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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I know what you mean. I highly respect most of girls from back home because they are oblivious to the workings of guys' minds which we all know are naturally designed to be bit crooked. This gives them a certain type of innocence that one cant help but find adorable. On the other hand, I find girls in this side of the world do not possess that innocence because of television that basically amplifies the blue print of a guy's mind.
  2. Life is not a quiz show but a VERY long conversation. I believe it'd be productive to spend the little time you have together before making up your mind talking about random things and take it from there. See if you can have a conversation with that person or not.
  3. I guess if victorious, President Assad should simply step down. If he looses then its obvious.
  4. lol @ the title of the thread. I guess the term terrorist is today what fascist or nazi was after wwII.
  5. what sort of human beings strap explosives in their heads or blow up schools or mosques and kill innocent civilians as a matter of their religious principal? Those subhuman terrorists could hardly be called humans. What would Cameron or Obama do if they capture 300 alqaida type foreign mercenaries fighting in their countries and wreaking havoc in their societies? I remember 19 did in 2001 in NY. What was American govt's response? I think its prudent for Syrians to give dialogue with Bashar a chance and then decide to write him off if he doesnt comply. But using the current situation against hi
  6. and yet the narrative of your terrorist salafi dictator masters are like ayas from quran for you to the point that you are embarassed of where you are from and who you are. talk about irony.
  7. Let me go on a limb here and assume that President Assad is a human being- nothing more and nothing less. He has two eyes, one nose, two ears, and one mouth. He breaths in oxygen and breaths out co2. He eats food and drinks water.....and just like any other human beings and based on human psyche its safe to assume that he is not out there to kill his babies or shell cities just like you and i or any other human beings except the filth thats the salafists. ........but people are dying. Cities are getting destroyed etc. Emotionally one can point finger to Assad or others but realistically such
  8. No not at all. Afghanistan was the first country in the Islamic world with women in parliament. My concern for Syria is not as much with this regime or that but with the salafi microbes infesting that society and rotting it from within. I guess the only hope for Syria aside from the current regime is its vicinity to Israel. Then again, it can be all that great when an entire country is tailored to security needs of another country. Although safe from salafi horrors, it could become another Egypt. Oh and lets not forget that the so called tyrants of today were liberators of yesterday. Could tod
  9. Afghanistan has always been secular except from 1992-2001. And it was during this time that it was divided along the ethnic lines. Syria on the other hand has been in existence, in its modern form, only after the break up of the Ottoman empire. And wait and see how its going to get divided and fractured once the salafi money fills the vacuum left by the fall of the Assad regime. President Assad wasnt wrong or far off when he said that Syria would become another Afghanistan. The problem with Afghanistan is that it has earned a bad rep thanks to mass media. Just like westerners see all muslims a
  10. Afghanistan as a state existed WAY before Syria did. When Afghanistan was a secular country most in Syria did not even know what secularism was. Syria has been stable exactly because of the Baath regime and its VERY tribal country. just wait and see when the unifying umbrella of the Baath regime is taken away. That said, Taliban did not take over Afghanistan because it was a religious society or.... but because of the salafi finance which btw is very present in Syria as well.
  11. whats wrong with you? so if haaretz says earth is round then I should say its flat because haaretz is an israeli site and the opposite must be true? is that how you lot do things in bangladesh?
  12. what is it with you and labels...one becomes iranian, one zionist, one this or one that..... just say whether its true or false. that should be important my little abu-bengali sheman.
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