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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. No animal can touch the flesh of a Masoom as it is Haraam for them. When you will die and go to your grave, your body will be consumed by insects. For the insects too, the flesh of a Masoom is haraam. This is Gods Grace upon them.
  2. You're probably feeling "stoned" because you're smoking Sativa buds. Switch to Indica :) lol on a Serious note, this is really sad that u switched to Drugs from cigarettes. Hope u realize that there are more productive ways to utilize that energy which you have in you. May Allah show you the right path which is beneficial to your mind, body and soul.
  3. Doesn't he have enough of monkeys already ??
  4. All allowed as it doesn't go into your bloodstream.
  5. Why would u write 7500 words when u need 5000 words, out of which 4000 are yours. All u needed to do is write 4 pages more. This way you won't be plagiarizing and you will pass copyscape. Remember to use works cited !! All the best.
  6. Can any of the Sunni brothers say from any of their sources that Ali (a.s.) and his family deviated from Islam or the Teachings of Muhammad (p.b.u.h) ? At the same time, can they also vouch that the Caliphs were devoid of sin and practised Islam and the Teachings of Muhammad (p.b.u.h) as flawlessly or BETTER than the Shia Imams did ? Seek and you shall find the Truth. Peace n Salaams.
  7. Go for their communication .... radio frequencies etc. Tap / Intercept.
  8. Yes it is allowed to Pray your Salat even while sitting (if you are unable to stand due to fatigue). There is no harm in doing so.
  9. And yes to support a group like ISIL or ISIS would not be legally valid as they have proved to be a faction of Al Qaeda which is a Universally Accepted Terrorist Outfit.
  10. The MUSIC in the background of the Qutba and thereafter is Objectionable.
  11. What do the Guys above (Merceneries) look like ?? Pathan / Afghan / Mujahideen ? *this is a pic of Iraqi soldiers being executed by Terrorists* Referral URL -- http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=893_1403057804
  12. Great Question & Topic (y) .......... get's you thinking and digging deeper. Ideally, the concept of Interest is a Jewish Tradition (very rightly proved and accepted worldwide). A great number of us live in Countries which does not understand / incorporate the Shariah System, leaving us / them with no other option but to live under the law of the land. Naturally, with an already established Banking System, one has NO CHOICE but to accept the norms which are set.... The ruling above states that your NIYYAT at the time of taking the loan should not be that to pay interest, but that TO P
  13. When you hear a Shukr Alhamdolillah it means Thanks, Praise be to Allah .... Q - Do you have Good Health ? A - Yes, Shukr Alhamdolillah (Thanks, Praise be to Allah) Its a sign of good etiquitte i guess :) Also after meals you will hear a lot of people say Shukr Alhamdolillah when they are getting up from the dinner table. It also means Thanks, Praise be to Allah.
  14. We are way past this ..... Foreign Interests / Conspiracies. It should be a humanitarian issue as per international norms.
  15. from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia Pertaining to or befitting a stepmother; hence, figuratively, harsh or neglectful: in allusion to the behavior popularly attributed to stepmothers. https://www.wordnik.com/words/stepmotherly
  16. Here's a link to the Present Day Scenario in SYria. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-17258397 My observations on this situation is that there is a Complete Step Motherly Treatment by the United Nations being metted out to this country .... either induced / coerced or out of sight out of mind. Had it been another country another circumstance, there would have been some sort of intervention after deducting - Chemical Weapons had been used and there is a likelyhood of it happening again. I just might be biased about this particular place due to my Religious Affinity .... but t
  17. I heard these same sounds yesterday from a construction site near my home. Freaked me out for a good minute or two !!
  18. It's all over the internet !!! :angel: http://library.thinkquest.org/27178/en/section/6/1.html
  19. The Violin is an instrument which is capable of making high notes / low notes resulting in a variation in musical frequencies. Such variations are unlawful. The duff is not capable of inducing such notes and frequencies therefore was used. Music in any form is unlawful.
  20. Not a sunnat belief as the morsels you need to put in your mouth and they should be properly chewed before ingesting. So i guess a large sandwich would surmount to gluttony as per Islamic Guidelines.
  21. The essence is the concept ..... jihad / violence / death. Just to go to prove that Jesus wasn't a softie. Similarly when compared to Islam the deeds of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) involved acts of violence and mercy n love. No diiferent from Jesus (pbuh). Establishing a sort of a link between Islam and its predecessor monotheistic religions. With regards to me or anyone else thinking that Jesus (pbuh) is a "cry baby" that's not a real thought.What you bring out is ..... that he was flesh and bones. Like all the messengers of Allah.
  22. Isa (a.s)....... follow his religion You might find "Islam" en route :)
  23. This is something very interesting ----- http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=aa2_1386199245
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