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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Ideally. It would be unjust to curse any other Muslim based on his deeds no matter how ignorant he is or was. God alone knows what he must have been thinking at that point in time. Even applies to this period of time. The ignorant people, it might seem like an act of insanity from the other side of the world however justified the "cause" may be.
  2. Can u please substantiate your statement ?? Proof ??
  3. Yeah unfortunately there is no way to produce semen without stimulation........ tricky situation in deed.
  4. There is no way one can pray in a moving bus, car .............. the vehicle is in constant motion and subject to the road which consists of turns etc. So your Qibla is not "statik". Even at the time of the Prophet (SAWS) the Caravans stopped and there was offering of prayers, not while on the camel. So i hope your quote is indeed from Ayat. Sistani's website.
  5. Welcome to the Shiachat forum brother Bassem ! All i would like to tell you is that realization in Islam is not just an adequate measure (like most people say realization or recognition of the problem is solving it 90% and the remainder is upon your will power) Here it is the paradox. Realization is the biggest challenge (happy realization) and then working towards restoring what you have ruined is an uphill task. All i can suggest to you is that you make Muslim friends, and ask them to include you in their Dua's !
  6. If i can remember correctly, tayamum is to be performed if there is NO WATER available (which would constitute as an extreme case in todays time) so it is imperative that the person uses water when available.......... for ghusl / wuzu. Also, there is a Tarteeb to be followed while performing Tayammum which involves using soil / mud on a flat surface. Maybe since this person is suffering from a medical problem and it becomes inconvenient to regularly shower, Tayammum could prove to be a time saving and more convenient acceptable option for which it is important that you send across your questio
  7. Prayers for deceased do help in forgiveness from Allah (SWT) even though Suicide is a Greater Sin, prayers help even in the worst cases. !! Unless he / she has been eternally damned into Hellfire :)
  8. Sunni's are Muslims and Shias are Muslim. You have other sects too Bohris, Ismailis etc. etc. etc. why boil it down to Sunni and Shia ?? The fundamentals of both the followers is the same............ since they are both big there are differences which when looked at closely are usually "politically motivated". A good muslim has his fundamentals strong. Keep faith in Allah, you will be guided.
  9. You could frame it as a question to your marja, asking a question doesn't surmount upto having done it or performed the act in question. You are ideally not allowed to confess to anyone else but Allah (S.W.T)
  10. In India we have Hookah's -- Similar to Sheesha ! :)
  11. It is a good gesture to "help" a brother / sister in need of finance. But you must remember that the intention behind the consideration is to help make self sufficient the beneficiary (this is recommended especially in the case of orphans and widowers) and charging interest on such loans is a big sin. Contracts have and will always be a part of Islamic History as it is always advisable to conduct business with one another under contracts. They have been done before in the time of the Prophet (P.B.U.H) and there's no reason why it should be discontinued.
  12. Isn't hell supposed to be in Wadi Al Salam ?? and not deep down under in the earth's core ?? !!
  13. Great to note that you are able to sleep. Most people nowadays are losing sleep over end of the world issues !! On a more serious note, meteor showers are interpreted as Allah's way of punishment............. stoned by meteor showers ! wow !!
  14. It was allowed at the time of the Prophet (P.B.U.H.) and disallowed by one of the Caliphs Umar ibn Khattab or Usman ibn Affan.... The shia school accepts it as a legal way to interact with a non mahram and the sunni brothers disallow Mutah.
  15. Very valid point, since there is no compulsion in Islam. Either you choose to accept or not to.
  16. Nazr / Nazar ? there are 2 meanings of a word which sound very familiar, so the confusion .......... Nazr - An act offering or Niyaz (consumable usually prayed upon eatables) with a Niyyah that "This Nazr is dedicated to xyz *departed soul* for his or her maghferat) or a Nazr which is an offering to be accepted by the Infallibles (PBUT) Nazar - An act that involves certain surahs from the Quran which are prayed for the removal of Evil Eye. I don't know which are the Surah's but my grandmom and mom did this for us when we were younger.... Nazar is usually followed by a Sadaqah for safety.
  17. A Mannat is a kind of an areeza only difference being that it is directed to any of the 12 imams (PBUT) or Bibi Fatima Zehra (SA) where one requests for a certain deed or work to be fulfilled and in gratification either offer a donation to a mosque or cause or a few rakat's of salat (2 rakat's of shukr). Usually practised in the Asian Subcontinent.................. among other Asian traditions
  18. Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) --> As Sadiq & Al Amin (The Tuthful & The Trustworthy) 22:00 minutes into the lecture. Herein you will also get the answer that the last Messenger of Allah (SWT) was "spotless" in character from the time he was born and was one who brought justice for the Arabs. So, he was rightly guided and most definitely sinless like the Imams (P.B.U.T)
  19. Walaykum As Salaam ! the dot's are not an omission :) I was signifying a pause before i continued. btw i counted 31 !
  20. From what i understand it's tradition that the "zoorkahneh's" adopted during the Mughal Era..... set your own tradition :))) it's known that a "good warm up" will set u up for a 30 minute intense workout..........
  21. With the type of business you are involved in, you should be more concerned about the question "is my work ethical" or "is the work i do unethical". Writing complete essays and dissertations for students who are not able to cope with their homework is not really an ethical job, it's more like cheating on both parts - The person who asks you to do his homework and the person who accepts money for doing his / her homework. Haraam / Halal ??? Doesn't that involve ethos ??? Islamically - You are performing a service for a fee -- so it's allowed.
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