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  1. Salam Alaikom! Ramadan Mubarak :)

  2. salaam i didnt listen to the lecture but inshallah will do soon these might seem to be absurd conditions but we donot know nothing abt them our maraje whom we follow state them as ok thr r a few narrations abt a married man not allowed to go in for mutah but otherwise i must say we follow what our scholars narrate i am sure they r much more aware of the rulings than us i have had the apportunity to personally ask abt these issue with the office of the maraje Allah knows best
  3. Alhamdulillah, I'm doing fine. Yes I am seeking more Ilm everyday. I will pray for you brother. I see you live in Manchester, one shia brother I know has a cousin in Manchester. You might know him.

  4. Alaikhom salaam bro,

    sorry for late reply

    m ok, Alhadulillah

    things r pretty gd, looking for a job now

    need ur prayers

    hows u tho ? m sure u must b learning even more abt the shia belief

    May Allah bless u and keep u on Siratal Mustakeem

    again do need ur sincere prayers

    u take care :)

  5. "They say that a married man is allowed to do mut'ah (which is wrong) and that mut'ah is allowed to be for a few hours, days, etc (which is also wrong). " is it not true we are not allowed to issue fatawas and we are not in a situation to derive rulings from hadith and quran
  6. Salaam Brother.

    How are you doing.

  7. does it not seem logical to go in for mutah then commit fornication and masturbation which is deemed haraam its not onto us to decide if mutah will eventually turn into islamic dating or something of sort i am sure the imams were well aware of these issues if people are abusing temporary marriage who are we to judge them the least we can do is go in for mutah rather than other form of sexual pleasures n Allah is all knowing, i have heard a saying from the imam who says when u enter into mutah contact dont mention it to others it might just b that people might take it in the wrong way to conclude it is an honour for a person to be involved in a legitimate relationship through mutah rather than illegitimate ones and we must except that the person has atleast tried his best to stay away from haraam rather than criticising and judging his action which is none of our business
  8. Salaam Alaikhom every one

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Gepetto_Zapata


      u mean, "I need all your prayers" ?

    3. Úáí ÑÖÇ

      Úáí ÑÖÇ

      yh my bad, i need all your prayers

      i appreciate ur response


    4. AhlulbaitSalamSeeker


      WaSalam brother:)May Allah(swt) bless you.

  9. Alaikhom Salaam Exactly, we never no if the people portrayed are legit the american and the british have used millions to propagate distrust and cause a civil stife in iran thorugh the media n this might just b the one :)
  10. like ur statement abt the soil of karbala, lol

    i heard some one say, lucknow was given as a gift by the ahlul bayt

    i wud be insane to believe in such legends!!!

    n bro m aware of wht lucknow has given to the shias but if u cud enlighten me?

  11. do not doubt bhai, its where the soil of karbala is and luckily its also our hometown. Im sure u are aware of all the major contributions we (lucknavis) have made for shia islam. :)

  12. Salaam

    no wht ur language suggests tht u ve been picking islamic moral quite quick

    m sure u ve some inspiring brothers around u

    u take care and remember me in ur dua :)


  13. Salaam ALL, kindly request u all to pray for me so i get a decent job !! ur sincere DUA is much appreciated:)

    1. Gepetto_Zapata


      insha'Allah you find a job that you will be comfortable with...

  14. good luck, but lko is the best! :)

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