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  1. Wasn't the purpose of the meeting to refute existing points in Hijab's previous video? It was not to engage him in newer topics that he kept dragging into the discussion, seemingly to avoid addressing the Shia's responses.
  2. (salam) There is no phone number but there is a Contact Us page. Use the form on that page and provide your number. Someone will call you back inshaAllah.
  3. (salam) There's an event on Saturday as well. http://iscwa.org/lady-fatima-sa-birthday-celebration-12th-may-2012/
  4. (salam) There used to be Dua Kumayl in St James for 8 years until last month :(
  5. (salam) What if I got my ring with the Aqeeq already chipped?
  6. Don't be alone. Always be with someone. You obviously won't masturbate with someone else around.
  7. (wasalam) You mean unicode characters? http://www.charmap.org/ http://www.atm.ox.ac.uk/user/iwi/charmap.html
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