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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Thank you IScholar for the ahadith, but like Macisaac pointed...references will be great. Secondly, what is the shia interpretation of such narrations? I saw the link which Bhooka bhairiya posted and here is the hadith: Man la yahdhuruhul faqih æÓÃá ÇáÚáÇÁ Èä ÑÒíä ÃÈÇÚÈÏÇááå Úáíå ÇáÓáÇã Úä ÌãåæÑ ÇáäÇÓ¡ ÝÞÇá: åã Çáíæã Ãåá åÏäÉ ÊÑÏ ÖÇáÊåã¡ æÊÄÏì ÃãÇäÊåã¡ æÊÍÞä ÏãÇÄåã¡ æÊÌæÒ ãäÇßÍÊåã æãæÇÑËÊåã Ýí åÐÇ ÇáÍÇá And asked al 'Ala' b. Razeen, Aba Abdullah(as) about majority of the people (i.e. the non shias), so (Imam(as)) said: "They at the day are people of truce/ceasefire return them their lost thin
  2. (salam) I had read some hadith from one of the shia imams that if a person denies their station of imamate is a kafir (disbeliever). Now I can't seem to remember the source at all. Can somebody enlighten as to whether this really is the belief of the shia sect? That'll make shia lives difficult since they don't eat from a kafir and other sub issues... Also if someone posts the related ahadith that I'm talking about, that'll be great.
  3. Salaam, Coming to the forum after a long time, thus missed out this live action on the topic of tahreef. But I don't get one thing: why do sunnis always bring this issue up? I'm a sunni myself, and there has been no problem in comprehending a simple verse in the Quran in which Allah (swt) has taken it upto Himself to protect the Quran. So either our sunni brethren do not understand the verse in letter and spirit OR weak in faith to really accept the Quran as Quran. I had to reiterate this point since it is sad and extremely disappointing to see sunni brothers heap accusation on shia brothers.
  4. As far as I know, they believe in the same Imam Al Mahdi except the time of his re-appearance. Shias believe he is alive and sunnis believe he will be born later. By the way, how will you give your bayah to Imam Mahdi, having the characteristics of Prophet (s) if you don't bother to read books or in your words: ^ I'm at a loss of word.... :huh: That is such a strange analogy. For the record, there's consensus in the kafir world to eat and survive too.
  5. (salam) I was wondering if any shia could get me a hadith from sunni books regarding the 3 day mourning period and since they are busy with other chores, I thought I'd do some reading myself and voila here it is: I've taken this from wilayat.net and it seems to precisely strike at the roots of the 3 days-only weeping. Now, my question is: What if the Prophet stated the 3 day mourning hadith after the incident of Uhud? Is there any way to know such a thing? Also, can I get a reference from Dhahabi's Talkhis and Bayhaqi's Sunan from somebody (maybe Saved, since he is managing that site?)
  6. I'm not sure as to why we sunnis bring the issue of tahreef when the same has been widely reported in sunni books as well. Does it not make sense to leave it to Allah when He has taken it's (Quran) protection upto Himself as evident by the verse: Surely We have revealed the Reminder and We most surely are its Guardian. (15:9) This really is a non-issue.
  7. Salaams, I'm not sure what the shia brothers are thinking (or not thinking at all) on this topic. I had come here seeking answers to clear some (mis)conceptions about the shia religion taking up the activities of Muhurrum as my first topic (since that's the current month).... ...but it has so far been quite disappointing, save a few replies. The statistics don't look good, 375 views with 25 replies? :dry: I raised couple of questions, still unanswered. I admit I'm ignorant because my interest in religious learning just started off, and that's the reason I thought of taking other people's hel
  8. A better response that I read on some website with regards to crying for the "dead" was the holy verse: "And say not of those who are slain in the Way of Allah 'They are dead'. Nay, they are living, though you perceive it not". (al-Baqarah: 154) Please clear the following for me: 1. What do sunni tafseer say under this verse? 2. How are they still alive? I mean they are physically dead, so are they alive in the same way when we say "alive in memories"? Also, can you please point out where it states that women were crying over Hamza even centuries later during Ibn Kathir's time. Are you indica
  9. Yes, the provision of food for 3 days for the family of the deceased is done in sunnis as well. But that can't be construed as matam, correct? Since one of the ahadith on the website says: Now, why would people venture out for food if matam means the provision of food? Also, why do you say that matam is not to be understood in the fashion how it is nowadays? When sunnis ask for clarifications on matam, shias put a bunch of ahadith about crying/chest beating which the salaf would practice. This is not different to the way it is practiced now. Or maybe I'm getting thoroughly confused here...
  10. I'd honestly say: No But there has to be some way around the 3 days stuff rather than leaving it to an individual's "feelings", correct? If the hadith seems to be/is a fabrication, is there nothing wrong in the chain?
  11. Salaam, Thank you all for replying. @Pedram: Your post was informative. And yes, Answering ansar was the website I couldn't recall. They've done a fab job and it has helped me a lot to understand the shia point of view. I do have a few questions though, just to make it more clear in my head. Can't it be argued that Prophet Yusuf (a.s) was not dead thus the crying of his father was still acceptable? Also, the other references about Hamza do not point to the fact that they were crying for year and years as you put it. Maybe they wept for 3 days and that's that...??? I don't know,..your views
  12. Yes. I have seen one in which the Ayatollah showed references from Albani's book on hadith al thaqalain. Inshallah I will see if he has any on Karbala and Ashura. Yes. I will as and when I move from one topic to another. Can you point to few contradictions in the sunni fiqh? But then why should this be? Aren't rules applicable to all and are the same? Infact, your answer took me by surprise since I never heard it from a shia that they have hadith for mourning for 3 days. Can you elaborate more on the issue brother? Also, if you can help with some references on alams and panjas, that'll be g
  13. Thank you very much. I heard the 1st part of the lecture, although he spoke about the chains, he hasn't mentioned any supporting references. I'll hear all of them and write back.
  14. Salaam, I will appreciate if some people help me with few clarifications on the Muharrum's activities by shias. Most of what I know about both the sects is what I hear and read sometimes, but I haven't consciously taken efforts to read books in depth or numbers (by the way, I only know English). I've read few articles on al-islam.org and another shia website (cannot recall it right now) and some books on the shia/sunni discussions. My neighbour is a shia, but he is not really knowledagble to answer everything convincingly. He just talks about things in general or quotes a few sunni references.
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