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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. :!!!: $2,000 / ounce seems "gettable" !!
  2. JIBA is an International Association of businessmen & industrialists of Khoja Shia Ithna Asheri Community formed in 1991, when a few of our brothers got together in London to discuss the idea of launching an economic forum for the community. Some of the main objectives for which JIBA has been formed are : To organize, promote, extend and otherwise support business related activities of its members at the local and international levels throughout the world.
  3. JIBA International Conference 2012 Date posted: May 25th, 2012 JIBA International Conference 2012 You will no doubt be aware that at our last International Conference held on 13th/14th NOV 2010 at Dubai, JIBA Bhavnager had invited us to hold the next conference at Bhavnager. However, due to various circumstances beyond our control the JIBA International Conference could not be held in 2011 and instead we held an Indian JIBA chapters conference in Bhavnager. We wish to acknowledge and thank JIBA Bhavnager once again for very ably hosting the event which was attended by over 300 persons and was
  4. errrrrrrrrrrrrr.......................................... ???
  5. Its very easy .............................. a. Check your credit points which you have accumulated from the casino earnings, (X) b. check your total. (Y) c. Reduce the credit points from the casino app from your total, (Y-X) d. derive a figure, convert that figure into cash reward. This would be halal, the other not. Happy Shopping !!!
  6. Yeah if u knew the amount which has been credited to your a/c from the haram app. you can set aside that amount and use the remaining for your purchases.
  7. Leather -------------> The Leather Tribe / Tanned Funky ----------------> Funk Phenomena / Funk Agenda :!!!:
  8. If i can remember correct, Tickets, Visas are "barcoded" like your supermarket goods. The teller at the counter checks you via an infra red hand held device. RFID is very different. It is like your Television or DVD remote control which can only communicate with your device and not with that of others. In the light of the above statement, the products sound like they are futuristic in nature. RFID yet has to gain the momentum which these products have been tailored for.
  9. In the long term yes......... U can still hold on to a gold bar for 100 years and be sure at the end when your'e going to sell, it will fetch you liquid cash unlike the case of other investments (shares, stocks) you never know when there is a turn around or a catastrophe (God forbid) and the company you are invested into shuts down.
  10. Everyone's bullish on Gold. Would like to share something I read in an article the other day which discourages investment in Gold Jewelry.............. a. The purity is lesser than that of Gold Biscuits or Gold Guineas (Jewelry usually is 20 or 22 carat). b. Also you don't pay "making charges" on Gold Biscuits. Good luck with your investments.
  11. The fastest growing Monotheistic Religion in the world - Islam. The belief that there is only ONE GOD and none other than Allah ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì. The Holy Quran is the final revelation there will not be any other. The above are just some of the "salient features" which should convince you, if not, you should ask yourself Is Islam the Wrong Religion ? and look for righteousness.
  12. The only compatible frequencies which communicate (to and fro) with each other are the RFID Reader and the RFID Tags. The remaining frequencies cannot be recongnized by the Tags or the Readers (only the ones which they have been tuned to). Also from what i understand is that you will have to have an RFID Tag on your wallet, bag etc. (RFID Sticker etc) for the RFID blocker to be useful to you. Usually RFID tags are used to track shipments, used on goods to prevent theft, communicate and control two electronic devices etc. Why would you have an RFID tag on yourself to need a blocker ?? :)
  13. He wasn't black :) nor did he have a "belly". He was born in the Middle East (is of Arabian lineage). His complexion was clear, forehead was broad, hair was dark and his features sharp and striking. Since all of his time was spent in worship of Allah (SWT) his character was one which was noble and his aura was one which was awe inspiring. To those who love him and vice versa, he is the ultimate role model and to those who oppose him won't find anything which they can relate with. Try looking up some authentic Shia Hadith's you'll find the characteristics of Imam Ali (A.S) in there.
  14. Also the Qai'm (12th Imam, may Allah hasten his appearance) is one who belongs to the Progeny of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). All of his descendants from his daughter Fatima (A.S) have been blessed with charisma, intelligence, piety and bravery. Doubt he's a dark skinned gentleman :no:
  15. I think he was White (may have looked wheatish at some point in time in his life due to the scorching sun). Also try and imagine would someone who was born in the Holy Ka'aba be black or logically have a blessed charisma ? Would he who was the Lion of God (Allah S.W.T) be pot bellied or fit and agile ?? Imagine .................................... don't look for pictures :)
  16. As Salaam Alaikum ! Please check the URL http://www.izm.in/default.asp You can fill in the Remittance Form and send your donations towards a noble cause.
  17. The fact is that Allah (SWT) did not "create" illnesses, poverty and diseases. He has only promised that all us humans will taste death one day. The reason for illness is when your body is weak and susceptible to foreign germs (u get weak cause of your own ill habits - 99% of the cases can relate to what i have just written). Poverty is because lack of initiative taken by one to earn his / her livelihood. It's what you yourself bring unto you. Diseases is due to various reasons which we are all educated about. Again self inflicted. So you see, this is not what he has created but this is wha
  18. Its just a christian account. There is not going to be a six score sixty six or a 666 written on his forehead, might be at the back of his head. Wait till Zil hajj ;)
  19. Refer to your marja for clarification. I did read about the "need to be fair". As far as I can remember correct proposal and acceptance are accepted fair trade practices used in the time of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and Imam Ali (A.S.)
  20. Why would anyone wanna cut our throat, wont they rather use a Klashnikov or an AK 56 ? :) :) :)
  21. http://www.freelancer.com Sign up and browse for projects which match your expertise. Get paid by Paypal.
  22. bending ur back using your knees as support ?
  23. Theres no way other than a dope test. Urine samples will show traces of recreational drugs if tested within a specific time period after consumption. Also sometimes, strays of these consumed drugs can be found in the blood.
  24. Logical Deduction - If it's haraam, its causing your body and mind harm or vice versa right ?? If it's damaging your body and mind it should be logical that you wait for de toxification of your system. Let the toxins be flushed out of your system so that your body and mind is fit and healthy again. Remember you need to be fit and healthy to be able to worship your Almighty and consumption of alcohol and drugs is not healthy ............... And let the pro barley activists preach that beer is good for the system or Cannabis is better than tobacco. At the end of the day it's still ruining the p
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