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  1. Salam heard an old lecture recently (I think it was Sayed Ammar) where yazid's troops split the bounty so that they could keep it for themselves, which they gathered from the ahlul bayt and from the xtian man who held Imam's (عليه السلام) head overnight before entering shaam. they hid it on their person. one man who went home, told his wife about this bounty and she scolded him. when he opened the wrapped up bounty it was mud and written in the mud was the above ayat. can anyone find that reference or that lecture or has any idea what i am talking about? Jazakallah
  2. the site is down right now, but www.islamicesources.com has good tafsir.
  3. salam alaykum i am also looking for the lyrics as well as the mp3. brother ghulam ali if you can PM me, i'd love to get that mp3 from you.
  4. A Biographical Notice on BahÄ al-DÄ«n al-Ä€milÄ« (d. 10301621).pdf
  5. Al-Ḥikmat Al-IlÄhiyyah and KalÄm.pdf Five Mystical Ghazals - Khomeini.pdf The Polemic about the karÄmÄt al-awliyÄ\' and the Development of Ṣūfism in al-Andalus.pdf The ZaydÄ« Tribes of the Yemen A New Field Study.pdf
  6. http://www.iechusaini.org/download/ariza_to_imam_as.pdf
  7. add calendarshia [at] gmail [dot] com in your "friends" calendars, they update their calendar with the 1st of every lunar month.
  8. i have a mess of articles i DLed from JSTOR.. lol. dont know if i can just post them and combat of the self is a phenomenal book. not avail online for free. buy it, its worth it
  9. probably not. get an aalim's number and call him at fajr.
  10. check scribd.. id find it for you but im waiting for my pw to be reset.
  11. jazakallah everyone, i appreciated the assistance. i like the istikhara idea, ill definitely bring that up next time he discusses with me. my coming here and discussing this with sc is a last resort brainstorming. the worst thing i have seen in our ummah is everyone shuns people who make one small mistake in their lives. even if they turn around, the people still classify them as "that one guy" and youre branded for life it seems. my extended hand to this brother is qurbatan fisabhililah because if everyone loved their brother as they deserved, our community could go places. unfortunately where i come from they neither teach you this from the mimbar, or in the house. if so, its quickly forgotten in emotional times. inshallah we can make the change for this in our generation. i am siding with the opinion on encouragement of moving, but i would rather have him bring up the discussion as we talk twice or thrice a week. fighting magic with magic sounds like a bad idea but thats his assumption. its sounded correct to me but i havent really had confirmation on this. is this islamically correct? meaning is there some type of protection besides keeping your prayers, reciting ziyarat ashura/waritha/nahiya and dua sabasab/ahad? and does someone have the story of where that woman tried to bring a curse on the Prophet (saw)? i would like to re-visit it in english as ive heard it in urdu and among the "vahvahs" i never get the whole thing. thanks again everyone, may Allah increase you in Imaan.
  12. “Naurauz has come and the entire world is fragrant with the fragrance of a million flowers. " Today is the coronation of the emperor of the emperors, who is the son-in-law of the Prophet, the Lion of God and the distributor of the Holy “Kausar” Naurzuz or the New Day is 21st March when the sun comes to the Zodiac of Capricorn. There are many specialties of the day. Moulla ibn Kais, one of the companions of the sixth Imam, Imam Jaffer Sadiq (as) narrates that he visited the Holy Imam on 21stMarch and the Imam asked him whether he was aware of the importance of the day. Moulla replied that the day is the first day of the spring and is very important for the Iranians who observe this as a festival and exchange gifts. Hazrath replied that there are several attributes of the day and they are: 1. This is the day when God took the Covenant from the souls of the humans that they should consider Him as One without any companion in prayers and that they should also believe in the Holy Prophets and the fourteen Masoomeens (the sin-less). 2. This is the day when the Holy Spirit entered the body of Adam and He started praying God. 3. This is the day when the sun’s rays produce fruits and the blowing winds cause flowers to blossom and create bounties. 4. This is the day when the Arc of Noah rested on the mountain of Jodi 5. This is the day when God resurrected seventy thousand dead souls who had died of plague. The prophet Hisqueel had prayed God for their life and God asked him to recite a few holy words and sprinkle the water on their bones. The prophet did this (as described in Chapter II Buqra) and the dead were alive by the will of God. It therefore become a tradition in the remembrance of this event to sprinkle rose water or water on each other and take bath on this day. 6. On this day Gabriel brought the first revelation to the Prophet (SAW) and this was the beginning of his prophethood. 7. The Holy Prophet entered Kaaba on this day and with the help of Hazrat Ali (as) on his shoulders cleared the Holy Kaaba form 360 idols. 8. On this day the Prophet Ibraham was thrown in the fire of Namrood and the fire was extinguished by the will of God, and the fire was converted to a safe garden for Ibraham. 9. On this day the Prophet Ibraham destroyed the idols of Namrood. 