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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. :lol: correct. And unprotected sex leads to pregnancies !!
  2. Great you should have quoted the person !!! And to prove that angels exist very simply look for them in scriptures..............................The Christian choice of angels is Mikaeel and we Moslems prefer Gibraeel (A.S)
  3. Do you feel the need to be motivated whilst you exercise ?? If yes, wait till you don't need motivation just your will and self determination...... you won't need to listen to anything while you toil.......... Promise you a better definition ;)
  4. You drift towards Athiesm or Shirk and call it rationality ? :)
  5. This is accurate (y) The other day in discussion it was revealed that the Prophets (P.B.U.T) were not Masoom, they COULD make mistakes but since they were Messengers of Allah (S.W.T) they never did (they acted solely upon the instructions which were given to them). They were made of Clay, bled, felt emotion, hunger, thirst... so naturally, they had the ability to make mistakes, but clarified --- They never did.
  6. The Concept of Time does not exist Islamically :) The concept of "time" as prescribed in Islam is the Timing of Salat. Or Fajr, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib & Isha viz from Sunrise to Sunset with day breaks. The Ultimate mockery of man's intelligence versus Allah's (S.W.T.) is the Clock Tower in Mecca ............. :)
  7. Do we realize that if we were to boycott american products, how backward we would be ??? :)))))))))
  8. Yeah, do you have a blog (for info) ??
  9. There is a verse in the Quraan which has a quote of Jesus proclaiming that the coming messenger after me will be named "Ahmad" so there is ample proof that the Torah as well as the Quran have predicted the name and arrival of Muhammad (P.B.U.H). It is most likely to therefore assume that the Bible too wiil have something pertaining to the Last Messenger which is most likely established and come to the notice of the Vatican via this find.
  10. (y) Exactly !!!! Good post (y). Just by discovering the similarity between DNA Strands of humans and certain animals does not actually imply or certify that the same cure is applicable to millions and billions of human beings ! The Quran has mentioned that no two Human Beings have been made alike (our fingerprints too are all different, which is a proven fact). Now coming to my point, if all of us are peculiar then how can Modern Day Science prescribe a "treatment" which works on animals with a similar DNA structure !!! Paradox is that it works too e.g. Paracetamol. What could be the reason fo
  11. It actually the opposite, global impacts effect stock prices (directly or indirectly).....................
  12. An article i found on the internet -- QUOTE A 1,500-year-old Bible in which Jesus is believed to have foretold the coming of the Prophet Mohammed to Earth has attracted attention from the Vatican this week. Pope Benedict XVI has reportedly requested to see the book, which has been hidden in Turkey for the last 12 years, according to the Daily Mail. The text, reportedly worth $22 million, is said to contain Jesus’ prediction of the Prophet’s coming but was suppressed by the Christian Church for years for its strong resemblance to the Islamic view of Jesus, Turkish culture and tourism minister E
  13. He doesn't. When "man" becomes animal and is overtaken by Shaitaan. He becomes one with God's rejected. That's his way of "stoning the devil"
  14. Similarly, the Israelis are also aware about the Religious attachements which they Muslims have for Israel -- http://www.frommers.com/destinations/israel/0227020883.html The age old hatred between the Muslims and the Jews will eventually simmer down low as we are all educated individuals and with education, comes rationality. The Jews who have always been accussed of being shrewd businessmen and money minded, will open up to the idea of increased relations and exchequer coming in from potential millions (includes Christians / Catholics and Muslims). It is prophecized in the Jewish Scriptures
  15. The wife of a Prophet (pbuh) is given the title of the Mother of Believers, therefore disrespect is not allowed in Shia faith too.
  16. Adorning their mosques with gold (your'e not supposed to be doing that), adopting the crescent and the star as islamic signs.
  17. Did u wake up on the wrong side of your bed ?? :)
  18. Not "released" yet. They are shooting scenes for the movie in the desert.
  19. Indian Filmmakers are producing a movie on Karbala. I doubt there will be justice which any Filmmaker can do to this topic (also agreed by the producer, Mr. Kader Khan in one of his interviews) Therefore, in all fairness, please read and sign the petition. http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/banned-movie-karbala-immediately.html
  20. The plight of the family of our Imam Hussain (A.S.) did not end on Ashura. Some of his family members including his son Imam Ali ibne Hussain (A.S) or Zayn Al Abideen (A.S.) was still alive alongwith his sister of 4 years, Bibi Sakina (A.S) and his aunt Zaynab (A.S). Such was the Tradgedy of Karbala that Imam Hussain's family members mourned till they died and Their sons mourned for the Imam's and the tradition continued. It is the practise in Islam that after the death of anyone in our family, there is a mourning period of 40 days (Aamal's, Iddah) etc. all are for a period of 40 days. What we
  21. It has not been stated anywhere that rabbit's meat is not allowed. The Sunni brethren hunt and eat rabbit meat. Maybe this fatwa by Agha Sistani is based on one of Imam Ali's sermon where he prescribed that the animals ear's are disproportionate to his feet or something on these lines which I can't remember accurately and does not necessarily deem that this information is accurate.
  22. All meats are allowed except that of the swine / pig. Where did you hear that rabbit meat is disallowed ?
  23. Worse than the radiation from phones is the radiation from the mobile towers !!! will definitely give you a headache if not more if you have an antenna installed closer to your home or workplace.
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