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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Interesting point.... but if we set this standard, then what do you say of Prophet Solomon's kingdom and palaces? There is a narration that says when the Queen Balqis stepped into the palace, she thought she was walking on water. That's how marvellous the marble floors were. I think that we should recognise the position of Ahlulbayt [a.s] on a wider basis. If you truly know the place they have in the eyes of Allah [swt], you'll see how petty marble, gold and silver is.
  2. Salam Alaykum brother, you can contact me via emailing instead. Address: Baqir_Naji@hotmail.com
  3. Thank you for the compliment sister Blissful, brother Basim, I apologise for any inconvenience, but I didn't mean to flood the forum. This is all I have anyway, I think it will be the final post I make for a long while.. Sorry again. (wasalam) by the way, brother... just out of curiosity, what would be a more appropriate forum? I searched, but couldn't find a more appropriate one. P.s. This isn't the General Discussion forum. :)
  4. Absolutely wonderful post... I really enjoyed reading it and found it beneficial! JazakumAllah khair x 1000 :)
  5. Repentance... What does it mean to repent? Repentance is regret; when one feels that his/her heart, soul and his/her very existence is hurt and weeps in agony about disobeying Allah سبحانه وتعالى, wishing that they could go back in time and fix their mistake. It's a very beautiful feeling to be in that stage. How amazing is it when the slave begs his merciful Lord to forgive his or her stupidity and ignorance..? Repentance is a truly beautiful experience, because it brings the slave closer to his Lord and develops a compassionate & loving relationship between the two. Unfortunately, though, some of our youth commit the biggest sins and disobey Allah (swt) severly and feel or say that this is the end and that Allah (swt) willnever forgive him or her, yet he/she does not know that Allah (swt) is more compassionate to him/her than their own MOTHER. Let me tell you a little story, which may help you realise the mercy and compassion of Allah سبحانه وتعالى... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I was travelling on foot and eventually came across a town. So, I decided to rest there. At one particular home I felt a lot of commotion and unrest. Soon, a child was kicked out of that home by his own mother, seemingly for angering her and the door was shut in his face. I just stood there and watched him. I wanted to see what he does and what happens next. He stood puzzled, not knowing where to go because he has no shelter but that home and nobody to take care of him but his mother. So, he returned to the door,sad and broken-hearted.. He found the door closed, so he fell at it and rest his cheek against it. His mother then came out..and as soon as she saw him like that, she couldn't hold it in any longer and threw herself at him and held him, hugging him tightly and kissing him. Meanwhile, she was saying: "My son, where else would you go? And who would shelter you but myself? Didn't I tell you not to disobey me, and to not take advantage of my mercy and love ...and wanting only what's good for you? Then, she took him and went inside. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Let's all have a little time to think about this little story.... My respected Brothers and Sisters...the mercy of your Lord has filled His creation, and there is no limit to it. Just look at this beautiful Hadith Qudsi (Holy) directly from God to the Prophet (pbuh) through Gabriel: "O son of Adam, as long as you seek my forgiveness and atone for your sins, I will forgive you and would not care if your sins reached the Heavens in abundance.." Certainly, no hope in Allah is pointless, and no guest to Allah (swt) will ever be kicked out (of His mercy). Brothers and Sisters, Allah (swt) gave his slaves the chance of atonement and repentance so that they will have no excuses on the day of Judgment...the slave's honest repentance pleases Allah (swt) "O my slaves who have sinned, do not give up on the mercy of Allah, for Allah forgives ALL sins" - Holy Quran --------------------------------------------------- The reason why I took some time to write all this because recently I have been feeling very bad as I began thinking about some of my personal friends, whom I cannot name - who feel that their sins have taken them beyond salvation, so unfortunately they commit even MORE and BIGGER sins as they feel hopeless. The sad reality is that most of these people I know, don't themselves know the true meaning of the mercy of Allah (swt) as shown in the Quran and hadith. Jazakum Allah khair. Written by: Baqir Naji Please remember me in your dua'a, I truly need it!
