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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. When Imam Ali entered in Masjide Kufa 19 ramadan night , Abdur Rahman bin Ibne Muljim and two other enemies were sleeping with sword . Imam Ali also woke them up. Anybody can quote their names . Salaam Ramadan Kareem.
  2. salaam everyone ..... my fiancee bday is coming and want to give him lots of choclates in gift .... but i dont know how to present it means how to wrap it in different ways .... paper wraping would be much simple , any innovative ideas people ? suggest me please ...... thank you ....
  3. Thanks for the replies my friends ..... my fiancee is a very good girl but problem is with me i m very insecure .....she broke promise because she was not feeling freedom as all of sudden she cutted the relations with college tution childhood friends .... but now she says , she doesnt want to fear anymore she wants freedom freedom of talking without my permission ....... but i m very insecure about it and fight with her on this topic every now and then ........ i also want to live happily but this guy thing doesnt allow mee ..... also i know all girls today have multiple guy friends because of the atmosphere .... but to my fiancee i cannot digest it..... please advice so i can live happily ......... shukran
  4. Salaam Everyone .... I m a boy of 22 recently engaged with a girl of 21 which i loved from 1 year. I think i am conservative type i didn't have any female friends in the past this girl is the first for mee i also didnt talked with any of the girls . but my parner has many friends in males so i said before the engagement not to talk with any guys if u want mee ... She also loved me extremly so she agreed not to talk a word with any any male guy and we were engaged but now after 6 months she is tellin that she is fed up she wants freedom now she will do anything she likes ; ie she ll not obey mee and talk with guys she wants .... I know they are her friends but my heart bursts out when she takes name of the male friend or talks with any any guy ... I cant help myself . i love her extremly i cant leave her but i cannot tolerate to see her talking with other guys .... She says leave me if you are not happy with mee but i cant leave her she is my love ......why i am like this ......What to doo please advice .... Ur advices ll bee valuable .... Shukaran
  5. Its a strange question but nothing is strange in Fiqh. Is wudu with our own or others sweat is allowed ? If we think logically sweating doesnt make our body napaak and wudu doesnt break by sweating . Any views ? :) Regards.
  6. Everythin in nature has reson behind it , how we came from our parents , how tree goes big , why rainbow occured everythin has a scientific reason behind it . Each and everythin has reason behind it that how it came into existance, it may be chemically biologically physically etc etc . So how we can say God created the world and other things as all things are created by somethin that is proved scientifically .
  7. Thankyou All of you, I testify La ilaha illa Hu....... Now my point is how we can justify God, wen all his creations are justified by logic,like why sun sets,moon has its definite path,why rainbow occur, all points are logically justified by science and in which God does not play any role........... How can we prove logically that only God has power over all?? Shukran......
  8. Mohibe Ahlebait, i love ur Shayris and Poems, Plz post as much as u can, i will also try....... Shukran
  9. I would like people to share poetries/sher/shayris anything on Imam Ali, Plz share....... I am giving my two favourite ones.... NUSAIRI aur MEIN Dono ALI (as) sey ISHQ kartey hain.. ALI (as) kya hai? PATA Dono ko hi Wallah nahi lagta.. ALI (as) Insaan aur YAZDAAN key MABAIN hi Kuch hai.. Usey BANDA nahi LAGTA, Mujhey Allah nahin Lagta... 2nd one AYE MUNAFIQ TU HI BTA ME NUSERI KO BURA KAISY KAHO? MERY DIL ME BHI TU NUSERI KA KHUDA REHTA HAI..
  10. Jazaka Allah Khair, Thanks Bro Plz post if you have more...... Shukran
  11. Hello Arabic knowers, Can you please translate this three lines..... 1]æßá ãäåã – Ãí ÇáÃÆãÉ – Ýí ÒãÇäå ãÞÇã Çááå ÈÞíÇãå ãÞÇã ÇáäÈí ÇáÐí åæ ÇáÞÇÆã ãÞÇã Çááå 2] "ÇáÞÇÆã äÇá ÈÍÑÝå "ÇáÑÇÁ" ãÑÊÈÉ ÇáÑÈæÈíÉ¡ ÝÕÇÑ ÑÈÇð ááÃÑÖ 3] æåæ ÇáÐí Ýí ÇáÓãÇÁ Åáå æÝí ÇáÃÑÖ Åáå". íÚäí ÃãíÑ ÇáãÄãäíä áÞíÇãå Ýí ÃÑÖ ÇáÔÑíÚÉ æßæäå æÕí ÕÇÍÈ ÇáÏæÑ JazakAllah in advance. Wassalam
  12. No if we take 60 Hij it comes Friday...U can chk online Hijri Calender
  13. Shahadat of Imam Husain was in 61 hijri,,...? in 61 hijri on 10th Moharram was which day?? how we can calculate it ? Any one Know it?
  14. In which hijri Imam as died? Which was that day (Sun Mon ???),when Imam Husain died? Dear m asking DAY !!!
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