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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. The Grand Ayatullah title comes from other places. That is one problem, he is referred to as imam Berry, Ayatullah Berry, and Grand Ayatullah Berry. I do know someone whom has declared MarjaTaqlid to him. I looked at it because he is here and being here since 1981 has experience in the west that others in the east may lack. Unfortunately I can't really determine for myself if he is as knowledgeable or more knowledgeable so as a precaution I must remain with Grand Ayatullah Syed Al-Sistani. The person I know who does MarjaTaqlid to Ayatullah Berry said she feels comfortable because she can pick up a phone and be in touch with his organization if not the Ayatullah himself.
  2. Can anyone shed any light on the subject of The first jurist of the west. Ayatollah Berry? I have heard different opinions of his status as jurist. Not to backfire just trying to know more for consideration of marjataqlid.
  3. As I understand it according to Sayyed Al-Sistani. If the permanent wife was Muslim and you wanted to marry an Al-kitab woman temporarily then you would need the permission of the Muslim permanent wife.
  4. Alhamdulilah that has passed and now I am at a more familiar level, not a marry my daughter/welcome to the family level of acceptance but it has become much better.
  5. Brother Abu Hadi had some interesting insight into this, we are all born Muslim then some are changed into other belief's by our parents etc... He even had the Quranic proof to back this position. I unsually take a different approach. I tend to upset "born muslims" when I offer that nobody is Muslim until/unless they pledge the Shahadah with intent and conviction. Therefore just because the father whispers in your ear doesn't make you a Muslim it is a conscious decision on all. They may be from a Muslim land, raised in a Muslim family but each must come to Islam willingly. Just the way I see it.
  6. Are any of the black shia scholars Marjaeeye?
  7. I would think the first mtg should be about the goals and purpose of the group. Mtg shedule, etc.. you should contact IMAM-us.org, they put on classes for reverts, as well as being the official US rep's of Grand Ayatollah Sistani so they could no doubt provide more guidance, info, and resources. contact Sh. Rizwan if you are interested in this affiliation. Also, you could put together a quick resource guide containing the locations on all local Shia mosque's, as well as IMAM-US.org
  8. What geographic area are you in? Difficult to assist with no details.
  9. I have been attending the same two mosque's for a couple years now. They are predominately arab and I am a black American. At what point do we finally get past the "salaam" level of familiarity? At what point will the odd looks and "interesting" comments and remarks cease? One of the appealing parts of Islam was the notion of true brotherhood within the ummah. Sadly the brotherhood of the Prophets day is sorely gone. The ummah wasn't the reason I became Muslim or even Shia so I won't be leaving anytime soon but it would be nice if that brotherhood was actually still there. Tribalism has returned to Isla,
  10. So the result was drelocks are halal? Based on what Ayatullah's ruling?
  11. I am a little long in the tooth (old) but I would love to go study in Iran. I am the ripe old age of 42 though so realistically won't happen.
  12. I agree there is certainly a disconnect between the ummah and the revert. One thing though, nobody is born Muslim. Everyone converts. I posed this to a scholar and you can imagine the reception it recieved. Nobody becomes a Muslim unless and until the pledge the Shahadah with conviction in their hearts and minds. So people may be raised in an Islamic culture or Muslim home but everybody reverts to islam and none are born Muslims. It doesn't matter what your father whispers in your ear, etc... Each one must turn towards Allah ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì
  13. I am aware of that but I am also aware that a mutah can be for twenty years or more or even the life of the married partners. Unless I am mistaken. Not trying to get around the point just using the option I have available.
  14. I am a Shia revert set to marry a nonmuslim woman in a few months, we unfortunately will have a long distance(well about 700 miles) marriage for a few years. I make a very good living that will require a drastic pay cut if I relocate to her area and she is taking a job that will require periodic travel but brings a promotion and raise. I suppose it would be better if I married a local muslimah and living in the Dearborn vicinity it may not be impossible but this woman in my raison d'etre....After Allah of course.
  15. Here is another question in the same vein. Muta's: what is the term limit for fixed term marriages?
  16. Not my concern? How do you figure as I am a muslim male and seeking understanding of muslim females? You are correct in that I should ask them but you are quite incorrect in all other aspects.
  17. Maybe because they are younger thn me and can relate to the younger women. Or, maybe they have spoken to them and know why? Maybe being the same generation they have more insight then I do. Many possible reasons.....
  18. I am currently with a woman with mental disabilities and it takes serious work and patience to remember that she is "special". I did not realize how "special" she was until she was pregnant and some days my patience is as thin as I wish I was. So do not go into a marriage with someone with disabilities unless you know fully what they are and you are sure you can accept and live with these disabilities with patience and understanding.
  19. I beg to differ, I firmly believe in one true love. Unfortunately, most people do not marry for true love and the fleeting kind of love doesn't last. Therefore unless you marry you're true love do not marry for love because fleeting love is what destroys marriages. I have been in love with one woman since I was a preteen, and I am now 41 years old. She is the woman that I would still marry today, and if we find each other in a nursing home or something in our 80's I would marry her even then. Unfortunately we did not marry, we came close though. I have been married, and we (me and the non-true love woman came to love one another and it was a good partnership until it went downhill. I hope this helps...
  20. I live near Dearborn and have attended the local community college there on many occasions. One thing I have noticed, and I assume it isn't correct but maybe you can enlighten me. Young girls wearing Hijab but then having on skin tight clothing. Jeans, shirts, etc....What's up with that?
  21. Being newly reverted I can offer this insight. I did not revert for marriage so I am alone. I want to get my religion down correct before I start looking for a wife so that my errors do not affect her or dull her interest in me as a believer. That being said I can understand the purpose of a muta because we all have needs and urges and while I do not anticipate a nikah until I correct in my walk down this path these urges and needs can be put off for awhile but not forever. Therefore I can use a muta with a non-Muslim woman of the book to satisfy my urges/needs and be faithful to the path until I am ready for nikah.
  22. Thankfully I live near Dearborn and the Masjid even has a conversion class with a soup-to-nuts approach for us.
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