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  1. one of the classic members...gone :byecry:

    1. Gaius I. Caesar

      Gaius I. Caesar

      Yeah, she was funny. I hope she's doing well .

  2. Laayla

    Shahir Ramadhan Mubarak sis.  What happened to you?  Are you okay?

  3. I baked my mum a giant cookie (and helped her eat it).
  4. I'm sorry Marbs. Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un.
  5. Ruq

    Ate/Eating/Will Eat?

    I discovered a way to make quite decent frozen yoghurt. You'll need a food processor (maybe a blender would work). Put your yoghurt of choice in the appliance and turn it on. Then feed frozen fruit (i like to use frozen cherries) into it. You should get a sludge of fairly small crystals. Add any syrup you want to use to sweeten it and put into an airtight container and freeze. The ice crystals should stay nice and small, keeping the product pleasantly smooth.
  6. What tastes good?! Native Americans called bears 'Grandfather' or 'Old man' and werent the only people to notice how human-like the bears can seem.
  7. Ruq

    Ate/Eating/Will Eat?

    O! by the look of them i thought this was an established bake in your repertoire. Very good!
  8. Ruq

    Ate/Eating/Will Eat?

    Have you tried making peshwari naan? i make it with coconut, honey, raisens and pistacio nuts. You wont leave it alone if you do!
  9. Ruq

    Ate/Eating/Will Eat?

    O you must try it! its great winter food. I like to make mango dal.
  10. This is a good example of how intelligent and adaptive bears are. At some point the bear must have mimicked the human waving and the human must have gotten all excited about the bears anthropomorphic behaviour and thrown a reward, so the bear continued the strategy and taught his friend to do likewise =) now he gets a load of extra treats with minimal energy expenditure.
  11. @notme My word! here's a blast from the past. So much has happened since 2011...
  12. I have personal experience of this. It got so bad that the person could no longer tolerate me any more due to my more cautious/moderate approach and views and unwillingness to support them in disseminating certain kinds of potentially slanderous sectarian material they were engaged in producing. This kind of attitude can be heartbreaking and has ended friendships and marriages. I cant say i understand the psychology behind it, i wish i did.
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