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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salaaams Soo, getting straight to the point...how do you convince a girl's parents that your the right man for her, that you are capable of looking after her, that your willing to fight for her?? Not just words, but more importantly..Action!
  2. Insha'Allah, I hope this debate does not result in any insults but rather an academic discussion which we can all benefit.
  3. +1 Personally I don't understand why some try to complicate Islam for no reason. Islam so easy and is a complete way of life for all of us. None of this other extra mysticism needed really.
  4. I think there are maybe just some things that are beyond our limited capacity as human beings to understand fully. Such questions may lead one to actually deviate. And Allah knows best.
  5. lol, Then he will probably say something like "look at these rawafid, the way they are behaving etc.' and use more insults. Once I just quoted him the hadith of the 12 successors, then all of a sudden he started making HUGE posts explaining how we try to use this hadith for our own gains and so much other rubbish. I'm like, you guys have to stoop this low just to 'try' prove us wrong and here we just quote to you a simple tradition.
  6. Tried talking with them on that very same thread for a couple days last year, all they did was insult really, especially that TripoliSunni guy. May Allah (swt) guide us to that which is most righteous in his eyes Insha'Allah.
  7. This guy is just an ocean of knowledge! Would highly recommend those who understand urdu/hindi to listen to him. Birthday: 02 February 1964 Ayatollah Syed Aqeel-ul-Gharavi was born 2 February 1964 in India. Presently, he is acknowledged as one of the most highly regarded lecturers of Indo-Pak subcontinent. He was born in India but his whole family migrated when he was very young. After completing his primary and secondary education, he decided to study religion instead of pursuing his interest in medical sciences. Currently, he is living in New Delhi with his family and managing a madrasah and also a professor at Hauz-e-Ilmiya, Jamiat-us-Saqalain, Delhi. He got Ijazah in 1994 from Grand Ayatollah Naser Makarem Shirazi and became a mujtahid.
  8. True I guess, but recently, a shia brother had a debate with dimashqiyah and also two Aalims had a strict a debate on it which lasted for about 3 days. Both dimashqiyah and the other sunni lost it.
  9. (bismillah) (salam) Indeed there are many. However all schools narrate the following tradition, that the Prophet (pbuh) "After me there shall be 73 sects in the Muslim community; except for one, all would be destroyed. Only one sect would receive salvation". But this doesn't mean that every single person from the non-saved sect/religion will go to Hell, no! Otherwise Allah (swt) would not have put us into different religions and different schools of thought. We will all be judged with justice and equality on the day of judgement. There may be some who knew the truth inside out but still rejected it; they will be in the Hellfire. However, there are many who don't know or those who know a little but are confused or it is hard for them because of pressure from family maybe, etc. so of course as long your niyyah (intention) is pure and you are sincere to yourself and Allah (swt) then you will definitely find the truth. It is everyone's duty to seek what this truth is and find out which path really leads to the true peace of the mind and soul which almost all are seeking in one way or another. For this task, you only require two main things: A sincere heart and of course a brain lol! Since you are a beginner, my advice to you would to not rush into anything and to start from the very basic fundamentals of Islam. Then as you progress, you will come to know of the various differences between the different schools. Do not have an unbiased approach towards anything, Keep making sincere dua to Allah (swt) to help and guide you; asking for his assistance in finding the truth (which is always made distinct from falsehood). Here are some sources which will help you get started: http://www.al-islam.org/discovering-islam/ http://www.al-islam.org/wilayat/ All the best bro! (wasalam)
  10. Born a Shia, Still am a Shia, Plan to die as a Shia :) :yaali:
  11. Well I don't know about HCY. But I joined sunniforum once and didn't really receive a warm reception even though I tried being nice @)
  12. Answer to number 2. - Allah created us solely for his worship (Surah 51, ayah 56) - Allah also created us to let us taste his mercy and barakah (Can't rem which surah!)
  13. Fair enough, yes it is an article aimed at refuting Sunnis. And no I don't take my knowledge from non-shia sources. If I find something in sunni sources, I always make sure it is something our own sources confirm. But mind you, its SUNNI sources. They don't even believe in Wilayah of Imam Ali (as) and yet by the grace of Allah, if we want to prove something to them, then we can find numerous references to prove our point. One hadith? Refer to the links that brother 'The Persian Shah' posted for real daleel then; which go hand-in-hand what the majority Maraja say. Even if I hadn't come across those, I trust my own Maraja than anyone (or my ownself) when it comes to Jurisprudence, so I think I'll stay on the safe side. Wassalam
  14. This is the problem with many today. It is so easy to pick and mix ahadith, then make a claim out of it. To ignore the marja/scholars is indeed a sign of Jahiliyyah and one of the signs of the end times. If the Aimmah (as) were here with us now, then we would obviously refer to them. However, they are not, so we refer to our Maraja. 'Aliyun Waliyullah' in Adhaan and Iqamah is fine according to majority of Maraja, as long as you claim its not wajib, and plus the evidences are countless for this opinion. But just not in TASHAHUD. Have a read through: http://www.imamreza.net/eng/imamreza.php?id=4967 Though I'm pretty sure that if you ask the Ulama they would give you a much more indepth and concise answer which would probably cover volumes. Our Deen is based on authentic daleel, not fairy tale claims.
  15. ^^ Who is more experienced in Ijtihad, you or Sistani? Lets clear this up one and for all. Whoever claims that Aliyun Waliyullah or anything similar can be said in the TASHAHUD is wrong and it makes your salat Batil, end of story. If Shirazi is your marja, then by all means follow his fatwa. But majority claim it is not part of Tashahud. Watch this for more info: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q4LylAbbJq4
  16. Hmm thats weird because ABTV recently showed showed a documentary with Sayed Ammar being the main speaker in it. I forgot what its called but it came on few days ago if anyone saw. It was about a Muslim family and how they manage to balance their life in terms of work and religious duties etc.
  17. ^^ I don't know what your intention is. But it seems to me like you don't care too much and are just up for causing fitnah (correct me if I'm wrong). If I were you, I would go study and research about the Shia faith. Find out exactly why we believe what we believe. The truth is always open for those who really wish to seek it. You only need 2 things in this task; a heart and a brain. But of course it will all depend on how really sincere you are.
  18. (salam) brother Abbas I advise you to watch this particular lecture on 'Misconceptions of Shia Islam' by Sayed Ammar Nakshawani. The Abdullah Ibn Saba is on this 2nd part (starts around 7:25): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Hf_9kNRS3Q&feature=related However, if you want to watch the whole thing, then start from part 1
  19. W/salam enlight

