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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. How much time spent on internet is productive, as per the capacity of your memory how much knowledge in that 1 session you retain?
  2. bismillah. salam. Eid Mubarak! Happy Eid al-Fitr to you and your family. May Allah SWT answer all your prayers.

  3. Innalillahi wa inna alaihi rajaoon my condolences to sister zuljenah, may Allah give you and your family sabr during this difficult and sad time. i heard about the sad news from my mother just today and was very disheartened by it. i pray that your fathers sins are forgiven and that he is in peace now in his grave and under the constant protection of the Aimmah a.s., elahi ameen.
  4. One solution is to form a centralized committee that handles all shia singles that are having a hard time finding a spouse. The committee will be for this specific purpose alone, to help those that are not able to find spouses (or maybe are not willing to put their respect on the line by going to their local communities or to friends for help). The people who are in this committee are essentially doing one job, to be the "middle person", bringing as many suitors to each party who comes to them. The reason for the "middle person" is to not have either party indulge too much personal information
  5. Yes, keep your nose out of it, as in dont spread something about someone that will hurt their reputation or hurt them in any way, but also take this as a lesson that YOU MUST rectify in your lifetime, find out the reason why its happening, figure out solutions to the problem...and finally, revel in the fact that the world is a little better off than before because of your tiny efforts.
  6. salam, u can come to friday night circle at al-khoei center in jamaica, ny and inshallah u will see many sisters, if u are in long island, you can come to shahenajaf in brentwood and meet sisters there.

  7. basha

    thats quite unfortunate...but I wouldnt let that stop me. Your perspective is a much needed one.

  8. CPT

    Thanks for the comment. But I stopped posting here after some particularly inflammatory and hostile remarks were directed towards me. Perhaps I need to grow a thicker skin!

  9. basha

    alhamdulillah very englishtening posts! please keep it up.

  10. wow im so glad so many shias are with it, for me it goes hand in hand with my religion, I think Shaikh Jaffer Muhibullah in one of his lectures mentioned a hadith by Imam Hasan Askari a.s., that there are 4 parts that u should divide the day in, the first is alone time for yourself, second is for your family, third is for your friends (amr bil maroof/nahi anil munkar) and the last part is to have fun, period. And then Imam Hasan a.s. continues that the last part will determine all the other parts because without fun, you will not be able to carry out the other responsibilities for too long. Al
  11. srry, just realized (post-posting) that this was in the sisters section, although it shouldve been kinda obvious lol.
  12. well i look at it like this, all the people saying dont do it, its not halal, well guess what, we've all had friends who were girls, and some of us have even had friends who were girls who were potential girlfriends if not for out restrictions. Looking back, I dont see how we were restricted from having relationships with the opp sex (very diff from having a gf in my opinion), since we are lucky to have such a tool like temp marriage. So its more of a conflict between cultural values (girlfriend = haram = youre excommunicated from muslim community in an instant) vs what your religion 100% per
  13. staaay far away from any cosmetic work....8 out of 10 times, the patients I saw on my plastic surgery rotation were repeats who had something go wrong after the fact...so youre looking at more cutting just to fix unforeseen changes since the first surgery. Also, the whole body looks very unnatural and therefore less appealing to men, ofcourse you dont see this on tv because everything is adjusted so well for those few minutes that it looks great...but thats rarely the case in real life, people can tell a mile away that another person has had work done, so all in all, I dont think its worth it.
  14. salam sister, there is no waaay that shias curse the sahabas....sahabas like hamza, malik ashtar, salman farsi, bilal habashi, etc are all very well respected by shias, why wouldnt they be....and then there is muhammad ibn abu bakr who is very well respected....then umar ibn abdul aziz...then there is muyawiya ibn yazid....all these figures who are from the families of Abu Bakr, Umar and Uthman, are very well respected among the shias. In fact it was the Ali and his sons that protected Uthman when there was an uprising against him. Both Umar and Abu Bakr had repeatedly seeked Imam Ali a.s.'s
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