10. This day corresponds to 18th of Zulhijja, the 10th year of Hijra calendar the Prophet (SAW) raised Hazrat Ali (as) on his arms on the occasion of his last Hajj and declared Hazrat Ali (as) as his successor by the command of God. He also said “Of whomsoever I am Moula Ali (as) is also his Moula” 11. Hazrat Ali (as) was unanimously elected as the fourth Caliph on the day. 12. Hazrat Ali (as) gained victory on the Karjites on this day 13. Our Holy twelfth Imam (as) will appear near the wall of Kaaba on this day. 14. The Holy Imams will return back to the world on this day The sixth Imam (as) then said Oh! Moulla ibn Khais this is the day of our friends. The Iranians observe this day with reverence and you Arabs have forgotten it. PRAYERS OF NOUROUZ. The sixth Imam (as) instructed Moulah bin Khais that one should take a bath on the early morning of 21th March, wear new clothes and apply perfume. The day should be observed as a festival by observing fast. At the time of mid-day (Zuhr), special prayers should be preformed. This prayer is four (Rakats) rendered in two-two- rakats each. In the first Rakat one should recite after “Al-Hamd” ten times “Inna Anzalna”. In the second rakat after “Al-Hamd” ten times Sura no 59 “ Kul Yaahyuhal Kafroon “ In the third rakat after “Al-Hamd” ten times Surah Ikhlas (no. 62) In the last rakat after Al-Hamd Sura no 63 “ Kul Aaoza be-rab-ul Falaq” and ten times surah no 64. “Kul Aaoozo-be-rab-innas” After namaz one should prostrate and thank God for his bounties. Inshallah he will be safe for all the troubles for the whole year. == i received the above in a fwd.. can anyone validate this hadith/ saying by our 6th imam (as)
  13. salam so i have a friend who has some family problems (dont we all). he is suspecting that his fam dibbles in black magic and gives nazar and such, directly towards his family. there is no way to ultimately prove it but he has some pretty good situations hes described to me, and while nothing concrete, as he describes the history, even i can smell something fishy. although he's had his ups and downs and made some mistakes, he says to rectify them is to open the doors of relations to his family. he is really frustrated with this as he knows he cant break the relations, yet he's worried about his family getting too close to his and worried about the harm they can cause by him going either way. hes a newlywed with a kid on the way and hes afraid that they might do some magic to the kid when he has to notify the family of his/her birth. he's also just has nervous to introduce the kid in person and allow people to hold the baby. the extended family is very politcal and diplomatic in their ways of maintaining and behaving with the other family members. they went so far as to hunting down information on his wife months before his marriage without his permission, as well as contacting people in her region to figure out her identity and friend circle and habitats. the family withholds information about functions and then criticize when they do not attend. the parents have worse problems related to this as they are "held accountable" and teh husband does not protect the wife as he should. this makes the guy wanting to defend his family more as he cant just tell his father that what hes doing is unislamic. i am pretty much all out of basic suggestions to him and its a touchy thing to discuss as breaking relations is a big sin. however if the family practices black magic, i feel its enough grounds, but i'm not an aalim to be able to give him that advice. i didnt want to give the wrong advice. ive advised him to speak to aalims who would be better suited to respond, but hes gotten duas and zikrs, none of which have resolved or even deflected this behavior from his family apparently. he finds peace momentarily but upon a small notice, hes brought back into the fray. moving to a remote location will only increase this behavior of "detective work" and probably "give a bad name" to his parents. the few family that he can talk to, are in a tough spot themselves and he doesnt want to create more bad blood by doing gheebat, even though all the extended family does is gheebat. the discussions he's had a few spiritual people has helped him somewhat but hes not sure if the best way to defend one's self and family from magic is with magic. i think he's still weighing out the decision but he doesn't have a reliable aalim who can assist, only spiritual guides "who walk a thin line between what is allowed and what isnt." lets sum this up as i know ive thrown a lot out there for review. family is family, but this family is a hating group that wants to bring down others. they are suspected of black magic and taweez stuff. the brother doesnt want to keep relations initially but feels that he must for Allah's sake, as per the many hadiths hes read. every time he wants to do something right, they give more ammunition for him to stop defend and retreat. its easy for him to be passive as his parents play the same role. however they have much more issues between them, which he doesnt want for his fam. hes even more worried with a child on the way that they will find a way to inflict his family with something by some deceitful tactic(s). any suggestions to help this brother?
  14. hm.. something very similar was done elsewhere, with the same title. http://www.islamicaweb.com/forums/97843-post1.html ripoff?
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