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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Well i think I have given suffiicent info to show that what sahaba(ra) believed in no way can be labbeled as tahreef from a sane person and i proved it in a logical and simple manner.. and if someone still accuses them falsely just inorder to defend this madhab then he is just deceiving his ownself... Thus I leave it with the audience to judge ... since we proved that what sahaba(ra) believed was i noway comparable to what shias believe ..
  2. regarding 57:4 its in general for every human(muslims and non muslims)... when Allah says "he is with you" ... But the rest verses shows that he is with the believers who posses certain qualities like: those who are patient(2:153) , and those who guard against evil( 2:194) , So this implies that hz abubakar(ra) posses these qualities and many more inshallah thats why prophet(Saw) said Allah is with "us" .. which indicates that he had these qualities with him that is why Allah was with him.. And you cannot insert the verse 57:4 here because its a general verse, but these are specific to Belie
  3. lol, so atleast you go and read it and tell us what actually al kafi says...
  4. it seems you have comprehension understanding problems , or it is that you dont want to understand what answers you..for the first point i said this: again a clear example of understanding simple sentencesI said this: And regarding ibn abbas(ra)'s words then its comes under the issue of 7 ahruf...:It is possible that that was upon one of the 7 Ahruf just like how Umar(ra) denied one recitation of a man then when they came to the Prophet(saw) both recitations were approved by the Prophet. So as hz umar(ra) thought that the recitation of another man was incorrect similalry hz ibn abbas(ra)
  5. lol so he believed in both contradictory narrations ,lol .. the narration you quoted is weak , if for sake of argument not weak then atleast shaadh.. lol, first understand what is tahrif.. and then after that you will neeed to use your brain..atleast once. to understand what i said..
  6. well Mujahid ibn Jabr was born in Makkah in year 21 of the Islamic calendar, i.e. in the reign of Umar ibn Al-Khattab, the second Caliph. Where as battle of yamama (with musaylamah) took place in around 12hijri.. So this is a mirsal narrations is not acceptable...
  7. well if he considers the hadees he brings in his books are sahi then that means he believed in those... And its ONLY we who understood that in this manner which more plausible but EVEN your own scholars understood that in the same way that he way he counted him among those who believed in tahreef.In the introduction of al-Kāfī, he explicitly said:Verily, you solemnly wished that you possess a book which is sufficient, brings together the entire Islamic sciences of the knowledge of religion within it, wholly satisfies the needs of the student, acts as a reference for the seekers of guidance, a
  8. TAFSEER IBN KATHEER (Then Allah sent down His Sakinah upon him) sent His aid and triumph to His Messenger , or they say it refers to Abu Bakr,(tafseer ibn katheer) TAFSEER JALALAYN Then God sent down His Spirit of Peace upon him, His reassurance — some say this means upon the Prophet, others, that it means upon Abū Bakr So its seems to be a matter of dispute that on whom was sakinah sent anyways it was sent on the one who need it during that situation.. However prophet(Saw) saying that Allah is with "US" itself is agreat virtue, since Allah is with true believers.. just compare the answer of
  9. lol , its apparent that you dont have comprehension understanding skills... anyways someone good in it will surely understand inshallah..
  10. firstly you are jumping to conclusions a bit very quickly.. take a long breath and try to be slow and steady so that you may understand the issue: Secondly the answer to your question is that ibn masood(ra) did infact included those two surahs in his qiraat of quran.. as proved from mutawattir and authentic narrations, and the narrations which speak that he didnt recite them are weak.. however just for a sake of argument lets suppose that he didnt even recite because he didnt consider those to be part of kalam Allah..(its just an assumption actual answer is in point 2) Now if you have some kn
  11. If a person is not willing to use his sense or brain then how can one help him.. anyways we are not accusing prophet(Saw) for teaching different things to sahaba(ra)... but this is to be understood in the manner that for a certain thing initially the ruling was different but later the ruling was changed.. but one sahabi knew the first rluing and the second ruling didnt reach him.. yet he cannot be blamed for following that ruling since he didnt do that from his own self but what he did was because of the teaching of prophet(Saw) he received.. So ponder on what i said being unbiased and sensibl
  12. 1. your first scan was from yanabi mawadda: http://gift2shias.com/2010/02/15/qunduzi-and-his-yanabil-mawadda/ Well we dont consider it to be a sunni book, just see the title of that chapter.. you will realize that its a work of shia scholar.. 2. the book of shah ismail shaheed is not a hadees book its a secondary source plz bring us a primary source of hadees.. 3. then you posted scan of tafseer mazhari, but you failed to even read that the author himself after stating the part you quoted refutes that narration stating that its incorrect.. 4. lastly you posted translation of al-Sawa'iq al-Muhr
  13. I guess you ment that hz ali(ra) alone is not wali Allah.. infact All the sahaba(ra) were wali Allah... isnt it?
  14. And the bottom line is that it is impossible to accuse a sahabi for believing in tahreef, because they learned quran from prophet(Saw).. and even if a sahabi disagrees with another sahabi on certain issue regarding quran then it will not be labelled as tahreef, because at end of the day both of them got quran learned quran from prophet(Saw) and both of them believed that they had the correct and appropriate kalam of Allah along with them.. and that there was no tahreef done in what they considered to be correct which is opposite to what shias believe.....
  15. well those links shows that the narration you produced is unacceptable .. (there were reasons mentioned there) one of them is that there are other narration from ibn abbas(ra) stating the verse in the same way as we do...
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