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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. salaam, because muawiya and his companions did their best to curse imam ali(as), they killed his shias, they fabricated fake hadiths about prophet muhammad(pbuh&f) ,they fabricated fake hadiths about abubakr,umar and uthman, they were the governor and so they had the power to do anyhting, they were munafiqs in the face of momins, may Allah curse them , may Allah increase their punishment. the prophet announced his successor, but these people were so greedy for world that they refused imamate by their actions. muawiya even bought imam ali(as) and imam hassan(as) companions(not all) , oth
  2. we dont call our books to be sahih like your scholars do, our scholars say, any narration that goes against quran and ahlulbayt(as) and if the narrators are not pious then the narration is not sahih.. , yes, those who invited imam hussain(as) and killed him were shias( followers) of ale abu sofian, they were not shia of muhammad(pbuh&f), they were the ones whose fathers and grandfathers had given allegiance to the ones that the prophet had never chosen as his successor, they were the ones who would curse imam ali(as) on their pulpits, back then everyone was called shia, shias of ale m
  3. you didnt answer my question, when did the prophet appoint abubakr,umar and uthman?prove it from shia books. yet i proved to you that he prophet appointed imam aii(as) as the leader of muslim after him. and your caliphs abubakr and umar and uthman gave allegiance to ali (as) and then they broke their promise which shows how munafiq they were. what prove do you have that we are not muslims? we beleive anyone who says there is no god but Allah and muhammad(pbuh&f) is his messanger and beleives in quran is muslim. those who were enemy of ahlulbayt(as) were muslims, but they were hypocrit
  4. yes i beleive yazid was fasiq and batil and so was his father muawiya and so was his grandfather abusofian . i send curses on all enemies of ahlulbayt of muhammad(pbuh&f). and yes enemies of ahlulbayt were muslims. may Allah curse enemies of ahlulbayt, may Allah increase their punishment, may Allah punish them so much that noone would imagine about it,
  5. salaam. thanx for the link for mukhtar nama, may Allah fulfill your haajat. tyanx
  6. salaam. i think it means that you should give it a try you know, talk with your parents about it, and then if you can ask the girl about what she thinks about gtting married with you. and then go o her house and ask her hand, if they accept then alhamdulillah if god forbid they deny then Allah is great my freind, you can find another girl.
  7. can you tell me when did the prophet appointed these 3 caliphs? yes and it is obvious from the crimes they have made that they will be in hell fire. prove to me from authentic shia books. ok dont bring me sunni books i dont beleive in your books and they are not hujja on me. plus your lie that you love the ahlulbayt(as) is clear from your love to their enemies. appointing a caliph is not in our hands, such that your caliphs did, the prophet never said after me there will be 4 caliphs. appointing caliph on earth is in hands of Allah. look at the quran. "O' David, we assigned you as Caliph (
  8. i dont care if you dont beleive your books, because your ulama beleive in it, your ulama beleive that sahih bukhari and sahih muslim are the most authentic books, if you dont beleive it well thats your personal problem my freind. i brought you sunni books because it is hujja on you, you beleive in it not me, ok. yet bukhari and muslim are part if sihah sittah, look at how imam ali(as) viewed abubakr and umar which is written in Sahih Muslim Book 19, Number 4349 :Umar acknowledged the following to Imam 'Ali (as): When the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) passed away, Abu Bakr said:"
  9. why are you bringing me sunni books? i am a shia, for sake of argument you have to bring shia books. if lady fatima(sa) was pleased with abubakr and umar then why did she told imam ali (as) to bury her during night? look at what abubakr says on his deathbed where he confesses his crime : Abu Bakr said (on his death bed): "I wish I had not searched for Fatimah's house, and had not sent men to harass her, though it would have caused a war if her house would have continued to be used as a shelter." Sunni references: - History of Ya'qubi, v2, pp 115-116 - Ansab Ashraf, by al-
  10. if you are saying that u love ahlulbayt(as) then why do you love their oppressors? you either have to love the haq or the batil, you cant love both of them. when Abu Bakr and Umar sought the mediation of Imam Ali (as) to visit the ailing Hadhrat Fatimah (as), as quoted by Ibn Qutaybah, she tured her face to the wall when they greeted her and in response to their plea for appeasement reminded them of the prophetic declaration that one who displeases Fatimah (as) has displeased the Prophet and finally said: "I take Allah and the angels to be my witness that you have not pleased me; on the other
  11. salaam if imam ali(as) has said this, its because of his knowledge to quran, my freind, as u may know the imams have the knowledge of quran, but who was umar to prevent this (will ) when he himself does not know how to do tayammum? It is well known from the Prophet that the Prophet of Allah taught the companions how to make tayammum, even in the presence of 'Umar himself. Abd al-Rabmin b. Abza narrated it on the authority of his father that a man came to 'Umar and said: I am (at times) affected by seminal emission but find no water. He ('Umar) told him not to say prayer. 'Ammar then said. Do
  12. do you beleive in your books or no, it is obvious that umar started the dispute and the proof is ibn abbas that narrator, It is narrated in Sahih Muslim that: Ibn Abbas said: "Thursday! And how tragic that Thursday was!" Then Ibn Abbas cried severely so that his tears flowed to his cheeks. Then he added Prophet said: "Bring me a flat bone or a sheet and an ink so that I could write (order to write) a statement that will prevent you people to go astray after me." umar said: "Verily the messenger of Allah is talking no sense." Reference: Sahih Muslim,
  13. salaam, the true shia of ali never gave allegiance to abubakr,umar,uthman,muawiyah,yazeed and the other caliphs of banu umayya and banu abbas, they were the ones who would give up their lives for the imam(as), we cant say all of those soldiers who were with imam ali in jamal and siffin were true shias of ali, because as you may know some of them left the battlefield when muawiyah and his men raised the quran on their spears some men on imam ali side left the imam, so the true ones were those who never left the imams of ahlulbayt(as) alone. but yes those who never left imams of ahlulbayt(as) in
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