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    DayStrike312 got a reaction from Senora in Selective Ban? / Mac Isaac Is A Toolshed   
    Lol @ Halal Big Mac!
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    DayStrike312 reacted to 14infallibles in Selective Ban? / Mac Isaac Is A Toolshed   
    Baradar in so many ways you are my favourite poster here on SC !! :D
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    DayStrike312 got a reaction from Shia_Debater in Favorite Habib   
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    DayStrike312 reacted to DoubleAgent4 in Favorite Habib   
    Really? Haven't you heard of the dua sanameye quraish? It starts off by ' O Allah! Curse the two idols of Quraish [Abu Bakr and Umar] and their two daughters [Aisha and Hafsa]'....why is he an embarrassment to the Shia Faith? When Prophet Ibrahim (as) destroyed all the idols he was the only believer at that time. Did that stop him from doing what is right. All of this 'our image is being tarnished' is political. Yasser al Habib is destroying the non physical idols (Abu Baker & co). It is our duty to make people aware of the horrfic crimes they did. They need to be exposed...
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    DayStrike312 reacted to shoelace in Britain Is Considering Blocking Facebook, Twitter   
    very good decision....
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    DayStrike312 reacted to wonderer in Heaven   
    ooo this is a fun thread! *LIKE*
    well INSHALLAH when I get there and after I go say Salams to Ahl Albait and all the other amazing ppl there
    I WANT 2 lands! yarn land and food land :D that would just be wonderful lool
    I heard that when we get to heaven inshallah we won't experience any negative feelings like being bored, SO yah my 2 lands would be enough for eternity
    it'd be nice to have my cool family and my lovely fiancé :D
    nw I am day dreaming! lool
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    DayStrike312 got a reaction from wonderer in Heaven   
    يو لاير نو يو ديد نات
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    DayStrike312 got a reaction from wonderer in Heaven   
    شت اب حيدر
    My own heaven hmm. . . .
    To be Timmy in fairy odd parents :donno:
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    DayStrike312 reacted to Replicant in The Scholar/'ulamaa Appreciation Thread   
    I've shared this story before, but I'll do it again as this thread calls for it:
    In Iraq last year, we had this pregnant sister in our group, but she was very early in her pregnanancy so she didn't have any of the signs (like a bump). Only a few of us knew she was pregnant (me included as her husband was rooming with me so he had told me).
    Anyway, it was time to leave our meeting with Ayatollah Sistani. When it was the ladies' turn to leave, each lady walked past him and Ayatollah did not look at any of them and kept looking at the floor. When this pregnant lady walked past him, as she approached, he raised his head and looked up at her and told his assistant (I think it was his son) to tell her to sit down, he wants to pray for her baby. So he put his hand above her head and did a dua for the baby.
    The question lies as to how he knew she was pregnant without even looking at her, let alone ever meeting her before. True story.
    The man overall has such an aura around him, I cannot explain it. You just can't stop looking at him. He is very softly spoken and just so humble. Such a great person.
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    DayStrike312 got a reaction from Hameedeh in Making Dua For Each Other   
    I like this!
    Insha'Allah I'll make Duaa for you!
    Make Duaa for meeeeeeee please!
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    DayStrike312 reacted to Hamzi in Thoughts (2010-2016) [ARCHIVE]   
    today hasnt been a very good day :no:
    Thought: you shouldn't be angry at anyone in life bec life is to short, you should always have a smile on ur face :) or be laughing ^_^
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    DayStrike312 got a reaction from Shia_Debater in [Resolved]Chatroom   
    Is there an unlike button. :donno:
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    DayStrike312 got a reaction from Shia_Debater in [Resolved]Chatroom   
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    DayStrike312 reacted to DoubleAgent4 in @ Baradar_jackson   
    If it's not him, then Sunnis would find something/someone else to pick on. As long as he brings proof for his claims then it's fine. If we made Shias and Sunnis seem the same then they wouldn't bother searching for the truth. We can co exist with Sunnis, not compromise our beliefs. That's as far as 'unity' goes with them...
    EDIT: Lets achieve Shia-Shia unity before anything else!
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    DayStrike312 reacted to Marbles in [Resolved]Chatroom   
    The chatroom went down for over a year the last time they updated the forum.
    So guys, you can expect some real delays.
    But who cares about chatroom anyway :P
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