  6. I was one day sitting down watching T.V., when my mobile phone rang I quickly ran to see who it was… the screen was reading “Quran” I picked up and answered in disgust: “How dare you call me in such a busy time?” It told me “I am the Quran” “So what?” I replied It said “I am your companion in the dark loneliness of the grave” “How is that?” I said “Do you not see that I am the light that shines in darkness?” “You seem to brag about yourself too much.” I replied.. “I am your intercessor on the day of decision (Judgment)” it continued “I was advised (to you) about by Your Lord – that you should not abandon me” I became silent for a moment “What the matter with you? Why are you so quiet?...” it asked I said “give me until tomorrow to decide what is going on in my mind” “Hang on! You may have no tomorrow to decide. It is not wise to procrastinate.” It replied. “Within me are the words that the angels of Jannah sing daily. I am the enemy of Shaitan, the peace upon the worried and upset (of Allah’s slaves).” It continued, “I was descended upon mankind on the month of Mercy and Forgiveness. Is that not enough for you?” “It is enough, but please tell me more about yourself.” “I am the preserved word of your God. Within me lies the peak of eloquence and wisdom. Reciting me in sincerity and devotion towards understanding not only brings the heart of my Lord’s servant to peace and joy, but grants them a position in eternal paradise next to the King of kings.” I LAUGHED. “Do you not see truth in my speech? What makes you laugh so loudly?” It asked. “I was confused and lost in this life’s bewilderment, until you called me. My heart suddenly found its joy as you have saved me from deviation and ignorance of my God.” Then it replied to me with a pleasant tone: “I promise you and God is my witness, that I shall be your intercessor on the day of Judgment …and verily all will perish except the presence of Allah! By Baqir Naji
  7. Salam Alaykum brother. if you go to my YouTube channel, you will notice that I have a special logo for it. I use this logo on ALL my videos. If you need a logo, please give me the detailed description of your logo and I will look into making one for you. My email address: Baqir_Naji@hotmail.com في امان الله
  8. Oh wow... bro. That is one delicious-looking chicken! ^^
  9. Why? Poetry?? I don't see any poetry in my post...
  10. wa Alaykum al Salaam I'm glad you like it sister :) insh'Allah i will try to write more stories like this
  11. If I didn't the suspension that's building up within the story would be dead. :P Thank you all for your comments.. my biggest reward is if you can share this story with your friends....God's the witness that it has changed the lifestyle of some people i know. It's amazing how a simple work of literature can make so big a difference to the extent of changing people's views of their lives. SubhanAllah indeed
  12. Peace and blessings be on the Thirsty One!.... :( Just watch this scene and imagine the torture he had to endure...the pain of the wounds, the flowing blood...the scorching desert and hot sun, the dried lips and tongue...and more painful than all, the loss of loved ones
  13. Wa Alaykum al Salaam sister I guess it's not necessarily "a dumb idea" as your friends suggested, but it's safer to just find a Marji'i's office near your location and take it from there. I recently found out that I was being scammed by a group of supposed Afghan Shia Muslims who would go around our suburbs collecting funds for Orphans overseas. They really looked legit, with pictures taken of the Orphans (the members included in the pics too), ID cards etc... so I believed them. Well, until they were exposed on the local newspaper. So, just to avoid similar hassle, go to a Mariji'i office...it's much safer. Best of luck, sister. And may Allah [swt] increased people like you who care about the state of the poor and disadvantaged. God Bless you
  14. I woke up suddenly one night and saw a strange light in my room .... The problem is that the lights are off I saw the clock, it was 3.30 in the morning Okay...so where is all this light coming from?? ---------- I turned around and saw something very strange.. My body was half way through the wall (??!) I immediately pulled it out and sat down to see if i'm okay ..... This is strange... I tried to push onto the wall, but MY ARM GOES THROUGH ... I heard a sound I turned to my brother's bed to see him sleeping I was really scared of what was happening to me...so I tried to wake him up....but....he doesn't reply!! I went to my parent's bedroom..I tried to wake up my mother...and father...I just wanted somebody to react to me... but nobody did. I tried to wake my mother up again...she woke up this time... ----- she got up ... but didn't communicate to me She was saying "In the name of Allah, most Merciful, most Gracious" (ÈÓã Çááå ÇáÑÍãä ÇáÑÍíã) again and again... She woke my dad up saying 'get up, man, I want to check up on the kids.' My dad replied in disinterest .. 