he had no standing. Then the FBI went after him because some of his students were involved in extremist activities - so he then allied himself with the FBI. More recently he has given talks in Pakistan sponsored by the English speaking "educated" wahabbi/salafi outfit called Live Deen - that has been focused on whabbifying the "educated" English speaking Pakistanis.
  8. Yes, it is true! Everything is free for a guest - but you only remain a guest for about five minutes - after that, you are family and then you gotta pay for everyone else...
  9. has been said umpteenth times before by different administrations - nothing found -other than bits of drops here and there - only exception being Sui that has been substantial.
  10. looks definitely interesting ... hopefully there will be more of these traditional type Sunnis in Pakistan - instead of the bogus Saudi funded wahabbi types.
  11. There is no question whabbi/salafism has poisoned Sunni Islam - but they too are suffering the consequences - it is not possible to practice such a fraudulent and oppressive "religion" for too long - so one of two things may take place , either the wahabbi/salafi will rediscover their roots and become Sunni again - or they will begin to abandon Islam in the sense they will become more and more secular. However, a fake religion such as wahabbi/salafism cannot last for long. The obvious results of this has become apparent in Pakistan that is suffering from serious maladies. I would suggest no matter the petro $$$s this kind of supremacist "religion" won't last for long. I would also suggest when talking about white supremacists - also bring up this nefarious ideology of wahabbi supremacists that are openly supported by by the "west" through their alliance with the Saudi family - who are the same as their white supremacist kin - only difference being that one is based on skin color, the other on ideology - both are najis in the literal sense of that word.
  12. Just one of the beauties of Islam is that there are rules given so that injustices around the issues of inheritances can be easily resolved... so, now if an inheritance is coming to you ... well that's yours... now what you do with it is up to you since it is now yours ... so certainly you can gift yours or a portion of your share to your cousin ... otoh , if you don't wish to ... that too is OK. Part of the concerns around care is that the person who is being provided care - really it is up to her / him to make sure that the individual who has provided the care is adequately compensated while they were alive and receiving care. After death the rules of inheritance are in place ... (assuming there are no other concerns).
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