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  1. looks definitely interesting ... hopefully there will be more of these traditional type Sunnis in Pakistan - instead of the bogus Saudi funded wahabbi types.
  2. There is no question whabbi/salafism has poisoned Sunni Islam - but they too are suffering the consequences - it is not possible to practice such a fraudulent and oppressive "religion" for too long - so one of two things may take place , either the wahabbi/salafi will rediscover their roots and become Sunni again - or they will begin to abandon Islam in the sense they will become more and more secular. However, a fake religion such as wahabbi/salafism cannot last for long. The obvious results of this has become apparent in Pakistan that is suffering from serious maladies. I would suggest no matter the petro $$$s this kind of supremacist "religion" won't last for long. I would also suggest when talking about white supremacists - also bring up this nefarious ideology of wahabbi supremacists that are openly supported by by the "west" through their alliance with the Saudi family - who are the same as their white supremacist kin - only difference being that one is based on skin color, the other on ideology - both are najis in the literal sense of that word.
  3. Just one of the beauties of Islam is that there are rules given so that injustices around the issues of inheritances can be easily resolved... so, now if an inheritance is coming to you ... well that's yours... now what you do with it is up to you since it is now yours ... so certainly you can gift yours or a portion of your share to your cousin ... otoh , if you don't wish to ... that too is OK. Part of the concerns around care is that the person who is being provided care - really it is up to her / him to make sure that the individual who has provided the care is adequately compensated while they were alive and receiving care. After death the rules of inheritance are in place ... (assuming there are no other concerns).
  4. Following is taken from the passport application - A takfiri is someone who declares a person who believes in (i) AND (ii) a non-Muslim. Someone who does not believe in (i) AND (ii) is not a Muslim... so how can that be takfir, that is just a statement of fact. Now, having said that if there are people such - and there are in Pakistan - so long as they do not call themselves Muslims - fine whatever - no need to bring them down or treat 'em badly. There is plenty of proof against their absurd beliefs - and Shi'as have been at the forefront of disproving their nonsensical claims. But if they insist on calling themselves Muslims - that is problematic - because it basically means that being a Muslim has no criteria - and therefore anyone can do anything ... and so forth.
  5. try this site ... if you are a beginner with no prior coding experience - step by step - and enough hand holding for you to make good progress w/o getting frustrated ... you'll begin to understand html / css ... and then move on to javascript. Python is also a great way to go ... but if you wanna monetize relatively quickly ... javascript / html / css is the way to go . https://www.freecodecamp.org/
  6. I'm curious as what Trump has done specifically that is any worse or so bad for Muslims that they would jump in bed with the other evil? Thus far the only thing that has a real impact on Muslims has been the Muslim Travel Ban from the six or seven countries. It is bad in the sense that families should not be separated, and that this does impact families... but other than that why do Muslims from those nations want to come to the US in any case? Those of us here, well we are here, for better or for worse, our parents came here, sent us here etc. But why are so many others clamoring to come here? So frankly, I don't view the travel ban to be that bad. On the other issues - Syria - well Trump for all practical purposes has withdrawn (that could change I know) - but as it stands now, Russia and Iran and Hizb are in control - and ISIS is pretty much finished other than random terrorist attacks. If the Demos had been in charge, no doubt, they'd have destroyed Syria by now - after all who created ISIS in the first place? On "israel" of=course Turmp is in their pocket - but who isn't not much as changed - not much will until Muslims get a grip on the situation and unite. The US economy is prosperous - and too prosperous in some sense given the horrible housing costs ... but jobs are a plentiful - African American and other peoples of color have their choice of jobs pretty much if you apply yourselves get an education - even a quick one say at a coding bootcamp ... Yeah, Trump is a blatant racist sexist a hole - at least he is out on the open about it - not like those liberals who've been trained to say the right words. So, I'm wondering what makes Trump any worse than anyone else for Muslims? I just don't get it ... I understand the problem with Bush - he invaded and destroyed two Muslim nations - I understand the problem with Obama - he destroyed Libya, and nearly destroyed Syria - began the war in Yemen and so forth... but what has Trump down that is any worse? Frankly if you are the lesser evil type - Republicans are the way to go.
  7. If you live anywhere near or in Mexico - or even anywhere with a large population of Mexicanos - please make sure you have your earthquake supplies. AMLO won in a landslide tonight - and tomorrow if Mexico wins against Brazil . . .
  8. Salaam, I'm trying to locate Allama Motahhari's book on mantiq (logic) ... is there a translation in english available somewhere online - I did find a translation in Urdu - which I'll struggle along in ... if an english translation is not available...
  9. Guess who won group B today?! All ya naysayers should be shameful! Group B Iran — 3 points, +1 GDPortugal — 1 point, 0 GDSpain — 1 point, 0 GDMorocco — 0 points, -1 GD
  10. I'm assuming you wrote the above b/4 today's magnificent win - pure aikido
  11. Told y'all Iran was gonna win 'n this was gonna be like taking candy from a sleeping baby - I knew it all along. I was right.
  12. Personally the whole world cup is going to be one big boredom - i mean we all know Iran is going to just win and win and win and win - so what is going to be so interesting - i mean if Iran had some competition it might be interesting - but this is like taking candy from a sleeping baby ...
  13. The Mystery of Prayer - The Ascension of the wayfarers and the prayer of the gnostics by Imam Ayatullah Ruhoallah Khomeini - w/ introduction and translation by Sayyid Amad H. Shah Naqavi. This is an amazingly beautiful book on the meaning of salat. Here is what I'd recommend for Shias who read this - skip the translator's introduction - it is quite technical and I think appears to be written for western scholar/philosophers who may or may not be Muslim. Also suggest skipping most of the the copious footnotes. The reason is that Imam Khomeini's actual work is not so complex and does not need that much exposition - the writing is clear and beautiful and comes through really well in this translation. I think any reasonably well educated (in deen) would not have any problem understanding and benefitting from what Imam Khomeini is saying in this wonderful book.
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