'it's not time for this, let me sleep and inshAllah tomorrow i'll get to that' But she was insisting..so he woke up. I was THERE. I was screaming..'dad', 'mum' ... nobody was replying I held mother's clothes to grab her attention..but she didn't recognise my existence I followed her 'till she got to my bedroom They got into the room and turned on the lights... it wasn't making any difference to me anyway because there was a strong light there. I then saw the strangest thing in my life... my OWN BODY....on my bed. I was trembling...how can there be two of me??...how can that person look so much like me??...and what is he doing on my bed???? I started hitting/slapping myself to wake up from thisnightmare... but it was too real to be a nightmare. dad said 'Yalla, see the kids are sleeping. Let's go back to bed.' but mother wasn't at all confident...she went to the person sleeping in my bed and said 'Khalid, wake up!! ... WAKE UP!!' but he wouldn't reply. She tried again and again....but no reply. Then i turned to see my dad tearing... Today witnesses the first time in my life that I have seen my dad's tears. The place was shaking with the screaming ... My brother woke up..."What's going on??!" In a very sad tone, with tears rolling down her cheek, mother replied 'your brother's dead! Khalid is DEAD!!' ------ I went to mother and said 'please mum...don't cry..I'm right here look at me!' But nobody's replying to me..WHY?? I turned to Allah and asked Him to wake me up from the nightmare! quickly following my dua was a voice saying (Quran): " You were in negligence from this, so We uncovered the blinds and today your sight is (like iron) " áÞÏ ßäÊ Ýí ÛÝáÉ ãä åÐÇ ÝßÔÝäÇ Úäß ÛØÇÁß ÝÈÕÑß Çáíæã ÍÏíÏ Suddenly two creatures held my arm..they weren't human!! "Leave me ALONE! Who are you and what do you want from me??" 'We're your grave's guards' I said 'but I'm not dead yet! let go of me!!' I can still see, hear, touch, and speak..I'm not dead! They replied with a smile : "You humans are fascinating! You think that by dying your life ends, while in fact life on Earth is a small dream compared to the Here after; a dream thatends at your death." They started pulling me towards my grave... On the way I saw people just like me, each had two guards like mine. Some were smiling, others crying, others screaming. I asked the guards 'why are they all doing that?' They replied 'These people now know their fate...some were in ignorance so they--' '--so they go to Hell??!' I interrupted They said 'yes.' and continued.. 'and those laughing are going to Heaven' I quickly replied: 'What about me..where will I go??' They said 'you were at times a good Muslim, while other times not. One day you obey Allah, the next you disobey Him. And you weren't clear with yourself and your fate will remain so:lost.' I replied, shaking: 'SO AM I GOING TO HELL??' They said: ' Allah's mercy is great, and the journey is long ' I turned to see my family carrying my dead body in a coffin..so i ran to them .. I said: 'make dua for me' but nobody replied.. I went to my brother and warned him .. 'be careful with what you do in this life... don't be a fool like myself!' I was really hoping that he could hear me... The two angels (guards) tied up my soul on top of my body .. I saw my relatives pouring sand over me .. ---- at that moment I was hoping that I would be in their place... that I can turn to Allah and do as much as He wants from me... that I would ask for forgiveness and once and for all repent my sins that angered Him... but unfortunately I couldn't. I shouted ' People, don't let this life tempt you! Wake up to the truth... one day you will DIE, and you never know when..or how. ' I hoped for somebody to hear me....nobody there did but YOU heard me.... save yourself. Smile to others, forgive them when you have the power to punish them. Allah forgives those that forgive others. Do your prayers regularly with an open heart. Let Allah guide your life, not Satan. Read the Quran regularly and let the Prophet (p.b.u.h) be your role model in life. Work in this timed life for your salvation in an eternal one. And ... make dua for me because I'm not perfect. And I point the above to myself just as much as I do to my friends. Please spread this message to as many people as possible, for every person whose heart it touches Allah will reward you in this life and the hereafter. Your brother, Baqir Naji. Remember us in your dua.