    Alhamdulillah, thank you, you have some pretty good posts as well!.

    Hows things though?

  20. I remember watching this with a friend. Although initially it was kind of funny, as it went on it just kind of hit me to see which direction Islam and Muslims were heading in. If the majority of the Ummah hadn't deviated from the leadership of Imam Ali (as) I can assure you it would never have turned out like this. Its just real sad.. May Allah keep us all firm on the straight path and hasten the reappearance of Imam Sahibuz-Zaman (afs)
  21. (salam) Yes we do have nawafil salat more than 2 rakat, for example 8 rakat before the wajib prayer of zuhr, 8 rakat before the wajib prayer of Asr etc. It depends which salat. As for the wajib, they must be performed at specifc times as outlined in the Holy Quran - "Verily prayers have been stated at fixed times for the believers" - Chapter 4, verse 104 As for the nawafil of the 5 main salat, they are normally done before the wajib, except Maghrib Nawafil, which consists of 4 rakat. You also have the Salat-Ul-Layl which is to be performed preferably before Fajr prayers or at midnight/after midnight. If you are not able to pray at these times then you may also pray after Isha. For more details regarding these, go to http://www.duas.org/mustnafioth.htm Then you have other Mustahab (recommended) salat which you can really make any time you want (unless stated otherwise). For example, you have the salat of the Masoomeen (as), Salat of Jafar-at-Tayar (as), Salatul Ghufaylah (after Magrhib), etc.
  22. (salam) Congratulations on your conversion brother. Let me just say that you have been granted the great gift of Allah ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì. The guidance to the right path of Islam is only gifted to those sincere persons who really wish to be the best servants of the Almighty and wish to seek the real truth. Despite the situation you are in, I hope that you can also spread the message of the Real Islam by any means possible, bearing in mind the difficulties which are usually faced by the people of the truth, starting from the Prophets (pbuh) and their followers till the Day Of Jugement. You must try your level best to implement as much of the teachings of Ahlulbayt (as) as much as you can as this will definitely be your salvation on Yawm Al Qiyamah. I myself am in no position to judge as Allah only knows what is in the hearts. Believe me, I know there are many who are in your situation right now so do not be put off by it, but rather do all you can that is in your hands and leave the rest to Allah (swt) and continuously pray for your parents to find the truth InshAllah. So really just try your level best bro, Allah will judge you ultimately on your intention! Jazakallahu Khair
  23. (bismillah) (salam) I couldn't agree more with what Enlight said. I do want to add however, that although it is our duty to be good Muslims everyday, we must also strive to be the best Shia of Ahlulbayt (as) because the Holy Prophet (pbuh) used this term for the best believers around his time and those who followed Ameer-ul-Mumineen (as). We all know there are certain stages and grades before one can really be termed a true 'Shia' as is outlined by the Imams (as). So let us keep on striving and elevate our position because no doubt, the shia will be victorious. The only way we can really determine the closeness of the Imam's (as) appearance is by looking at the major and minor signs, but of course, It is Allah (swt) who decides when the time is right. Remember: Imam-uz-zaman (as) is waiting for us to WAKE UP and be prepared, not the other way round. (wasalam)
  24. Barcelonaaaaa Barcelonaaaa olayy olay olaaaaaaay :D Watch out Man U, you are about to be destroyed again!
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