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  1. Alaikhom salaam bro,

    sorry for late reply

    m ok, Alhadulillah

    things r pretty gd, looking for a job now

    need ur prayers

    hows u tho ? m sure u must b learning even more abt the shia belief

    May Allah bless u and keep u on Siratal Mustakeem

    again do need ur sincere prayers

    u take care :)

  2. Salaam Alaikhom every one

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    2. Gepetto_Zapata


      u mean, "I need all your prayers" ?

    3. Úáí ÑÖÇ

      Úáí ÑÖÇ

      yh my bad, i need all your prayers

      i appreciate ur response


    4. AhlulbaitSalamSeeker


      WaSalam brother:)May Allah(swt) bless you.

  3. like ur statement abt the soil of karbala, lol

    i heard some one say, lucknow was given as a gift by the ahlul bayt

    i wud be insane to believe in such legends!!!

    n bro m aware of wht lucknow has given to the shias but if u cud enlighten me?

  4. Salaam

    no wht ur language suggests tht u ve been picking islamic moral quite quick

    m sure u ve some inspiring brothers around u

    u take care and remember me in ur dua :)


  5. Salaam ALL, kindly request u all to pray for me so i get a decent job !! ur sincere DUA is much appreciated:)

    1. Gepetto_Zapata


      insha'Allah you find a job that you will be comfortable with...

  6. Salaam bro

    i am already in lko

    moving to bangalore today:)

  7. Salaam Alaikhom bro

    hope ur ok?

    nice to have u n islam and i dnt have words to describe my feelings

    cud only wish u all the best in ur future endeavours :)


    1. Úáí ÑÖÇ

      Úáí ÑÖÇ

      what wud u say when the Iranian warship is crossing Suez canal and Nasrullah talking about taking over Galilee:)

    2. Gepetto_Zapata


      Indeed the entire middle-east is in a very sensitive position now. The most it's been in this millennium.

  8. Salaam Alaikhom bro

    hope u ok?

    the above link might b of interest to u

    try to c all the 11 parts, might seems non shia initially tho :)

  9. InshAllah u will soon, its aint very hard i suppose

    lived in manchester, came down to india now

    jobless, lol:)

  10. btw not been cheeky asking y the same question but

    ru iraqi?

  11. salaam

    dnt want people to b calling me somewhere, lol

    how u doing bro?

  12. Salaam

    Apparently i am not iraqi, i wish i was

    most of my frnds r IRAQI tho:)

  13. Eygpt, Bahrain Dejavu?

    1. Úáí ÑÖÇ

      Úáí ÑÖÇ

      i do wish it more than ever :)

    2. timeless


      but see, on the arabic channels were going crazy over egypt, till now. but no one even cares about what happens in bahrain, just because they are shia! inshallah Allah yansarhum!!

    3. Úáí ÑÖÇ

      Úáí ÑÖÇ

      the outcome shd b in favour of muslims,

      wht im afraid is bahrains population isnt much to bring abt a revolution:)

  14. Alaikhom Salaam bro

    yh i got it changed

    thanks loads:)

  15. Alaikhom salaam

    ur a legend


  16. need to change my screen name to علی رضا

    if u can pls?

  17. hi

    want to change my screen name to علی رضا

    how do i go abt doing tht ?

    ur help much appreciated

  18. nice to no ur an ADMIN

    we here want to put forward a petiition

    if u cud help?

  19. Apparently it took Obama and the Americans 30 years to realise the Eygptians have been asking for their RIGHTS:)

    1. baradar_jackson


      No dude, don't you know that Obama started this whole revolution by giving that speech in Cairo two years ago?

    2. Úáí ÑÖÇ

      Úáí ÑÖÇ

      ru saying it was then that Obama was saying to the Eygptians tht they been oppressed?

  20. OMG the moron is gone:)

    1. JawzofDETH
    2. Úáí ÑÖÇ

      Úáí ÑÖÇ

      is it not a coincidence that it took place on 11 feb, the day the royal regime in iran collapsed ?

  21. Where is the One who will exterminate the followers of injustice?

  22. nt too long

    m quite gd at it, opened each tpic in different browsers

    n went on a spree

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