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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Have you tried tasting or smelling water after it is mixed with rejects to ascertain if it is REALLY permissible or not ? There are some things which you should allow your intelligence to decipher rather than following strict text book writings. Understand the essence, that in itself is a big secret to knowing islam.
  2. You can pray on anything. However, it is essential that your sujood / sajdah is on permissable objects.
  3. Chefs in restaurants are usually supposed to adhere to hygeine standards (in other words "tahaarat"). If you really want to delve deep down into this issue, then realise that eating the food prepared by any person who assimilates najaasat or impurities into his bloodstream would inevitably pass on through his or her sweaty palms so theres not much of a solace if youre living in a non muslim country. Try to eat home cooked meals :)
  4. http://www.venkys.com/products/fmcg/processed-chicken/plant/ ---> This is an Example. Please read the paragraph "All birds at the processing plant are slaughtered as per Islamic Rites (Halal) and only healthy chickens are used to process for easy to cook chicken products. The plant also provides customized products for multinationals like KFC, Pizza Hut, Domino, McDonald and Subway." Now a background check about the Company and its Board of Directors --> http://www.venkys.com/about-us/ A non-muslim (Hindu) is certainly not a miilionth percentile strict about "halal" as the Muslims
  5. The same as the Imams followers who couldnt be with him at the day of calling because of some issue or the other.........
  6. In the middle eastern tradition, you would have to be Mental to wear BLACK in 40 degrees centigrate. That's the only Logic. Where do you get references of quotes by Imam Ali (AS) saying Black is the Color of Pharohs ? yada yada yada..........
  7. "Perfect" This was in todays Majalis...... God's Perfectest Creation. Hussain (A.S)'s sacrifice in Karbala as a human exalted not only Humanity but also God's creation -- Adam (AS) I thought that was very philosophical !!
  8. Running water is pure, but the running water in your toilet contains impurities or bodily rejections. Any type of water when it comes in contact with impurities is not paak
  9. Lucky to have gods forgiveness ! For every good deed we shall be compensated ...... and our bad deeds shall be wiped out. Can be achieved by observing nahy an al munkar (forbid that what is evil)
  10. For a startup business to survive the following need consideration : 1. Infusion of Adequate Capital (to set up shop, day to day costs as well as a good spend on advertising your business / product with the right "target audience") 2. Incase you are Outsourcing or taking up Job Works, it is imperative that you have a strong portfolio (works completed, referrals, list of clients etc) so that the corporate can use you as their vendor instead of the ones which are already empaneled with them. Also, a good experience or background ensures that you are in a competitive position. Since you are n
  11. Such high states of being cannot be acheived by Meditation alone. Even after years of seclusion and meditation, it would be next to impossible to be able to have an OOBE in your sleep. Usually it happens with high doses of potent drugs and what they also term as Near Death Experiences http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Near-death_experience
  12. I think there is a Valid explanation to "Astral Projection" in the hadees.This was a topic I was looking up a couple of years ago and found that according to Islamic Sources, it is not possible for one's soul to be in two places at the same time... so the concept of "out of body experiences" can be ruled out as per Islam. I haven't been able to locate the source of my information and as soon as I find the link, will post it for you to see for yourself. Coming to Me'raj and other accounts, it has been written that Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was able to travel "very quickly" in a matter of seconds
  13. Very Simple ! Lets go back to the creation and then Allah (SWT) sent down books of guidance and messengers to guide. However, every time he did send down laws and commandments the people refused to abide by them (they would ...... and then would come under spells and break the laws)....... and then the messengers complained to Allah (SWT) who had to release Azaab to wipe out entire races, so humanity could start "afresh". After giving so many chances, it was time for his final messenger to arrive -- Muhammad (SAWS) to whom was revealed the Final Commandment in which there were new laws which w
  14. Well since we believe that Allah (SWT) is exalted, it would be difficult to fathom that he himself will cause those who disbelieve to "err". I simply would understand that one who is not rightly guided towards the Siraat Al Mustaqeem is in error (according to the beliefs of monotheism). Therefore in the light of it..... an assumption towards the interpretation of this Surah would be that he withdraws his guidance from the disbelievers into darkness, thus causing them to err.
  15. Thats interesting ............... :) The Son = Since Jesus referred to God as "God the Father" he referred to himself as "The Son" The Holy Ghost / Spirit = The Spirit of God. The Father = Referred to God as "The Father" Be poetic :) He was true, he said he has the spirit of God, which we Muslims too believe. Just interpreted in a different way.
  16. the ruling of gheebat would be applicable to alll ( muslims / non muslims) ............. leaving out animals.
  17. Great way to get an education in Islam.... (y)
  18. from what i understand, it is the fact that American's are NOT THE ENEMY. Islam is the fastest spreading religion and you have the Americans who study Islam (you'd be surprised that they know about Fiqh, Sunnat, Biddat, Hadees)............ and since we all know that there is no challenge to Islam except ignorance and illetracy..... we are a "forward" moving religion, we were there 1400 years ago and still rocking 1400 years after........ People realize, People acknowledge and change is inevitable. In that light, the Iranian President has pressed for growth and not enemity which hampers growt
  19. Abu Talib secretly embraced Islam after he was convinced by his nephew Muhammad. You can look for authentic resources.
  20. DISCOURAGE -- Halaal Meat / Tahaarat. I don't know of any pizza parlour which doesnt serve pepperoni pizza.
  21. u cannot skip sunnat. Usually the sunnat / sunnah is a pre cursor to a wajibat. Like ghusl or wuzu (for example). So if you "skip your sunnat" then you will not be able to complete the wajib.
  22. There is a "pitch control" function which you will need to look for .... it will speed up the tempo of your loaded "track"..... try PCDJ Silver or Serato..... both of these are not free and need to be bought. You may find other programs which allow you to change the pitch / speed in freeware, personally i know of none. But if you have any friends who are bedroom DJ's they might have one of these 2 programs which are standard.
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