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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam alaykum, Thanks all you for your answers, I was really obsessioned with my problem, I'm a little better. Thanks all you who have praied for me. @ A True Sunni thanks for your help :) , I don't have suffered ooverectomy; I have been asexual all my life, I don't have sexual desire at all, but is more than this: I feel real fobia for sex. Thanks all you, I'll take my shahada . At the moment I'll be celibe , I want to settle down and feel well with myself again, I need to forget the problem for some time, knowing that is not haram I'm in peace. In the future I'll will try theraphy again an
  2. sent you a message on your celibate thread look uo Hypo-sexual desire disorder on Wikipedia its a good starting point to research your issue.

  3. Salam alaykum, thanks all you for your answers. @Calm :A sister told me celibate is haram in Islam, I explained her I had some problems wich "sex issues" but she told me is haram. I didn't explained all my problem because it hurts me. I read too some hadices where the Prophet (saws) talked on celibacy. I want to be a muslim, I believe that there is not God but Allah, and Muhammad (saws) is His Messenger. I hope in the future I can solve my problem, I think will be difficult to marry with a man who don't want to have sex, I think is better be patient, perhaps I'm not ready to tell to a possib
  4. Thanks for you answers, I seeked for professional advice but did not help. I must try again. I pray Allah to help me. I'm a muslim in my herath but I have a trauma with that issue, I feel other muslims will look me like a "strange muslima". Thanks for the answers again. May Allh bless all you. I'll keep learning on Islam. Was salam
  5. Hi, I'm a single woman who has a "problem". Sorry I hope my words don't be an offense. I need to know why celibate is haram in islam. I started studyin islam by myself but I never made my shahada because I have a problem with my sex, I cannot have sexual relations, I don't have sexual instincts, I 'm able to love a man,but I cannot with the sex. I tried to force myself to accept sex but I fall onto depression and I tried to suicide. I'm asking why can not be a muslim, I wont fornicate, I cannot grow a family and I'm very sorry for that, I pray Allh to help me. Please, I ask for ans answer fr
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