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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. chelsea if once again try to sign luka modrich .it will be good for the team .and i think this time spurs will not hesitate to sell him as they are out of champions league
  2. chelsea got kevin de bryne,hazard ready for next season and they are looking to sign hulk from porto
  3. we pray for his health after every maghrib and isha prayer for the past few days
  4. AOA.meri age 23 years hay. ajj subah 16-5-2012 jab ma fajar ki namaz parh kar aur quran majeed ki tilawat kar k so gayah to ma nay dhekha k ma khana kaba k pass hoo makkah may .pehlay teen chakkar door say may nah kiyah aur us kay bad 3 ya 4 chakar ma nay bilkul kareeb say kiyah. aur dil ma soch raha hoo k umrah kar raha hoo aur yah bhi sooch raha hoo jin jagah par ma nay Khana Kaba kay pass qadam rakhay hay waha ajj say 1400 saal pehlay Hazoor Akram SAWW aur naik Hastiyo nay rakhay ma kitna kush naseeb hoo.khawab may is cheez par ma bohat ziada khush tha. phir socha kay jab umrah kar loo ga t
  5. read DUAY NUDBA on friday for 40 days after friday prayer
  6. drogba confirmed he has played his last game for chelsea. torres is future for chelsea
  7. Lille midfilder Hazard will join chelsea for 32 million pounds according to daily mirror
  8. drogba will be out for next sason.final was likely to be his last game for chelsea. so chelsea will biuld attacking linup according to torres .he will not have to worry. he was frustrated not to be in fa cup and champions league starting eleven
  9. yes chelsea thorughly desereved to win champions league. this is the first of many to come.defence was owsome.peter cheq guess all six penalties in the right dirction and save three of them.but i dont like roberto di matteo tatics .he is now become a legend and its best for him to leave the job.we want attacking football so they should hire pep guordiola
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