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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam sister. I am in dire need of your help regarding a topic. I have tried to press the message button but for some reason it won't let me PM you. How can I get in touch privately? 

    1. Mohammed-Mehdi


      I think your account and activity is too new and low for that. 

  2. Managed to send a PM to sister Hameedeh, thank you for your replies inshAllah should get sorted soon.
  3. It wouldnt let me hence why I made a post...I hope someone can help me out!
  4. walaikum assalam, this does look good, but I am after a hard copy rather than a link or a electronic version. I know what you mean, and I do listen to the Quran, but I would really like to read it because there was many surahs I knew by heart and I have forgotten and if I had it in front of me to read, I would find it easier to memorise again. I don't work so well with audio.
  5. Salam, I used to have another shiachat account, which I did request to be deleted and all posts relating to that account to be deleted. A few days ago i just typed in my username in the search by on shiachat and found that my started threads and posts still show up. Please, I would like these deleted as they contain my email address in them, which I don't want to share and also because I am no longer comfortable with some of the things I shared being available anymore. This is only because I can be easily identified by them and people can know who I am, which I don't want.
  6. I know there is only one Quran, and of course there is no doubts about that. I guess I am just trying to find one that will have the best Transliteration, as I don't want to buy one to recite correctly and then to still be reciting it incorrectly, if that makes sense?
  7. I was hoping someone here could help. I am a long time sunni to shia revert. I am kind of okay with reading arabic, but not that great. Although in my younger years I went to madrassah and read the Quran in Arabic, I realised my recitation over the years has become quite weak. I would love to go back and re learn to read Arabic again, but right now its not possible because of the lack of time and money. However my weak Arabic has made me slightly not look forward to or even avoid reading altogether, which is obviously something I don't want. In order to help me practice with my
  8. Thank you for replying to my post! If I wore a dark brown or navy blue abaya that would be okay too?
  9. Assalam o Alaikum Hope you are all well? InshALLAH by the grace of Allah I will soon be going on ziyarat in Iraq. I feel so lucky and blessed to have this opportunity to go and visit imam Hussain (as). Although wish I could have gone for Arbaeen but will inshALLAH be going in December during the xmas holidays. I am a revert shia (from sunni) and inshALLAH I will be going with my husband (who is a born shia), who has also never been before. My family is still all sunni, so I cant ask them as they'd have no idea. So i just thought you lovely members could help me ou
  10. Thank you sister I appreciate your reply and i understand exactly what you mean as i do think of these things on a daily basis. Bless you, i wish this condition didnt exist and my heart goes out to anyone else out there who is going through the same thing, i know how soul destroying it is. I am just try to share how i feel about my husband and him having a mutaa and the reasons why i am against my husband having one. Please don't consider this as a dig at you or anyone else who has commented in any way. I am grateful for everyones response and its always good to hear everyones pers
  11. Thank you Ruq I feel you get where im coming from and it's nice to know I'm not insane/selfish for thinking the way I do ,regarding my husband potentially bedding other women. Saying that sister Fatima I do agree with you saying my husband is a strong man because he really is an amazing husband and I know he never did anything to hurt me. I've known my husband for 8 years including the 1.5yrs we've been married and I admire him in so many ways it's unreal. I must admit your original post did make me sob and felt I needed to be more considerate of his feelings and I went snd apologised to him
  12. Thank you for your comment on my post. It was nice to hear from someone that agrees with how I feel and didn't make me feel I was oppressing. Please remember me in your Duas :) x

  13. Thank you for your comment on my post, it was comforting. Please make dua for me and my husband :) x

    1. Ruq


      Will do, try not to worry, inshAllah all will be fine in time =)

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