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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. If you are talking about cultural shi'as then Yes, they pretend to love Prophet Muhammad (saww) as well like Imam Ali (as) but their actions make others think that they exaggerate in love with Imam Ali (as) and it seems that they compare him with Prophet Muhammad (saww) Even though Prophet Muhammad (saww) is the best creation of Allah and it is obligatory on every muslim and shia as well to love Prophet Muhammad (saww) like they love Imam Ali (as)
  2. Perfect Man by Shaheed Ayatullah Mutahhari
  3. Dear Basim Ali, Can I ask you a question? Are you the same person to whom I had a chat last year? Do you remember me?
  4. Maybe, But, who cares! :P Also, it doesn't cease us to loving our country!
  5. Yes, I'm eagerly waiting the match to start soon. Ofcourse, I'll be on the side of Pakistan. Long live Pakistan! :D
  6. (salam) Yes, I'm a certified Graphic Designer and a Photoshop geek as well as a shia :-) I often make posters for shi'a majalis and events etc here in Pakistan. It would be cool to make posters for foreign shi'as. PM me with details and I would Insha'Allah make posters for you :-) With Duas!
  7. I completely agree with you. Am also a converted Shi'a and I know how hard it is for others to understand Shiasm because they already have a bad image of shiasm. For Instance, I live in Pakistan, where Masajid of Shi'as are often empy or with just few people but if you go to sunni mosques you'll find a great amount of people there instead of their aqaid, they are far greater than us in worship and obedience. Also, Funny thing is that almost all shia's in Pakistan go to procession but very few of them do pray daily. Is Procession greater than worshiping God? As far as I know, Procession and all these stuffs are Nawafil but Prayers are Obligatory.
  8. I would just like to add that one cannot become guided by just making debates in different Internet forums because some people may have tendency to follow their forefathers unconsciously blindly, thus rejecting all things which they heard for the first time. Those who are open minded and are interested in shia/sunni dialogue should study independently through books and AUTHENTIC resources. I'm also a revert shi'a but I did convert to Shia through reading books and doing research in different aspects of Shiasm rather than wasting my time for debates here.
  9. (salam) Brother I stutter too but by stuttering is not worse as I manage it through stress management and Passive Airflow technique. I speak 90% fluent. I think everything has some reason people who stutter are good hearted and they have great feelings better than non-stutterer. We should always believes in God he does what he wants. By the way if you want to know more about stuttering you can contact me Hope i could help you :)
  10. (salam) I Just want to aware all of the muslims that these words like "ya ali madad" are innovation to the shi'a islam. I'm converted shi'a and studying on this subject for past months. I didn't find any referrence that Our Holy Imams (as) used these words or their companions used this. All I found was that our early scholars didn't ever use it and there is no such tradition about this. Actually If we study the History of past Sufis we would see that many used to say these words from last century and from years to years it became common to sufis after that some shi'as also started to copy them and from them it migrated from neighbour countries. I live in Pakistan and there are many shi'as who use it even they use it as a replacement of "assalamu alaikum" I don't think it's a good idea if anyone have any traditon regarding ya ali madad then please tell me. :) (wasalam)
  11. Good Point. We should stop accusing others and calling mushriks to others.
  12. Jazakallah Brother I also beleived that Aliyan waliyullah is not right in Azan as our Imams didn't say it.
  13. (salam) I want to ask this Question from every muslim. Does Islam allow blind taqleed of someone who don't give proofs from Quran and Ahadith and simply gives verdicts which usually composed of 1 or 2 lines like hussaiyn sistani or khamnaei? Or Does Islam want a muslim to follow one who gives verdict with proofs from Holy book and ahadith Like Sayed Hussein fadlallah (ra) or Sadiq Tehrani (ra) ?
  14. Sorry, I had to leave off our conversation in the middle. I couldn't tell answer you about the video you linked me to. There's an ongoing thread about it; I recommend you go through it: http://www.shiachat.com/forum/index.php?/topic/234990626-ali-rab/

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