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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Dude where you been hiding? I miss you man!! Let me know how you are...

  2. loool i see, nope 9 :D lol

  3. salam. sorry i kinda fell asleep yesterday ... anyways nope i got 50 lol, but den i deleted one of my comments. lol. anyhoo, im not too bothered about the chat room to be honest :p xx

  4. LOL ! = )

    I laugh each time i read my comment under . lol

    so what's up ? Are you trying to get your last post before it reaches 50 to enter the chatroom ? lol

  5. omg hahaha ... yh im kinda doing frnch for the next two years ... soooo i know who to come to :p lol.

  6. omg ! Really :D ?? finally,a sister that is younger than me in the forum ! Lol .. and Yea you look mature for your age = )

    Today,it was sunny in Canada. I live in the french part ..so i am basically more fluent in French . If you ever need help in your french homework , ask me ..because i go to a french highscool =)

    how many times did I use the word french in that comment ? LOL

  7. 2 years younger than you :p, however im much more mature than my age ... thats a fact :D

    um, londons alright ... today was really hot ... and i hate the heat so obviously i was irritated all day lol. inshallah u'll like it when u come :) - after ur exams ur gonna be sooo relieved =D

  8. thank you :)

    oh cool :D how is London ? lol . I'll visit it one day inshAllah =)

    btw, How old are you ?

  9. yes inshallah :D

    aww good luck in ur exams then :)

    ahh, nope, i live in london =D

  10. Yay !You finished your exams :D

    inshAllah it's a success .

    As for me , I have 2 exams tomorrow . l o l

    no, I live in canada and you ?

  11. lol, its all good. finished my exams todayyy! ... finally :P

    how about you? do u live in londonn?

  12. Alhamdulilah =)

    So what's up ? How's life ? Lol

  13. alhamdulillah, im ok. =)

    and you?

  14. How are you sister :) ?

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