  15. A girl tells about her love story I'll tell you a story from it's beginning.. a story I can't tell too many people about..because it's a love story to me. I'm sure you'll understand. The story is from a long time ago.. He loved me so much, I always felt him watching me..he helps me a lot, especially when nobody was near me. And he used to always watch me .. I could feel it from afar. I grew up infront of him, little by little. And I loved him too, and I too knew that anything nice I get is from him. I fell in love. A girl who found someone to care for her. And for that reason I started talking a lot about him. Sometimes I left my homework thinking about him..all between me and myself. I became attached to him. I grew up..started doing things all by myself..I met knew friends, people. I became too busy for him. My time I spend with him suddenly became much less. I knew he was upset with me, but I couldn't go back to him. I have too many good things to live for now. He sent me a book...all for me. But you know what? I didn't read it. But everytime I ignored it, I felt guilty and I would say everytime that I will read it next time. He knew I was not reading the book. People became aware..they started telling me that since I have forgotten him, so would he. But I was sure..sure that he would never abandone me, even though I left him. Sometimes I felt like I miss him.. not everytime.. the most times I miss him is when I am sad and left alone. Maybe because he was the first person to make me feel comfortable..maybe because whenever I cried to him I felt better. Sometimes I smile when I cry..because I know he solves my problems without me noticing it. And it amazes me that he would still help me. Even the problems I had with my parents..he had the answers to everything. Now I need him... and I know he would welcome me when I go back to him..but I feel to embarrased to do so after I ignored him. I fear that if I go to him, he wouldn't look at me. I mayb have never valued his love for me.. But the idea that i live without his love is bound me..I could not take it. Until one time I started crying every day... friends going overseas, problems with my parents...bad results in my school career... I could not stop the tears. I knew he was watching me .. waiting for me to talk to him... I could feel it. But I cried without addressing him. Once all my friends got together..so I wanted to join them, laugh and play and enjoy my time like before. But I couldn't. In the middle of the crowd I thought to myself..."I must go back to him".. and so I went back home to see him..I was hurrying..I just wanted to talk to him!! Because I knew nobody on this Earth understood me more than he did... I went back home... unrolled my praying rug..and spoke to Allah. - Remember... Allah (swt) is your best friend. And he will always be by your side...no matter how much you leave him for the sake of this Dunya. By Baqir Naji. Please remember us in your dua'a :)
  16. The most prominent characteristic of Imam Hussain is found in his title “the Father of Rejection” or ÇÈí ÇáÖíã He was indeed the best example for this title, as he was the one who raised the slogan of human dignity, and drew the road of honour and worth. He did not deem himself subject to the threats of the monkeys of Ummayah, so he accepted death under the shade of the swords. The father of Freedom taught the people nobility…the nobility of sacrifice. Mus’ab ibn Zubayr said about Imam Hussain [a.s]: “He chose the honourable death over the noxious life.” His [imam Hussain’s] words on the day of Ashourah have left an ever-lasting effect on the minds and hearts of all those who choose to be FREE, regardless of their religious backgrounds. The Imam said: “It is better to die a bloody death than live as a coward.” This sentence was powerful enough to displace the armies of Yazeed from their grounds. He stood like a firm mountain against the temptations and threats of the desperate armies of Ummayah. “By God, I will not give in to you like a servile servant, nor will I escape like a slave!” These holy words came down raining on them like a barrage of arrows, as they stood clueless against the might of this one noble man…this man whose nobility has no limits, this man who created the greatest epic in the history of Islam and mankind…an epic story of heroism for all of us to learn from. Even as he fell due to the countless injuries on that bloody day, he fixed himself firmly on his bleeding knees, leaning on the sword of justice, defying them even in his final moments. Indeed, my Imam…the stage [of drama] fell humble in its attempt to re-capture the image of Karbala…indeed, MY IMAM… your character has become difficult for the best of actors to embody… May Allah [swt] give us the honour of seeing your beautiful face…and may He [swt] give us the strength to live by your standards until then.
  17. The image all begins with the contradicting red bloody shirt as it ROARS at the blueness of their uniforms. I can't remember his facial expressions, but his actions stamped an image in my mind, an image that is yet alive. He stood, confused, with his hands dripping blood, asking them for help...but only to have his voice drown in the loud noises of gunshots. He stood in front of them, as they pointed their weapons...ready to shoot tear bombs at him..it was as if time paused for a moment; he fell slowly on his knees as his pure blood was flowing from his open wounds. I ask myself; how can a human being inflict so much damage on a fellow man, unprovoked.... Even the wild beasts don't kill for entertainment, but we find that human beings are the only creatures who have the audacity to kill their fellows for all sorts of reason....significant or not. As he was on his knees, they shot him again. This time, he could not get back up, for his lifeless body laid on the grounds of the streets of Manama, in Bahrain. Who was he? He was a simple man. What was his crime? His demanded equality. Equality in rights, the right to be employed, the right to be treated as a human being. His crime was that he asked for his basic rights as a human being. What did he get in return? His people were showered with tear gas bombs, and from the midst of the solid, white smoke...the tyrants spring out with their blue uniforms, in big numbers and full equipment. They come out to cause terror in the hearts of the simple defenceless citizens. And we see masked men...we see them as they appear from the trenches of torture and cruelty, armed with metal rods and sharp knives and swords....to declare a savage war on the citizens of this FREE nation. When will Bahrain see Freedom?... How much longer must we sit here and simply....watch?
  18. You're welcome, my dear brother... may Allah [swt] give you and ourself the strength and ability to withstand His trials and not go astray. :)
  19. Brother! :D You don't need a book to tell you that torturing poor little animals by mixing them together and throwing them around in paint is a great sin....in Islam, life in all its forms is sacred. To torture a creature like this is truly a great sin... Imam Jafar Al-Sadiq [a.s] gave rights even to the trees..
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