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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Pakistan doesn't have an Islamic government, it is secular and a colony of the US-Saudi so I think it is a moot issue, as far as Pakistan goes - since the government has no interest in following Islamic rulings. If the Pakistani government does fund the construction of Muslim places of worship - then they should do the same for non-Muslim - or it should not fund any religious site regardless of religion. Having said that, this is an interesting question - an Islamic government is require to protect the rights of non-Muslims in all matters including worship. If non-Muslims are paying taxe
  2. Very nice! Nicely formatted ... not just a hodge podge - well thought out app!
  3. Zionists are mostly european - or ethiopian (who are also discriminated against by the europeans) - some "middle eastern" types. They came from outside of Palestine and usurped the land of Palestinians. The Palestinians - i.e. the original inhabitants of the land are inclusive of Muslims Christians and Jews (yes there are Jewish Palestinians also). The Palestinians for the most part converted and became Muslims ... those that didn't are Christians and Jews - and yes have equal rights to that land. The people who do not have any right to that land are Zionists who came to land after WWII and p
  4. If anyone is actually interested in reading Marx's Capital - and not whatever nonsense is propogated by capistalist-imperialists for their own benefit - while keeping the population illiterate about how Capitalism actually works - they can take this course: http://davidharvey.org/reading-capital/ After having read at least volume 1 of Capital - folks might actually have a better understanding of what Marx said - and how he demystifies Capitalism - from such nonsense as "hidden hand of the market" and what not...
  5. Also the sermons that are included may not even be complete they are often extracts from what may be much longer narrations. I think al-islam.org has references to the complete narrations.
  6. Have you had this discussion about khums with a scholar, presented your proofs... so they can send it to the marja'yya ? I personally don't have the scholarship necessary to evaluate your statements etc. I doubt it that anyone reading these comments have that level of scholarship. It just brings into question why you are casting doubt on khums? If indeed you do have the level of scholarship to question the current rulings - perhaps you could say a little bit more about yourself, your background, level of study / scholarship etc. Unlike our sunni bros and sisters - Shi'as do have an institution
  7. Yes exactly - it is on the increase or gain of wealth ... if you've never paid khums - then you have to pay the initial 20% on all ... thereafter it is 20% on gain . Thus if you have say savings/wealth of $100... then: Year 1 20% of $100 = $20 Year 2 if your gain is another $100 so now you have $180 total in your account. You pay 20% of $100 = $20 NOT 20% of $180 because khums on $80 has already been paid in year 1. Hope this makes things clearer ... and that Khums is really not that much of a "burden" as people like to make it out to be... maybe because of misundersta
  8. If you google - you'll find several calculators etc. on khums, as well as rulings... here is one: https://zahratrust.com/khums-calculator/#calculate . It is better to google sometimes - rather than ask on this forum where everyone seems to think they know best. Is khums payable on savings I have made for the future? Yes, khums is payable on all savings. Once khums has been paid on a sum, that sum will no longer be liable for khums for as long as it remains. https://www.world-federation.org/news/khums-guide
  9. American racists in positions of authority are scared seriously scared - hence threats of a military invasion of major cities - curfews etc. ... this is June ... wait till hotter than july rolls around - and unemployment begins to hover around 50% (it's only 30% now overall ...although likely 50% for Black and Latinx) . Trump is toast - his chances are now down to 30% he couldn't come up with a coherent narrative against a cognitively deficient opponent.
  10. Trump banned opposition to fascism i.e. AntiFa.
  11. I now think that we've moved into the "all bets are off..." stage. The massive uprising taking place all across the US is not only about the murder of George Floyd - but also about the failure of the US health system killing black and brown people. The expected social explosions are here - ahead of schedule. Probability of a Trump victory down to 40% ....
  12. why were you watching a video of a salafi enemy of shias ? Our scholars regularly debunk their nonsense - if you want to hear their views.
  13. Update: June is rapidly approaching - and the US situation is not improving - but the lockdown is beginning to end. The question now is what will happen ... especially watch California, if that state begins to see exponential growth of virus over next week - we're in for some big problems. The country has reached its max with #stayathome - suicide rates are beginning to rocket up - and domestic violence and other family frustrations are going up the roof. The lockdown won't continue - in fact, the people have pretty much stopped "obeying" and the streets are crowded albeit with some social dis
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