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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

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  1. Assalamun Alaikum ya Abd AlGhaffar.

    InshAllah I hope this email finds you in good health and the best of Emaan.

    I wanted to ask whether you have a facebook. I am planning to leave Shiachat soon, so InshAllah I would like to maintain contact with you beyond here. InshAllah here is my email address. You can email me your facebook or I reply with mine.


  2. Hellfire toothfire Just thought Id leave this message before I delete my account. I am ignorant IT IS VERY LIKELY that i made a mistake with the recommendation, so please do ask a reliable member or email a scholar or something. Neither I nor you would want to be liable for such an ignorant/negligent approach. So please do find out from a reliable source.
  3. (salam) Im just looking for suggestions what everyone reckons the perfect islamic workout would look like? A workout that could apply to everybody who isn't keen on becoming a bodybuilder nor wants to lose weight. Just an average typical workout that keeps one healthy, strong, fit and does not cause one to feel too tired or to eat/sleep too much as a result...
  4. Thanks brother. Yes insha'Allah will read it in the future. Must definetely be worthwile if the main publishers are selling copies!

  5. (salam) There seems to be records of a tafsir of the quran by Imam Hasan Al-Askari(as). Is this an authentic text?
  6. (salam) We know spying/suspicion is haram, but what if this spying is for a beneficial reason e.g. preventing someone(family) from commiting a major sin? I remember somebody asked this the other day in the chatroom....
  7. (salam) I am extremely impressed at the service of this website. I had ordered 5 texts approximately 3 weeks ago, at extremely cheap prices. Alhamdulillah they arrived today, and aswell they have decided to ADD AN EXTRA 13 BOOKS at no cost. Also the shipping was only $2 FROM IRAN TO AUSTRALIA, and PAY ON DELIVERY. Cant beat such a perfect service, Recommend it to all. www.ansariyan.ir
  8. (salam) Just thought Il make a few simple points Insha'Allah this can activate some undecided hearts. The clock is ticking........ - As much as one sits here going round in circles trying to find whatever unanswered answers they can find in islam, THE POINT IS ONE ENDS UP IN THE SAME SITUATION....death is inevitable and there is no coming back once it happens.... -One goes about their daily activites work, study, etc but surrounding us is the beautiful skies, trees, sun, moon, winds. Is it possible this system of perfection does not have the answer for the creator of these? -One looks in the m
  9. (salam) Are we meant to lower our gaze to ever non-mahram lady. Or that does not apply to women who only their faces, and hands are visible?
  10. I notice many of us are on mid year breaks from study. Would be nice if can post the names of a few entirely halal movies. I guess watching a movie once in a while can have its benefits.
  11. This hadith is from bukhari: 'Allah divided mercy ine to 100 parts and he kept 99 parts with himself,and sent down one part on the earth' Do we have anyt hadith similar in our books?
  12. Which of the prophets over history do you think was most accepted by his people? Im not talking numerical numbers as of course population growth continually increases. But in general, which prophet was received best by the people of his time. Fair to say Prophet Muhammad(saaw)?
  13. (salam) Is it permissible to eat a restaurant where the food is definetely from a halal butchery but the chefs there might be some who are muslim and some who are not and its not possible to ascertain who is preparing the food?
  14. (salam) Quoting from the book Greater Sins: So im trying to distinguish is listening to the reciters of quran, such as the main ones on youtube(some can be very emotional) permissible or not???
  15. (salam) Is it allowed to read of the pages of the Holy Quran in prayer if you want to include a long surah in your prayer, that you don't know of by heart?
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